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Meg posted last week about considering the words we use. It’s a post that Steph, Meg and I feel strongly about. That’s not to say people should or must listen to us, merely that we’ve made a personal choice about the vocabulary we use on this blog. And we also feel strongly that there should still be a lot of swear words on the blog, because swearing is an art form. If you don’t like swearing then you should probably back out of this post right now, because I’m about to style guide the hell out of swearing for all those who want help in steering away from ableist, sexist or homophobic slurs.  You’d be surprised how many you’re unconsciously using.

Before I start — an ode to swearing. My mother has spent many years teaching me to be the kind of gentle, kind, forgiving, decorous soul that she is.

Hey everybody! How are you fine people doing today?

​I want to take a momentary break from reviewing and bookish shenanigans to talk about words. Specifically commonly used words that are also slurs.

Trigger warning: I’m talking about slurs so assume this post will be full of words you may find offensive. I’m using them in a way I hope is constructive, educational and will ultimately make us all (slightly) better people. However, if you can’t handle that, you may want to click out of this window and go look up kitten videos or whatever floats your boat. You have been warned.

The intention of this post is not to rehash and complain about known problem words (I mean, we all know that if you call someone retarded/faggot/cunt you’re probably going to cause a problem, right?) Same goes for profanity. I understand that some people find it offensive, but being crass is not the same as being hurtful.

more opinions

When Kat and I first started brainstorming about the direction of we wanted Cuddlebuggery to go in, we had no idea what we were doing. Zero. While we both had our own blogs previously, I don’t think we truly considered ourselves a part of the blogging community until after we stopped being hobbits and became more active. It’s been awesome and we can’t image not slaving away on this blog. We were hoping to create something for all types of readers to enjoy, including us. Well, it’s been a little over 2 years now and I was curious about how our readers really viewed our blog.

Part 1 of this survey focused on our non-blogger readers and really helped shed light on areas where we can improve and things you guys really love. For part 2, we have the results from our blogger readers. Check out the responses, they might surprise you!


So I stopped and thought to myself, what am I sick of reading right now? I came up with about six different ideas. But that’s a lot of work, yo. Instead I wrote three of them. These are generalised. I am in no way referring to any one book or trying to call any authors out. I kind of just went with my gut and let the bile pour out. Which, technically speaking, is far more likely to happen than any kind of justified intuition. Guts aren’t very good for making rational decisions. Just saying. So sit back and enjoy these three books I am currently sick of reading, reading about, hearing about, thinking about, maybe dreamed and don’t even exist.

Images belong to: Futuresnowno1, Nelieke

1. Unlimited by Randy McRanderson

A book of emotions so epic that it gets a generic, one word title. The Retold story of a girl suffering through the trial of having to pick between two really hot guys.


Last week I asked for opinions on blog reading habits from bloggers and non-bloggers alike. I was curious on how the two groups viewed our blog, its content and the blogging community in general. In fact, I went a little further and had a section exclusively for non-blogger readers. I know some them may not comment a lot and that’s totally fine, but I really wanted to know their thoughts. (If you are interested in blogger statistic specifically, Ashley from Nose Graze did a survey a while back on that. You can check out part 1 and part 2 on her blog.) Some mentioned they were interested in seeing the results, so feel free to check out all the info compiled below. Again, I want to stress that this in no way was created to inflict any kind of change on other bloggers. Blog how you love, peeps!

When I started writing this post I initially wanted to have all the data together.

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