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Phoebe North

“You know, I love going to outer space,” says Kat as she steps out of our space shuttle.

I look over at her frowning. “For what?” The last time we were in space it ended with me crashing Veronica Rossi’s ship. Not my finest moment, I assure you.

“Is that a trick question?” asks Meg. She’s got this goofy grin on her face and I can tell she’ll behave just as a child would in a candy shop for most of this trip.

We’ve just landed on Mars to meet up with the awesome Phoebe North, author of Starglass and Starbreak, for an interview. She’s asked us to meet her here because she’s going to take us for a tour of the galaxy in her Spark V. I want to tell you that nothing could possibly go wrong on this trip, but, well, famous last words and all that shiz.

This Shattered World

Want to get a taste of an upcoming title without a full review or spoilers? We’re here to do that for you! It’s not a real review, and there are definitely no spoilers – just a bunch of reasons to read or not read or pass on this title.

Reasons to Read:


How I feel about this book:

It’s a totally different story to These Broken Stars

These Broken Stars wasn’t your jazz? Can’t stand walking books and survival stories? Good. That’s not what This Shattered World is all about. It’s rebels against military. Skirmishes and fire fights.

Captain Lee Chase is going to kick your ass

I love her. I have a total girl crush on her.


Shit Gets Real

There are a few moments that you will probably be like, “Faaaaaaaaarrrrrk!”


Reasons to Pass

Okay, that’s not necessarily true…

I had issues with the ending and the sense that it made and the way it was done.  

Heaven's Queen by Rachel Bach




*reins it in*

(Because I am a kindly sort of person, this review will be as spoiler free for the entire trilogy as I am able to make it).

I have made no secret of my extreme love for the Paradox trilogy and I had high, high hopes for the conclusion. It is with great pleasure that I tell you my hopes were not in vain. Heaven’s Queen is everything I wanted and a beautiful conclusion to what has become one of my favorite series. This quote perfectly surmises what this series has been building to and what goes down in this book:

“In chess, the queen is the most powerful piece, but even she is still just a piece on a board. For all her power, she is trapped by her role so long as the game is in play. If she truly wishes to be free, she must change the game.”

Devi is done playing around.

Don't You Forget About Me

Since I’ve started my little project of Reading Whatever I Wanna — AKA This Ain’t Your Job — I’ve noticed I’m reading more and, more importantly, enjoying it. Sometimes I still want to talk about these books, though, so that’s when To All the Books I Forgot to Review was born. This works out perfectly for a few reasons: (1) Sometimes I don’t have an entire post worth of words to talk about just one book. (2) Since we have so many reviewers now, we might end up reading the same books, but I don’t always review them. (3) It also let’s me read more and talk more, just in a more condensed format. Of course, the best part for my readers is that this post will always feature a giveaway of some of the books mentioned, open internationally to our readers.

Hover over the books for the synopsis and links!

Review: Honor’s Knight

Honor's Knight by Rachel Bach

It’s no secret that I loved Rachel Bach’s first Paradox novel earlier this year. So much about it was spot on, but none more so than main character and narrator Deviana “Devi” Morris. Her outing  and characterization in that series opener (titled Fortune’s Pawn) — that ball of action and battles and romantic chemistry like WHOA in SPAAACE that it was — was pitch perfect. It was balls to the wall awesome, labelled the Most Jessie of all Jessie Books, and it made an impression.

So to say I was excited for Honor’s Knight is a tad of an understatement. Oh boy, did it deliver a nearly perfect reading experience for a science fiction fan. Give me strong, capable, complete characters like this Paradoxian merc any day. Give me complicated and original plots like these and my SF/F addiction will go on unimpeded. Devi is arrogant and always ready for a fight, but she’s also compassionate, smart, and careful.

Red Rising

This is the first review I’ve ever written where I’m leaving a book unrated. I both loved and hated this book equally. There were parts that really frustrated me, bored me, excited me, and completely hooked me. I’m not even sure what Red Rising is really classified as. One half of the book feels very Dystopian/sci-fi while the other half reads like an entirely different genre, perhaps High Fantasy. If I were to even attempt to describe what this book is I’d say image Gladiator and Lord of the Flies having an illicit love affair on an acid trip. Their baby would be Red Rising. How do I fit a book like that on a 1-5 star rating scale?

Darrow is a Helldriver on Mars, drilling in mines with the belief that one day his people will live on the surface once the planet is ready. He and his people live under strict rules.

Honor's Knight by Rachel Bach

Hey guuuuuuyyyss? Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about this totally amazeballs SciFi book starring one of the BAMFiest BAMFs in BAMFland? I’m sure you all immediately ran out and grabbed a copy because I totally wouldn’t have used my super-special this-book-is-the-best-you-don’t-want-to-miss-it Sherlock gif on just any book.

If you didn’t, you should probably go and do it now because Honor’s Knight is coming out next week AND SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS YOU WANT TO BE READING THIS SERIES.


Maybe you’re one of those people that doesn’t like to get into a series until it’s completed. I understand, I do. What if it doesn’t live up to it’s original glory? What if you fall in love and then there’s a terrible cliffhanger and you’re stuck in agony waiting AN ENTIRE YEAR (seriously, can we apply the Netflix method to everything) for the next book?

These are legitimate fears but let me put your minds at rest: the Paradox series is definitely not going downhill and while there is a biiiit of a wait for the trilogy’s conclusion, it comes out April 22nd and I am fully confident you guys can handle it.

Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer


Cress is here! Cress is here! Cressity Cressity Cress is here!

While Rapunzel was never my absolute most favorite of the fairytales (Beauty and the Beast, duh) it was always near the top of the list. And then Tangled came out,


and gave me a thousand and one more reasons to love the tale.

Though it only took one.

So, needless to say, when I heard that The Lunar Chronicles would feature a Rapunzel retelling, it quickly became the most impossible to wait for thing in all of the land of things (and I am not exactly good at waiting).

I mean, seriously, this series is already more or less the best ever, futuristic scifi fairytail retellings? Hello mashup of awesomeness. Throw in a fantastic cast of characters, spaceship hijinxs, genetically engineered wolf-hybrid ninja armies, you probably thought this this series couldn’t get any better, right?

Well you were WRONG.

Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach

I was looking at my Goodreads stats a little while ago and noticed that I tend to swing high on ratings. This worries me, I don’t want my five stars to become meaningless. I decided to reserve five star ratings for books that make me want to punch things they’re so fantastic. It was to be the dawn of a new day of responsible, thoughtful ratings where a full five is rare.

Then, of course, I read Fortune’s Pawn.

Wall-punchingly amazing? Check.
Totally shippable, swoonworthy ship? Check.
Exciting, action packed plot with an intriguing mystery to be unraveled? Check.

Basically, Fortune’s Pawn deserves those five stars and then some. So, new plan, we’re going to institute a codeword system. From here on out I will continue to like things with the full breadth of my enthusiasm (I’m not sorry, while ranting can be fun, I generally enjoy liking things more) and will let you know when a book is the best of the best of the best (ala Newsflesh or Lumatere) with a TBD codeword.

UTNS party banner2

Under the Never Sky is one of my favourite young adult series. Not only because it’s a great futuristic scifi novel, but also because Veronica Rossi is a goddess of unimaginable prowess. Thus, as her first series comes to a close, we wanted to take an opportunity to celebrate the last few years in which this book has existed.

Under the Never Sky centres on the story of Aria and Perry, in a collapsing world where the Aether is destroying the environment. Some people have been forced into an underground, technological pod society, whilst others live a sparse, hunter-gather existence. When Aria is dumped from the Realms, the only home she’s ever known, she needs Perry’s help to survive. Perry needs her help to save his nephew.   Disgust and mistrust leads to a friendship and then a blossoming romance. The story spans an intense race for survival against all odds. This series gives me all the feels and sucks me into it’s adventure like so few others do.

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