What does “cuddlebuggery” mean?

People have asked us what Cuddlebuggery actually means.  Kat Kennedy chose the name for her blog before it was a book blog, and in joining with Steph Sinclair, a decision was made to keep it.  Steph Sinclair was not aware of what the name meant at the time.

In Kat’s small, colloquial home town, Cuddlebuggery means delicious, flirty, sexy times without actually removing clothes or having sex.

We politely ignore the dirtier connotations and meanings of the name, but snicker about it in our free time.


Who does what?

All three bloggers play vital roles in the functioning on the blog to keep it running.

Stephanie Sinclair is our Technical Department Director and Social Media Ninja.  From sourcing and finding great pluggins, keeping the blog running, and tech support to research for future updates and technologies.  She also runs our TwitterFacebook fan page, and organizes the contributing reviewers — as well as write reviews, muser posts and Hot New Titles, and provides invaluable help to our Buzz Worthy News and Tor.com‘s YA Roundup segments.

Kat Kennedy is our Public Relationship manager and Editor in Chief.  She is responsible for the overall look and artistic design of the blog.  She’s also responsible for emails, author, publisher contacts and much of the admin work involved in responding to requests and updating the calendar.  As Editor in Chief, Kat edits posts and reviews content for the blog. Kat Kennedy also writes reviews, muser pieces, the popular Tor.com YA Roundup segment, co-writes Buzz Worthy News alongside Kate Copeseeley and contributes to Hot New Titles.

Meg Morley is our Head of Art Department and is responsible for generating images, banners and promotional materials. As well as reviewing and posting, Meg Morley handles Cuddlebuggery’s Pinterest and Tumblr accounts as well as providing general support to the blog.