Interacting With Authors

It’s always hard to know where you stand with authors, how to interact with them and deal with the select few who decide to lose their shit?  Cuddlebuggery, who has had a lot of interaction with all kinds of authors from brilliant to horrible, is here to save the day with easy to follow advice and support.  And only a little bit of friendly sabotage.

“Y U No Like My Book?”

We’ve all been there. That awkward moment when you finish writing a less than positive review and the author asks you:

Umm… Did you read the review?

It’s every reviewer’s worst nightmare to be chastised for their opinion of a book. Reading is a very personal experience that is going vary from person to person and it can be rather daunting and intimidating when your own personal experience is questioned or challenged by the author. Disliking a book does not equate dislike of the author and yet this is what a lot of reviewers are being accused of. I’m not sure where the disconnect is coming from because it’s really not a difficult concept to grasp.

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There has been, in the reading community, a big controversy over, what some people consider, blacklisting.  This is in regards to the placement of books, by readers, on a Do Not Read shelf – for whatever reason that reader feels justifies the act.  I’ve seen both sides of the argument discussed eloquently and oftentimes felt conflicted over whether to keep and maintain my own Do Not Read list.

Then I rolled that confliction up into a little ball, blew some mystical smoke up that ball’s ass and followed it around the internet until it found this for me.

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keep-calm-smile-and-say-fuck-youHow to Respond to An Author or Troll Attack

Emails we get surprisingly often look something like this:

Hey I need help. I’ve had an author comment on a review I’ve written. What should I do?

Having your first author run-in or serious troll/flammer can be scary, intimidating, infuriating.  After you process it, you have to decide what to do, how to respond, if you respond at all. This page is a tool to give you some advice, perspective and information from vast experience in dealing with these matters.

If you read nothing else – at least read this:

Depending on each individual circumstance, you will need to tailor your response.  But there are some basic things you should always do, no matter how it happens.

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How To Contact Your Favourite Author

In this modern age of technology and communication, the barrier between authors and the reading community has never been thinner.  If you are a truly enterprising individual you can smash down those barriers and peak right into the soul of your favourite author.  That or just, you know, get in contact with them.  But what’s the best way to weasel your way into their affections and become their best friend ever?  What’s the best way to secure an interview, beg them for an advance copy of their book or get close enough to watch them sleep?

Luckily Kat Kennedy has done the research, has gotten close to that elusive creature called author and is ready to share her hard earned wisdom and experience with you.

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