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Dear Authors

Here’s something to think about – and it’s just a […]

Shit I’m Sick of Reading Part 1

There’s a group of books published in the last 5-10 […]

Use That Trope!

There are certain tropes and cliches that are often seen […]

Where’s the Sisterhood?

There is a trend in the Paranormal Romance Genre that […]

Changing the Archtype

Now, to be fair and putting this out there, there […]

The Power of Waif-Fu!

Trac Changes recently wrote an excellent blogpost on the Dead […]

Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews

Recently there has been an uproar from a few authors […]

Project: Hindsight (because I’m sick and masochistic)

Project: Hindsight (because I’m sick and masochistic)

When you think of the YA paranormal genre these days […]

The OTHER Women in Today’s Literature

I’m certainly not the first, nor will I be the […]