Blogoversary Day 6: Guest Post by Authors Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

16 February, 2013 Giveaways, Guest Spotlight 46 comments

Amie and MeaganGuest Post by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

I was dubious of Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner at first.  That is, until Meagan Spooner messaged me with her incredible sweetness.  Also, there was that time Amie Kaufman took me out for drinks, paid for every single round and got me mind-bogglingly drunk.  Some people might say that Amie bought my affection.  I say my affection is incredibly cheap and it was nice that someone finally thought it was worth pandering too.  If Amie is the loud, extroverted and saucy one.  Meagan is the quiet and thoughtful member of the team.  But you should always be wary of the quiet ones…

Also, Steph and Meg joined up recently and had a torrid love affair, so I am extremely jealous!  Amie and Meg joined forces to pen These Broken Stars, one of Steph and I’s most anticipated books this year.  I have to tell you, considering the magic that happens when you just put these two in a room together, I am deliriously excited for their forthcoming book.  Here they are in all their hilarious glory!  And don’t miss out on the giveaway at the end!

Amie: Okay, let’s get this party started! Review war commence! Woooo! *fires glitter cannons*

Meg: I don’t know if I want to fight you, I know you’re not afraid to bite.

Amie: Nibble, really.

Meg: *stares*

Amie: Anyway! It’s not that kind of war. It’s more of a good-natured discussion about the merits
of a book. Kat and Steph hold them when they don’t agree. Like this. Ours will have less blood, and less making out.

Meg: I’m okay with that. We were roomies a long time and I’ve seen some stuff, but I have my limits.
Now, we’re not reviewing a book today, are we?

Amie: We are not! Tell the people what we are reviewing, Megatron.


Amie: Will there be snacks along the way?

Meg: Totally. Cupcakes for everyone. We’re not above buying love.

Amie: Let’s start by talking about their interviews.

Meg: I love their interviews. LOVE. Hearts in my eyes.

Amie: I didn’t like Claire LeGrand’s. They talked about candy and then there was none and then I was thinking
about candy.

Meg: You and food. What about the rest of it?

Amie: I don’t know, I was thinking about candy. Leigh Bardugo’s had smoothies with booze
in. I’m not impossible to please.

Meg: So basically what you’re saying is that the interviews are great, but you want more food, and to maintain current levels of booze.

Amie: Exactly. If I had to find a flaw, though, (and this IS a review war, so somebody has to criticize
something!), don’t you think it would be more professional if Kat wore pants more often?

Meg: I see no problem with their costuming choices.

Amie: That’s because they put you in a super badass catsuit in yours. Don’t get me wrong, you
rocked that thing, but we both know why you loved it so much.

Meg: Shut up.

Amie: Kind of a step up from your writing pants.

Meg: Leave my writing pants out of it. They’ve seen me through four books so far. Anyway, they
looked a lot better before your dog ate a hole in them.

Amie: Pants are tasty, what can I say?

Meg: WAIT.


Meg: Steph ate Kat’s pants? That’s why she doesn’t wear any?

Amie: The world deserves to know. I think we should move on before they send a hit squad after us,
though. Those ladies would do it. Let’s talk about one of Cuddlebuggery’s trademarks: Buzzworthy

Meg: *clappy hands* I love BWN! I’m a total hermit, it’s how I find out what’s happening outside my

Amie: I think it’s lacking. I think it needs—

Meg: Don’t say—

Amie: More cowbell.

Meg: I can’t believe you said that.

Amie: You know now I said it, Kat’s going to find a way to work it in somehow. She’s contrary like
that, and I want to see how she manages it.

Meg: If you’re going to take that road, I can’t believe you wouldn’t say BWN needs more Nathan
Fillion. Anyway, let’s talk cover reveals. I totally have a criticism.

Amie: You’re talking Kat’s covers, aren’t you? Find fault, I DARE YOU.

Meg: My, we’re all-capsy today. You want it? Here it is. You think I’m ever looking at ARCLIGHT again
without pining for Robert Downey Jr? She has ruined me.

Amie: Okay, I will grant you that. Hot New Titles?

Meg: Purty. Although I kind of want to stroke my screen a little when I see them. All the covers!

Amie: Don’t worry, that’s normal. I guess it’s time we wind it up. Final question: what do you think of
the new decor?

Meg: I approve.

Amie: I leaned against a wall and the paint was still wet and now it’s on my butt.

Meg: Oh, man. Okay, come on, let’s go get you cleaned up.


Meagan Spooner is graciously giving away a signed copy of Skylark!

Skylark by Meagan Spooner

Skylark by Meagan Spooner

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Sixteen-year-old Lark Ainsley has never seen the sky.
Her world ends at the edge of the vast domed barrier of energy enclosing all that’s left of humanity. For two hundred years the city has sustained this barrier by harvesting its children’s innate magical energy when they reach adolescence. When it’s Lark’s turn to be harvested, she finds herself trapped in a nightmarish web of experiments and learns she is something out of legend itself: a Renewable, able to regenerate her own power after it’s been stripped.
Forced to flee the only home she knows to avoid life as a human battery, Lark must fight her way through the terrible wilderness beyond the edge of the world. With the city’s clockwork creations close on her heels and a strange wild boy stalking her in the countryside, she must move quickly if she is to have any hope of survival. She’s heard the stories that somewhere to the west are others like her, hidden in secret—but can she stay alive long enough to find them?

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Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

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Kat Kennedy is a book reviewer and aspiring author in the Young Adult genre. She reviews critically but humorously and get super excited about great books. Find her on GoodReads.
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46 Responses to “Blogoversary Day 6: Guest Post by Authors Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner”

  1. Alyssa Susanna

    Oh my gosh, I don’t know how you two do it! I would fin dwriting a book with another person SO DIFFICULT! But I guess it sounds fun. I would be afraid that the person with whom I waas working would hate all of my ideas! But… the cupcakes make it worth it, right? 😀

    • Meagan Spooner

      @Alyssa Susanna To be honest, I’m not sure I could ever write with anyone else! For me, it requires a huge amount of familiarity and understanding of the other person’s writing style. And Amie and I are actually very different–and those differences actually make the end result a lot stronger!

  2. lauragmaldon

    I laughed out loud, this is just so weird and hilarious! (Weirdly hilarious?) And I’m not above being bought by cupcakes. 😉

    • Meagan Spooner

      lauragmaldon Weird and hilarious? Hey, I’ll take it! There are worse things to be called. 😛

  3. Ardarel

    Very entertaining. I liked it and you didn’t even have to bribe me with cupcakes! I would venture a guess that the forementioned cupcakes are probably tastier than pants lol

  4. Twisty J

    I really enjoyed the review back and forth.  It is a very different way to approach a review.  Thanks for giving something fresh!

  5. Carolina Valdez Miller

    These two are a perfect comedy duo. I can’t wait to read THESE BROKEN STARS. I’m not signing up to win SKYLARK as I’ve already read and reviewed it, but it’s brilliant. I wish I could read it again for the first time. Still, I have the new one to look forward to! So excited for it.

  6. deniz y

    i always enjoy a good review war! add food talk and RDJ to that..and I’m a  happy girl! well nearly, except I’m still waiting for my cupcake.
    oh and talking about waiting: i cant wait to read These Broken Stars.

  7. Pabkins

    Ok – loved it gave me some good chuckles.  I do pine for Robert Downey Jr…sometimes haha.  But the best part…yes More Cowbell baby!!

  8. Mona6014

    Aw, I liked Claire LeGrand’s interview! Have to admit I was thinking about candy have the time too though. 
    I’m a total hermit as well. Go Buzz Worthy News!!

  9. Kamla L,

    Pretty hilarious!!  Had  me rolling.  They should consider a stand-up comedy side gig.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. RaindropSoup

    Love the interview war! Cowbell … LOL! I just received an eARC of <i>Arclight</i> and had no idea the first cover had Robert Downing Jr. I’m with Meg—I’ll never look at it without pining for him now.

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