What is Cuddlebuggery?

Cuddlebuggery is a Young Adult book blog run by Steph Sinclair, Kat Kennedy and Meg Morley.  It focuses on amusing, fun reviews of some of the best titles in the YA genre.  We are critical with a strong focus on honesty, but our aim is also to promote quality Young Adult literature and help YA authors get their books in the public eye.  Our aim with Cuddlebuggery is to be fresh, new, inventive and fun.

Cuddlebuggery also assists in the protection of reviewer rights and aims to champion the safety for every reviewer to express themselves without fear of reprisal from authors.  In that regard, we have resources available on our blog for those currently under attack or looking for advice on how to protect themselves.


What does the name mean?

People have asked us what Cuddlebuggery actually means.  Kat Kennedy chose the name for her blog before it was a book blog, and in joining with Steph Sinclair, a decision was made to keep it.  Steph Sinclair was not aware of what the name meant at the time.

In Kat’s small, colloquial home town, Cuddlebuggery means delicious, flirty, sexy times without actually removing clothes or having sex.

We politely ignore the dirtier connotations and meanings of the name, but snicker about it in our free time.


Who does what?

All three bloggers play vital roles in the functioning on the blog to keep it running.

Stephanie Sinclair is our Technical Department Director.  From sourcing and finding great pluggins, keeping the blog running, and tech support to research for future updates and technologies.  She also runs our Twitter, and Facebook fan page, and organising contributing reviewers – as well as writing reviews, muser posts and Hot New Titles, she provides invaluable help to our Buzz Worthy News,   and Tor YA Round Up Segments.

Kat Kennedy is our Public Relationship manager and Editor in Chief.  She is responsible for the overall look and artistic design of the blog.  She’s also responsible for emails, author and publisher contact and much of the admin work involved in responding to requests and updating the calendar.  As Editor in Chief, Kat edits posts and reviews content for the blog. Kat Kennedy also writes reviews and muser pieces as well as the popular Tor Round YA Round Up post and contributing to Buzz Worthy News and Hot New Titles.

Meg Morley is Head of Art Department and is responsible for generating images and promotional materials. As well as reviewing and posting, Meg Morley handles Cuddlebuggery’s  Pinterest and Tumblr accounts as well as providing general support to the blog.

How did Cuddlebuggery begin?

In January 2012 Steph Sinclair and Kat Kennedy both expressed frustration with solo blogging and the demands it entailed.  They embarked to coblog together.  Originally, a transfer was going to be made to Kat’s blogger location.  After more discussion and some hard thinking, both Steph and Kat left their blogs behind to start an entirely new blog on WordPress.  Weeks of work and attention went into the design elements and content before it was launched.

Meg Morley joined the crew here at Cuddlebuggery in February 2014 and has provided invaluable support.

Cuddlebuggery, is no longer a new blog, we’ve been running for more than two years now and have been incredibly successful.  This could not have been achieved without the support from our author, reader and blogger friends. Thanks to that same support, Cuddlebuggery will be able to continue providing high-quality, fun, new content, giveaways and exciting features on a daily basis.

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