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9 September, 2015 Cuddlebuggery Gets Personal, Musing Musers 12 comments

hermione_lYou ask, we answer! This is our feature where we pick one or more questions from our readers, open the Cuddlebuggery Vault of Secrets (kinda like the Chamber of Secrets, but it doesn’t have a basilisk) and share the goodies with you. Or something. These questions can range from completely random oddities to semi-personal. We promise to try to answer them all while staying within our comfy bubbles. Pinky swear! If you’d like to ask a question, ask them in the comments.

We intended to keep up on this feature regularly, but failed at doing. However! We haven’t forgotten and will still sporadically do it from time to time.

The question we are answering this time is from Natasa!

What are your favorite book blogs individually?


Book Blogger Blogs

Writer of Wrongs
Reader of Fictions
Bookish Broads
Yeah, okay, so I’m totally pimping out my friends’ blogs but a) I do what I want and b) we became friends in the first place through their blogs bc their blogs are awesome and hilarious and smart and cool just like they are.

Author Blogs

Terrible Minds
I know Chuck’s been a little controversial as of late but I maintain that his writerly advice is some of the best there is and I generally find him to be a smart, level-headed dude who is usually willing to listen to dissenting opinions and admit when he’s stepped in it which is more than I can say for 93% of people I know. Also, he lets Delilah Dawson post some of the greatest guest posts ever written.

Sarah Rees Brennan’s Tumblr
I’m a huge fan of Sarah Rees Brennan’s tumblr, I think she’s a hilarious, smart, witty lady with lots of valuable insight and I always appreciate hearing what she has to say and seeing what she’s promoting.

Maggie Stiefvater’s Tumblr
It’s no secret that I’m a massive Maggie Stiefvater stan (admittedly past the point of reasonability and I don’t even care) and her tumblr is amazing.



Book Blogs

I’m just going to say ditto to Meg on this and add the following:

The Midnight Garden: I love, love, love all of their posts. I always find their reviews super informative and well-written. They also have other really cool posts that are super meaty and awesome.

No BS Book Reviews: Okay, so not only does Steph and I share the same name, but she does this cool feature called Novel Nudity. It’s basically burlesque dustcover strip show. Yeah, you heard me.

The Perpetual Page-Turner: Jamie is one of the most creative book bloggers in our community. She gives great book recs and has cool features like Beyond the Page and If We Were Having Coffee, which are welcome breaks from reviews and promo posts.

The Book Smugglers: Thea and Ana are basically the definition of #BookBloggerGoals. Their reviews are on fleek. They manage to posts regularly every week. (Whoa. That rhymed and was not planned.) I’m always finding new book recs from them (amazing ones!!). And every time I find an especially awesome or dreadful book, I’m always peer pressuring them to read it to get their perspective. The baddest bitches in the game. For real.

YA Interrobang: Super smart reviews and articles about YA and the community. Champions and advocates for diversity in YA literature. A really great group of passionate writers.


Raeleen (PadfootandProngs): I found Raleen one fine morning while browsing Goodreads for reviews of Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. We were already friends on Goodreads, but I had never really checked her channel out until then. She has such a great presence on camera and has a way of getting me to add large amounts of books to my towering TBR list. Basically, I hate-love her.

Ameriie (Books Beauty Ameriie): Ameriie is super adorable and has awesome adult recs. Her channel is put together so well and I always look forward to whatever she has to say on books. We also share a love of The Red Rising Trilogy, and have had many convos about that obsession. Lots of frothing at the mouth on my part. Plus, she also has killer fashion sense. #ClothingGoals #OneDay

Samantha (Thoughts on Tomes): Samantha is a rather newish find for me, but now that I’ve discovered her, her channel is one I actually do watch semi-regularly (read: on that sporadic chance I check YouTube out, I browse her channel). She has really great discussions and I really like her tastes in graphic novels.

Akilah (Smoothiefreak): Okay, so Akilah isn’t exactly a booktuber, but she occasionally does these Tipsy Book Reviews and I find them endlessly hilarious. She mainly does comedy sketches and they’re always a riot. ALWAYS.

Author Blogs

Jay Kristoff: Jay constantly makes me laugh every time I visit his site. I don’t even read many author blogs, but he’s one funny dude.

Leigh Bardugo: I’m sure this surprises no one. I am a huge fan of Leigh’s, but she also reblogs a bunch of really cool artwork her fans have created. MY PEOPLE.


Book Blogs

Great Imaginations: So it’s no secret that I’ve been friends with these guys forever. I love checking out their blog from time to time to see what they’re all up to. The site is beautiful and easy to navigate, and they give their opinions so passionately!

Pixelski: I find Jaz writes great and interesting reviews, even if she hasn’t been able to blog much lately, I always find myself checking her out. Her love of the Throne of Glass series is what originally made me want to try this series. For passionate opinions about QoS, this is the place to go!

The Broke and The Bookish: The Broke and The Bookish hosts the much celebrated Top Ten Tuesday meme as well as a bunch of interesting and fresh content. How these bloggers keeps doing it always amazes me. Their energy and enthusiasm is awesome.

Oh The Books: I find Oh, The Books to be a really smart, thoughtful, insightful blog. I thoroughly enjoy their content and opinions, even when they differ from my own. Both Kelley and Asti have really strong voices and I try to sneak onto their blog as often as I can!


Thoughtsontomes: I tried not to mention any of Steph or Meg’s answers even though I basically agreed with all of them. Yet I couldn’t NOT mentions Thoughtsontomes in my BookTube list. I don’t care that Steph got to her first because Sam is mine. ALL MINE, YA HEAR?! She’s smart, she’s thoughtful, her lipstick is always on point and I could watch her videos over and over again, which I actually do. *creeps back to hole from whence I came*

LittleBookOwl: You guys have no doubt heard of LittleBookOwl. One of my all time favourites booktubers and all round awesome human being. She’s adorable, she’s talented and she’s a super nice person in real life. Her videos are always a must watch for me.

ItsJaneLindsey: I don’t just love Jane because she’s my BookBuddyAthon Buddy but I could watch this girl all day. She’s so open and friendly and she reads such interesting books. I love watching her videos just to see what she thinks on a book, even if its one I have no interest in reading. This girl is talented. TALENTED.

The Book Archer: I really enjoy watching The Book Archer’s videos as well as her tag the Unpopular Opinions tag which is interesting and thoughtful. She always brings a great personality forward and puts a lot of effort into her videos.


Tillyandherbooks: I met Tilly at Teencon and fell in love with her. She’s adorable and she curates a great booklr blog over on Tumblr. She always posts and reposts some of my favourite things.

Readaroundtherosie: I also Met Allyson at Teencon and adored the hell out of her. She also curates a great Booklr blog that I love to catch up on in my free time.

Anothergenericbookblog: This is one of my favourite Booklr blogs. Smart, witty and interesting, there’s often fresh content and frequent posts. Great to follow and lots of fun!


alybabybooks: For great pictures and great reviews, I always like to check out alybabybooks. She is a tagging queen and is always reading something awesome.

BookMarauder: For some of the best book pics around, I can always trust the Book Marauder to provide. Beautiful set up, interesting shots, great lighting and minimalist settings. She’s got it all. Plus I just find her photos gorgeous.

Steph Sinclair

Steph Sinclair

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Meg Morley

Meg Morley

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Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

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Kat Kennedy

12 Responses to “Cuddlebuggery Gets Personal: Favorite Book Blogs (4)”

  1. Samantha

    This post made me smile! Thank you both for your kind words. I love seeing these cross-platform bookish recommendation posts. I will be checking out the other recommendations all day! xoxo

  2. Layla


    & I know so little about BookTube that the recommendations there are super helpful to me. (I know that makes me sound like an ancient person who has just discovered the internet and this newfangled BookTube business, but so it is.)

  3. Jaz

    *sobs* *runs at Kat* *tackle hugs you* thank you so much for the mention <3 I'm so glad I'm known for my love for the TOG series haha. I do wish I could blog more! I will try harder.

    I adore Jamie and the girls at The Midnight Graden too. And you guys. All such koala tea blogs 😀

    *Hugs you all*

  4. Lyn Kaye

    So I might start crying…..okay, yeah, I cried when I read this. Thank you, Kat, for the mention. I can’t even find the words to describe how it feels for someone you look up to and admire in the community to mention that they enjoy your site. You and Steph were some of my very first friends in the community, and I am so thankful that you two help mold me into the blogger/reader/person I am today. I am so happy I met Meg at BEA, and she has been wonderful, and Kate always tweets me on Twitter.

    You gals are amazing, and I just wish I could give you all hugs again.

    Thank you for making my day – hell – whole year.

    • Kara

      I didn’t even know we were in this post until I just happened to check out linkbacks! Awwww, Kat! You guys are our favorites too! I can’t wait to see you all again someday soon! We’ll always be friends no matter what! <3

      Oh, and it's such an honor to make this list with so many other great bloggers!

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