An unfortunate fact of any community based on content is plagiarism.  What happens?  How to deal?  Here we have resources for your perusal regarding this issue.

Book Bloggers Plagiarising

There’s been many blogs with varying ideas on what should happen now in regards to the plagiarized posts by book blogging behemoth, The Story Siren.  Forgive and forget?  Move on?  Vilify?  Suggest nothing wrong has been done to begin with?

But what happens now?  How does this scandal affect our community and the way we continue blogging and why has it unfolded this way?

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Five Step Method to Ensure Non Plagiarism Real Good

2013 is turning out to be the year of blogger plagiarism.  There have been at least four scandals this week and it isn’t even over yet.  Good people, great bloggers, wonderful friends of ours have been hit with the big P.  I’ve named it the Plagiarism Plague in honor of the event.  It’s like the Black Plague only without the boils and death and fleas.  Truthfully, I don’t know what the Black Plague was, but… yeah, probably not similar at all now that I think about it…

But if you notice something weird, as far as we know, Cuddlebuggery has never been plagiarized.  This is due, almost entirely, to our patented Five Step Method To Ensure Non-Plagiarism Real Good.  If you follow these five steps, then you too, could ensure you’re never plagiarized!

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Further Reading From Other Bloggers

A Tale of Plagiarism Continued… — A post by fashion blogger, Beautifully Invisible, about her and Grit and Glamour’s experience with plagiarism.