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It should probably be illegal to keep reading an authors work when you’ve so thoroughly panned it twice before but, you see, I was curious. Take away the horrible plotting and burdensome story of The Goddess Test, could Carter write something I liked, because I always suspected she could. If Pawn had continued in quality from the first half into the second, then I’d probably be giving it four stars right now.

Pawn started out very promising indeed. Kitty, ranked a three in a society that lives and dies by rankings, has two choices. Shovel shit in a far off city away from her beloved boyfriend, or take to prostitution. Figuring prostitution is temporary, she chooses option B but is quickly given a third option. Become the body double of the newly deceased princess.

Kitty, living as Lila Hart, still isn’t safe. She knows her days are numbered and the only way to survive is to play the game and hope she can outsmart the other players.


Buzz Worthy News

Welcome back to Buzz Worthy News where the stories are awesome and not at all well-written. Need your YA industry news? Never fear, Kat and Kate are here to give it all to you. Just, ya know, not in any kinda sophisticated sense or nothing.

In this week’s Buzz, John Green knows nothing, new casting for the Insurgent movie, Cory Doctorow book is making waves and Kathleen Hale is a BAMC (Badass Mamacita).

Buzz Worthy News is Cuddlebuggery’s weekly news post bringing you all the best information about the book and blogging world, particularly for the venn diagram of people who overlap between the two. For new releases and cover reveals of all the best Young Adult fiction, check out our Sunday post: Hot New Titles.

You Know Nothing, John Green

Embarrassment reigned supreme for John Green this week when he committed the ultimate faux pas. Not only was he not up to date on his teen romance kissing facts, but he tried to co-opt the girls kissing the boy first thing as something The Fault in Our Stars movie did first.

IMG_1884 2

You did it. You went out and bought that book, hoping it would be great. Guess what? It’s not. It was terrible and now it’s just sitting there, taking up space on your shelf. Your library and secondhand book shop won’t take it (they know better) you can’t seem to offload it to any of your friends and you can’t bring yourself to destroy it. We’re here to help.

1. Free to a good home?

This method is for those at least hoping that some good will come of random regifting. Hopefully these books could possibly bring someone the joy they so adamantly failed to give you.



2. A household shrine to ward off poor decision making

You made the bad decision and now you’re ready to deal with it. But you don’t want to make such a bad book purchasing decision again. Desperate to ward off the spirits of poor decision making, you build a shrine out of the books to keep them away.

The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes

Hey guys, today I have Paula Stokes here answering some of my random questions, giving some stuff away and generally spilling all of her secrets (not really, I tried to get them out of her but she’s cagey).

Two things you should know about Paula:

1. She’s absolutely lovely and smart and generally all around cool (anyone who casually describes something as murdery is good people in my book) (please reword that in your brains to make it sound less scary).

2. Her latest book, The Art of Lainey came out recently and it is adorable as all hell. It features best friends, a delightfully contradictory book boyfriend, killer breakfast food, a fabulous music scene and an ancient Chinese war doctrine. (Fun game, which one of these things doesn’t fit? Trick question, Paula makes them all work, though you have to imagine a little on the music, I guess).

And so, without further ado, come along gentle reader as Paula talks to us about empowered characters, writing, sex and breakfast (I told you it was random.

One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

The only thing you need to know about this book is that it is adorbs. Totally, utterly, sweetly adorable. It will give you all the cute feelings and make you want to hug both protagonists. Anyone who doesn’t agree?

Anybody who doesn’t finish this book wanting to hug everyone involved has no soul. NO SOUL, I SAY!

Do I still have to review the rest of it? I do? Okay. Fine. The writing was fairly good. There were a few times where the characters were stuck having conversations that clearly became lectures from an author mouthpiece. But, you know what? I don’t even care because: adorbs.

The relationship between Aleks and Ethan was intensely sweet and surprisingly physical given the age of our protagonist. And by physical, I mean, I had to stop a couple of times to swoon.

It’s the characters, though, the whole range of them, that’s going to make you love this book.

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