My Little Bookshelf Part 1

18 May, 2015 Random 12 comments

So I’m not going to lie. I go on tumblr all the time and see beautifully organised bookshelves that make me cream just a little bit. What is this life? Why can’t I have that too? Oh yeah, because I’m a disorganised mess…

But all that’s about to change. See, I’m going on a journey to achieve beautiful bookshelves. To make my dream come true. And it all starts here.

I have come to understand in my life, that the first step is to admit that you have a problem. And people… I have a problem.


Evidence #1


Evidence #2


See, it’s not so much a mess as it is the embodiment of chaos. And I frankly don’t even know where to start. But taking all the books off the shelves and rearranging everything seems like a good place to graduate from.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m greedy. I want a book shrine. I’m sick of people refusing to buy me books on the assumption that they get lost in the void of my horrible shelving system.

This is my plan so far:

1. Clear off my shelves.

2. Relocate shelves to a better spot.

3. Reorganise books onto shelves in a variety of ways.

4. Decorate shelves.

5. Success.

I shall measure my success by how good the shelf look after the project and by how little alcohol was required to get me through. Anything under Four bottles of gin is a good amount.

Show me pictures of your bookshelves, good or bad! I want to see them! And if anyone wants to join me on my journey to revolutionise their shelves, get tips and ideas and trade secrets, then let me know and we can all share the journey!

Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

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Kat Kennedy

12 Responses to “My Little Bookshelf Part 1”

  1. Tracy

    I feel your pain. But at least you have bookshelves. I moved. A year ago. Most of my books are still in boxes up in my attic. We’ve been renovating (ok my husband has been renovating) for a year and a half. I’ve been promised bookshelves but the are very low on Brian’s priority list. Sigh.


  2. Morgan @ Gone with the Words

    You deserve a book shrine, your plan sounds perfect!! I will have to take pictures of my shelves later. I have two large ones (one in the living room, one in our guest room) , a small one in my bedroom, and a couple of those floating shelves on my wall. I use those for immediate TBR and library books mostly. But I can’t lie, I stare at my shelves a lot. And I don’t have any room left so getting new books is going to be tricky! Esp with my knick knacks on the shelves. I inadvertently started collecting Pop figures haha. Good luck with your project! Post pictures!!

  3. Denai

    We moved in November and the spare room which will be the study got filled with boxes and my bookshelves got filled with boxes, none of which contained books. So I completely understand, when I can get to my bookshelves I want to make sure that they are pretty and orderly.

  4. Natalie M.

    I simply don’t have enough space on my bookshelf anymore, so I arrange two rows of books on each shelf, one in the back, one in the front. It’s hell if I want a ‘backbencher’.

  5. Nemo @ the Moonlight Library

    I did my bookshelves earlier this year, too! Admittedly, they were not as chaotic as yours to begin with. I wanted to reorganise them via genre, but then I remembered that this is my bookcase dedicated entirely to books I have not read, as all my read books get put into storage (to make room for new books). So I wasn’t entirely sure of some of the genres and which crossover books get put where. I settled on alphabetical order by author surname.

    I did this just last month and already it looks so different from new acquisitions!
    Nemo @ the Moonlight Library recently posted…Book Review: Storm Siren by Mary WeberMy Profile

  6. Haraiah

    My bookshelves look tidy but only because there is literally no space left available for clutter or decorations. The books are organized by size so I can utilize every inch of my shelf. Case in point: my bookshelf stat. Now my bedroom floor… there’s the messy one. I have no plans of reorganizing anytime soon even with the new books I got (especially sequels) since my biggest problem right now is that I don’t any room for a new shelf. I hope your reorganization is going to be a success. Can’t wait to see how it goes.
    Haraiah recently posted…5 Quotes From Favorite BooksMy Profile

  7. Kara

    Hahahaha! Don’t feel bad! Mine look a lot like this too! I’m moving soon and I am going to take that time to reorganize all my shelves. I’m getting rid of a lot of books too, and I’m going to need to buy a new shelf or two. Because if I want to get organized and not just stack haphazardly, I need a system. Like a genre, author system. I hope it works!
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