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What is Cuddlebuggery?

Cuddlebuggery is a Young Adult book blog run by Steph Sinclair, Kat Kennedy and Meg Morley.  It was originally formed in February of 2012 by Kat and Steph after they both expressed frustration with the demands of solo blogging. They were later joined by the immutable, Meg, in February 2014.

Cuddlebuggery focuses on amusing, fun reviews of some of the best titles in the Young Adult genre.  We are critical with a strong focus on honesty, but our aim is also to promote quality Young Adult literature and help YA authors get their books in the public eye.  Our aim with Cuddlebuggery is to be fresh, new, inventive and fun.

We are no longer a new blog and have been running for more than two years now thanks to the support from our author, reader and blogger friends. It’s because of this support that Cuddlebuggery will be able to continue providing high-quality, fun, new content, giveaways and exciting features on a daily basis. To find our more about the blog and its features, visit our FAQ.

Cuddlebuggery also assists in the protection of reviewer rights and aims to champion the safety for every reviewer to express themselves without fear of reprisal from authors.  In that regard, we have resources available on our blog for those currently under attack or looking for advice on how to protect themselves.

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  • Kat Kennedy / Co-Owner

    Photo of Kat Kennedy

    My name is Kat Kennedy.  I'm the unapologetic reviewer of all things Young Adult.

    Good books are the passion and love of my life.  Bad books are the bane of my existence.  My aim is to be funny, amusing, and to share great books with the reading community.  My reviews are honest, intended for readers and book consumers and I don't pull punches for anyone.

    I am a consummate nerd and unrepentant weirdo.  When I'm not working on the blog or reading YA books I love Doctor Who, My Little Ponies, comic books, politics, PC Games and general immoral shenanigans.

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  • Meg Morley / Co-Owner

    Photo of Meg Morley

    Greetings, internet, I’m Meg. I spend more time with books than people and have a hard time understanding why anyone would want it any other way. I've been reading unprofessionally for the past 20 years (and running my mouth for longer than that). In that time I have developed an obsession with YA, particularly of the SciFi, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, and Horror varieties. I compulsively collect the works of Terry Pratchett, Maggie Stiefvater, Melina Marchetta and Mira Grant.

    Periodically I put down my books long enough to plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, fanatically analyze the Whedon oeuvre and lurk on twitter, occasionally saying things. Please do not be put off by my sometimes intense relationship with caps lock and say hi.

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  • Steph Sinclair / Co-Owner

    Photo of Steph Sinclair

    My name is Steph Sinclair and I'm a twenty-something lover of books. I'm a picky reader and pretty hard to please, which generally carries over in many aspects of my life much to my family's frustration. Unless it's bacon. That's an easy yes. I strive to be completely honest in everything that I do and that always includes my reviews. I have a strange love affair with Young Adult Literature and can usually be found reading Science Fiction, Fantasy and almost anything with romance.

    When I'm not reading or slaving away on the blog, I can be found attending various rock concerts or knitting cute, baby hats.

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  • Kate Copeseeley / Buzz Worthy News Correspondent

    Photo of Kate Copeseeley

    Hey, I'm Kate. I'm a voracious reader from a family of voracious readers. I swear, it must have started in the womb (can you get words via umbilical cord?). Books are the one thing I just can't seem to get enough of (unless you count Kdramas).

    I'm one of those readers that can't seem to stick with a particular genre or age range. I love everything from MG fantasy to Adult Sci-fi and anything in between (you name it, and I've read at least one author who writes it).

    If I'm not reading, I'm researching for Buzz or writing my own stuffs. If I'm not doing any of those, I'm probably watching a Korean Drama and drooling over my favorite actor. I also have small children and pay attention to them once in a while.

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  • Monteverdi / Reviewer

    Photo of Monteverdi

    Occasional reader and inconsistent reviewer. Though my enjoyment of a good book has yet to wane, the frequency of my actually taking the time to finish one has, and for that I apologize. Please excuse any absences that may arise.

    Fantasy is my go-to genre, though I'll meddle in just about anything if given the nudge. Horror, short-story collections, historical nonfiction, and humor are my other loves. Outside of those, I'm always prepared for a discussion on music (80s pop, if you please), film (costume/set design and cinematography, preferably), gaming (I'm known to dabble in the occasional MMO), or the importance of cultural representation. Please do say "hello."

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  • Paul Beimers / Reviewer

    Photo of Paul Beimers

    A reviewer and blogger who enjoys reading and the analysis of those narrative tools that go into storytelling, particularly in relation to literature and film.

    Favorite authors of mine include Stephen King, Laini Taylor, Erin Morgenstern, George R. R. Martin, Jasper Fforde, Patrick Ness, and J. K. Rowling.

  • Paola Carolina / Reviewer

    Photo of Paola Carolina

    Hello! My name is Paola and I’m really happy to be part of the Cuddlebuggery family!

    I started blogging to share my love for books and to have an outlet for everything I want to say about them. When I’m not reading about some long lost civilization (I don’t do this for fun, I’m an anthropology major) or sifting through my never ending pile of college assignments, I can be found completely immersed in a YA novel or revisiting one of my favorite classics.

    I like to be very adventurous with my free time. I’ll either buy books, watch Doctor Who, or cuddle with my cat.

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  • Nafiza / Reviewer

    Photo of Nafiza

    Hello there! My name is Nafiza which is Arabic for precious and quite easy to pronounce. Don’t let my name fool you though. I have never been to the Middle East or India. I am from Fiji. You may have seen me at Bibliophilic Monologues where I have been blogging for the past 4 years or at The Book Wars, which is a somewhat academic blog focused on children’s literature.

    I have a Masters in Children's Literature from the University of British Columbia and am somewhat academically inclined. I read quite a lot and widely but my areas of interest are in fantasy, epic or otherwise. I also have a burgeoning fondness for picturebooks.

    When I’m not working on my thesis, I’m reading, having tea at quaint tea salons, going on adventures with my trusty camera or acquiring more books. I also have an unhealthy obsession with pineapple and teapots. I am sensitive to issues of cultural misappropriation and feminism in the books I read. I also have discovered that I love theory even though I do not always understand it. I love fantasy and count among my favourite authors Libba Bray, Alison Goodman, Rachel Hartman, Alison Croggon, Martha Wells, Jennifer Fallon, Maggie Stiefvater.

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  • Natalie Crown / Contributor

    Photo of Natalie Crown

    I’m a twenty something Brit that really loves stories. I generally seek out fantasy novels because I am a GLUTTON for magic mixed with history mixed with DRAGONS mixed with real world issues transported to new worlds. *happy sigh*
    My adventures with YA started a few years back. As a kid I tended to raid my dad’s bookshelf and then re-read my dad’s bookshelf (hi adult high fantasy that was WAY too grown up for me). That said, a few YA series did find their way into my heart forever. I’m talking His Dark Materials, Harry Potter and The Song of the Lioness Quartet.

    My backward journey towards YA has made me more critical. I cannot abide YA that talks down to its readers. Kids, teens and young adults are SMART. They can handle complexity, they can handle depth, and they can handle layered narratives. All books should challenge readers, regardless of age, but I believe that books tailored for a younger audience have more of a responsibility to try.

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