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A thing you may not know about me: I was a slut in high school.

When I say that, I mean that when I was a YA, I was a person other people called a slut. As far as I was concerned, I was doing my thing and people were haters. As a result, I have a lot of thoughts (some are slightly aggressive thoughts) on the necessity of sex positive YA and doing away with the whole idea of slut as a negative concept. The way I see it is if everyone is being smart and respectful, then do your thing whatever your thing may be.

Unfortunately not everyone shares my attitude and my YA experience heavily reflected the religiously-driven oppressive attitude that is so detrimentally pervasive in regards to human sexuality.

For example:

  • The summer between seventh and eighth grade I sprouted boobs. Not like training bra boobs, I went straight to a full B cup leaning towards C basically overnight and I have the stretch marks to prove it.
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Twilight is the punch line to all YA-hate jokes most days. Hell, even I have shit on the series quite a bit (with good reason, I might add!), but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a series that we all love to hate. It’s our go-to example of what’s wrong with YA. It’s the poster child of How Not To Write A Romance. I get it and I’m not saying the criticism isn’t justified.

There’s a lot wrong with it, but have you ever stopped to consider any of its good points? The other day, I was thinking about Twilight randomly and challenged myself to think about positive things about YA’s redheaded stepchild. Unfortunately, I came up blank and found one half of my brain mocking the other. So I thought on it a while and decided that there are some things that aren’t Completely Awful. Thus, the idea of this post was born.


Hopeless Book Buying

For those who know the annoyance of habitual buying of books that one is never going to read. Kat Kennedy totally knows that feel and shares a list of some of the books she has bought, knowing at the time of purchase, that she would never read them.



Hello, hello!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. We are officially in the final countdown to the release of Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins and I, for one, could not be more excited. These books are the cutest of the cute and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for Isla.

‘But wait,’ you may be saying, ‘I haven’t read these Anna/Lola books. They sound quite delightful but I have yet to read them.’ Never fear dear reader! Andi from Andi’s ABCs, Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner , Judith from Paper Riot, Lindsey from A Bookish Sinister Kid and I have put together a readalong (or rereadalong for those of you who have read them and want to brush up so you can be at maximum preparedness levels for Isla) in anticipation of this glorious release.

(I’ve heard a rumor that Anna and the French Kiss is $6 for kindle right now)

‘A readalong,’ you may also be saying, ‘well that sounds like a jolly good time!’ (I don’t know why you would say it like that but work with me here) ‘What does this readalong entail?’ Excellent question!


You ask, we answer! This is our new weekly feature where we pick one or more questions from our readers, open the Cuddlebuggery Vault of Secrets and share the goodies with you. Or something. These questions can range from completely random oddities to semi-personal. We promise to try to answer them all while staying within our comfy bubbles. Pinky swear! If you’d like to ask a question ask them in the comments.

This week’s question comes from Librarian Lavender:

When did your love for books start? Are there books you can read over and over again? What effect does book blogging have on your life? I love the blog and can’t wait to read more about you!


It’s easy to say I always loved books. The first book I ever read was a Christian book, but the fantasy elements were what I really loved. The Chronicles of Narnia were the first series I read at Kindergarten and it just never stopped from there.

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