Twitterary Round-Up June 8 – 12, 2015

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Hello, Friends!  We’re doing a new feature here at Cuddlebuggery showcasing our favorite literary (authors, bloggers, readers, general bookish community) tweets of the week.  This week will be a bit short, but hopefully full of goodness.


It’s always fun when authors take the time to reach out on Twitter…

Ah, those #booknerdproblems:


Proofreading is important:

Constructive criticism is ALSO important:


#amwriting or am I?

Then there is just being goofy:

(that’s okay, Meg, we love you anyway!)

And let’s not forget some of the great tweets in the Tor mess (and if you’re wondering what that is, we will cover it in Buzz on Monday!):

But for now, we leave you with the thought of the week:

And the picture of the week. (yum!)

What do you think of our new feature? Would you like to see more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Kate Copeseeley

Kate Copeseeley

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  1. smiling_ina

    I love this new feature!!! Somehow I seem to miss a lot of what’s going on on Twitter, so this is awesome! 😀

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