Entrant Registration

If you a blogger looking to sign-up for Little Blogger, Big Ambitions to receive ARCs, please make sure you meet the requirements and sign up below. Only those who are registered can enter ARC giveaways for the program.


  • 600 followers or less
  • 600 page views a day or less
  • Must be located in US, Canada or Australia (Unless you see a giveaway that is international)
  • Co-bloggers, please register jointly unless you reside in different countries.

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Little Blogger, Big Ambitions Sign up

  • Please enter your first name (and NOT your real last name) or whatever name de plume you blog as. Winner names are displayed publicly like this: "Steph" @ "Cuddlebuggery"
  • Choose a username. It can be whatever you want it to be, but usernames cannot be later changed.
  • If you don't have a twitter handle, just input "N/A".
  • Average daily page views, GFC followers, RSS readers, Email subscribers, Networked Blogs followers, etc.
    If you are in another international country, please select "other" and list your country.

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