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Edge of Falling

Rebecca’s Favorite NY Spots!

Many thanks to Cuddlebuggery for hosting me today as part of The Edge of Falling Blog Tour! I’m excited to share some more New York City-specific content from the book with all of you. The city is another supporting character in The Edge of Falling, so I’m going to share a list of some of my favorite places in the city- some of which are featured in the book!

The Guggenheim Museum

One of my favorite places in the city, right in Caggie’s Upper East Side neighborhood- and a spot where she and her friends go to a VIP party in The Edge of Falling! I remember going here with my Grandmother when I was young. My grandmother is an artist (I have her work hanging in my apartment!) and museums were always something we shared together.


My love for this Mario Batali owned and operated Italian marketplace knows no bounds.


Welcome to the blog tour for The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare with M.G. Buehrlen who has delightfully provided a guest post today on all of us wayward souls. So please, sit down, make yourself comfortable, embrace your happy-place and get ready for MG to delight you with her wit and verbosity.

Top Ten Writing Necessities

When you’re writing a novel, there are a lot of weapons you need in your arsenal. Here are my top ten must-haves that get me through a first draft, those dreaded revisions, and final edits.


Caffeinated beverage of choice

Sweet elixir of life. My caffeine vehicle is usually coffee, sometimes soda, and on the rare occasion tea. When you’re writing, especially at all hours of the night, you need brain stamina. Caffeine will get you there.



Again, whatever vehicle you choose, it’s allllll goooooood. Cookies, cupcakes, Sour Patch Kids, sprinkling powdered sugar directly into your pie hole… It’s.


As you know we are big fans of Victoria Scott’s books (and Dante), so we were incredibly excited to be a part of the Fire & Flood blog tour. We sent Kat off to seduce some answers out of Victoria and no one can resist Kat on a mission. Read on to learn about Victoria’s process and the recently released Fire & Flood.



1. Tella is amazing with a strong voice. Makes me recall someone else like that… *dante* What’s your process?
When I develop a new character’s voice, I try to think of someone who has a lot of growing to do, and I weave their weaknesses into their voice and thought patterns. I’m never going to choose the strongest of my characters to be the narrator because, quite frankly, that stronger character already has their crap figured out.

2. Did you watch a lot of The Amazing Race as “research”.

The Winner's Curse

We are so excited to be the final stop on The Winner’s Curse blog tour today. As many already know, Kat and I were lucky enough to read it early last year and were completely blown away. It still remains one of our stand out reads of 2013. If there is one book that you have to get this year, let it be this one.

We asked Marie to talk a little about writing romance and since she’s naturally awesome beyond reason, she went above and beyond. Check out her guest post on her first experiences reading romance–complete with bodice rippers–and the advice she gave herself while writing The Winner’s Curse.


“Writing Romance”

I’ll tell you a secret.

Sometime between when I was in junior high and high school, I noticed that my mom would swap romance novels with both of my grandmothers. One grandmother enjoyed Harlequin romances:

My other grandmother tended to deliver black garbage bags full of fat historical romance novels with lots of “love scenes.”

(How do those flowers stay in her hair?


Hey, guys! Do you like graphic novels? SO DO I! Today is our stop on The Olympians blog tour and George O’Connor is here with a guest post so hilarious, we’re tempted to keep him, about his newest book: Aphrodite: Goddess of Love. He talks about writing about sex and other mature themes, and how he tailors it to both his younger and older audiences. Check it out and enter for a chance to win a copy!

Hi, my name is George O’Connor and I’ll be your guest blogger today. The almost-all-alliteratively-appellated bloggers at Cuddlebuggery (seriously, have you checked that out? Kat Kennedy, Steph Sinclair, Meg Morley—it would be a perfect score if it weren’t for Paul “I should be named Bill” Beimers messing up their game) have very kindly allowed me to take this space to drop some ruminations in support of my new book Aphrodite: Goddess of Love.

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