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Echoes of Us Blog Tour

We heartily welcome Kat Zhang onto the blog once again. This time with a hilarious guest post about the life of an author on a promotional tour. Told in CATS! Sit back, enjoy, eat your popcorn and get ready to be blasted by some deviously adorable felines!



You’d think that by book three, I’d have a handle on this whole “Book Release” deal. And yet, every year, it catches me off guard. About two months out, you feel like you’ve got the whole thing handled, no problem.

As that two month mark inches toward the one month mark, things start feeling a bit less…up. Why did you commit to so many things again?

And of course all the family emergencies start happening. Your hamster gets hemorrhoids. Your best friend discovers a deathly allergic to cucumbers. You suddenly need to fly cross-county as your sister gives birth to quintuplets!

A Little Something Different

Lea and Gabe belong together…or at least that’s what the majority of the people in this book want to believe. So why do strangers, from bus drivers to squirrels, want this relationship to blossom? Because Lea and Gabe are practically the same person! And two boring people must realize that they have feelings for each other, even though they barely speak to one another. Are you following this? Because A Little Something Different left me wishing that I had read, well, something different.

The first issue that I have with this novel, and unfortunately it is the only reason this one stands out from other stories, is the multiple points of view. While some were okay, others were pointless. Why do you need to know what a bench (yes, you read that right) is thinking? How does that help the story? And why do I care that the main characters like to talk to the same squirrel–because that makes sense–and it can’t find its acorns?

Grasshopper Jungle

The apocalypse is something we here at Cuddlebuggery take very seriously. We think about it all the time because it’s bound to happen… eventually. Maybe. Perhaps. We’ve been preparing for all sorts of scenarios by doing what any sane person would do: Reading any and all YA Apocalyptic/Post-Apocolyptic/Dystopian we can get our hands on. See, YA authors are smart. Together, they have thought up all possibilities for the End of Times and we’d be wise to pay more attention to their prophetic words like this:

Grasshoppers. Sex. Donuts. Sounds like an awesome apocalypse according to Andrew Smith.


Look, everyone has to know beyond a doubt that the world is going to end at some point in the future. I can’t say what most people think about as they move along through their days, but I’ve thought about the end of the world—the apocalypse—for pretty much my entire life.

Every day.


Julia’s House for Lost Creatures is the first title I have read from Ben Hatke but if all his books are like this one, I’m going to hunt them down and read them all. The premise of this picturebook is deceptively simple. A magical Julia arrives into town with her house (which is carried from place to place by a humongous turtle) and settles in by the sea. But her house is too quiet and she’s lonely so Julia decided to open her house to lost creatures of all kinds.

The art of this picturebook is out of this world with bright colours and beautiful lines. The art is wonderfully creative. The typography matches the story perfectly and the writing itself is simple enough for a child to read on their own but Hatke uses some sophisticated diction to keep things a bit challenging. Julia is a fantastic heroine because not only is she capable and friendly, but she is also enterprising and deft with her hands.

Sun small

If there’s one thing I love about authors, it’s their ability to make the characters they create feel so incredibly real and vivid. In I’ll Give You the Sun, Jandy Nelson amazed me with the two very different point-of-views of Jude and Noah. As readers, multiple point-of-view stories can be tricky to follow along, as sometimes one character feels more realistic than the other. Even still, it’s even harder to imagine the supporting cast being just as fleshed out as the main characters. Yet, Nelson accomplishes all these things.

Have you ever wondered how she manages to pull this off? Do her characters feel just as real to her as they do to us? We are delighted to kick off this blog tour and welcome Jandy Nelson to Cuddlebuggery as she gives us a glimpse into her process for I’ll Give You the Sun!

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