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Spitting on the Dewey Decimal System: A Writer’s Confession

When the copacetic Kat suggested that I write about my shelving preferences for books, I blanched. My secret would be out. The devastating skeleton in the bookcase that I’ve been trying to hide for so long would be let loose into the world for derision. No more closing the door and hoping no one asks to take a peek. My shame would be revealed. And that shame is… I have no shelving preference.

Yes, it’s true. My name is K.A. Barker and I’m a writer with a collection of books that defies categorisation. (Hi, K.A. Barker!) Want to borrow How I Live Now? It’s between the dog-eared copy of Wuthering Heights and Terrible Tudors. Want to take a gander at the illustrated Grimms’ Fairy Tales? You could dig around for it in my bottom shelf along with the dusty Disney on Ice programs I’ve held on to since I was a kid for some unknown reason, or you could take a lucky dip in one of the many cartons I haven’t yet unpacked from my move last September.

Jay Kristoff

1. Endsinger. End of your first series. Epic conclusion to a fantasy novel. It’s the bottom of the ninth – whatever the hell that means. What are you feeling right now?

It’s real strange, tbh. A whole mix of emotions. Sadpanda that I’m saying goodbye to this world I’ve lived in almost every day for the past 5 years. Proud that I gave these characters the send off they deserved. Really happy with the way the book turned out – it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever written, both in terms of sheer scale (there’s an epic battle scene that goes for around 200 pages and has around 9 character PoVs running simultaneously 0_o) and just raw page count. This series totally changed my life, so yeah, it’s strange and sad and cool to have made it all the way to the end.


2. Yukiko, Kin, Hanna and Michi had a rough time in Kinslayer.

Unteachable by Leah Raeder

It is not a secret that we here at Cuddlebuggery love Unteachable, (see Steph’s review for documented proof) and how could we not? It’s dark and messed up, but also beautiful and poetic and, of course, hawt (très oo-er one might say).

Before we unveil the beauteous new cover, a huge congratulations and many hugs to Leah Raeder for her two book deal with Atria Books. Not only is Unteachable getting a facelift but Atria will be publishing Raeder’s yet-untitled upcoming NA romance. If you haven’t checked the book out already, I strongly urge you to do so and yay you! You can get yourself a copy with the shiny new cover!

And now, without further ado I give you the new Unteachable:

Unteachable by Leah Raeder
March 24, 2014
ISBN 9781476786407
Atria Books

An edgy, sexy USA Today bestseller about falling for the one person you can’t have.


Welcome to the official cover reveal for Compulsion by Martina Boone! Kat used to be head of the art department for Cuddlebuggery. Those were the good days when her covers could rival such beauties as anyone had made before. But Meg is now in charge of the art department so she decided to give the Compulsion cover designers a run for their money with these three designs!

After you’ve finished gazing at the faux covers, check out the real one and enter to win a personalized ARC and a few other signed books!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.23.57 AM

Today along with YA Books Central, we have the pleasure of revealing FORBIDDEN by Kimberley Griffiths Little. And for the record, the cover is awesome, however, perhaps you’re wondering what her cover could have looked like if Kat designed it? Let your wonder become reality and check out these adorable rejects with commentary from Kimberly on why they would work or totally-no-get-it-away-from-me. Then check out the real cover and enter the giveaway!


I’m stealing your tagline for my book because Yes, it all is!! The big fancy cars, the huge mansion, and the million dollars I deserve for just being me—and it’s all locked up. The Outrage! But on a positive note, I love this cover’s image. If only that was a skeleton key that opened up a door to everything I’d ever dreamed of, we’d be set. It does remind me of a couple of Middle-Grade books I’ve written for Scholastic that have a strong influence with keys so I found it very interesting that you used a mysterious key .

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