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What is Cuddlebuggery?

Cuddlebuggery is a Young Adult book blog run by Steph Sinclair, Kat Kennedy and Meg Morley.  It was originally formed in February of 2012 by Kat and Steph after they both expressed frustration with the demands of solo blogging. They were later joined by the immutable, Meg, in February 2014.

Cuddlebuggery focuses on amusing, fun reviews of some of the best titles in the Young Adult genre.  We are critical with a strong focus on honesty, but our aim is also to promote quality Young Adult literature and help YA authors get their books in the public eye.  Our aim with Cuddlebuggery is to be fresh, new, inventive and fun.

We are no longer a new blog and have been running for more than two years now thanks to the support from our author, reader and blogger friends. It’s because of this support that Cuddlebuggery will be able to continue providing high-quality, fun, new content, giveaways and exciting features on a daily basis. To find our more about the blog and its features, visit our FAQ.

Cuddlebuggery also assists in the protection of reviewer rights and aims to champion the safety for every reviewer to express themselves without fear of reprisal from authors.  In that regard, we have resources available on our blog for those currently under attack or looking for advice on how to protect themselves.

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