Cover Reveal: Arclight by Josin L. McQuein

19 October, 2012 Cover Reveals 11 comments

Welcome to Cuddlebuggery!  Today we have the pleasure to unleash them full force of McQuein’s new cover for Arclight!  But before we do that I, Kat Kennedy, wish to show of the covers *I* would have made if only people would give me the chance to design their covers!  C’mon!  I’ll make the real nice!

Cover 1

Josin Says:

I’m keeping this cover. Seriously – every copy. I’m going to confiscate every temporarily saved file on every computer, iPad, or phone belonging to every person who clicks on this post. All your RDJ’s are belonging to me. In fact, if I could figure out a way to transform my MC into a broody man with a moustache, and not compromise the story, I’d do it. Immediately. Just so this cover would be possible. I’m not quite sure how I’d get around the trademark issues with Marvel, though. (On a slightly less silly note – I really like the font you used on this one.)

Cover 2

Josin Says:

Oops. This one’s a little too literal. I guess I should stop telling people that an “arclight” is actually the cutting end of an arc-welder’s torch. It looks like my MC, driven mad from too much time inside, has made a desperate run for the exit and found out that her friend’s tall tales of animals burning up on contact with the Arc are true. Either that, or I’ve got another round of trademark trouble with Marvel coming for unauthorized use of the Human Torch’s likeness. *scribbles notes to give MC pyrotechnic superpowers in book 2*.

Cover 3

Josin says:

Yeah, um… I’m going to stand way over here to escape any sudden bolts of lightning that might be headed toward the designer on this one. Just ignore the sandwich board reading “She did it” with the large red arrow pointed at you.

This is another one of those literal mistakes. I could see it starting out with an image of the box from Raiders of the Lost Ark, only to have someone in the design dept. say “Not that kind of arc!” So they went with the other “ark”. I promise there are absolutely no boats loaded down with animals, heavily bearded men in robes, or torrential rain storms in this book, though there is a significant dove-like bird released at one point.


Now for Arclight’s real cover:

Arclight by Josin L. McQuein

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Publication Date: 1st May 2013

No one crosses the wall of light . . . except for one girl who doesn’t remember who she is, where she came from, or how she survived. A harrowing, powerful debut thriller about finding yourself and protecting your future—no matter how short and uncertain it may be.

The Arclight is the last defense. The Fade can’t get in. Outside the Arclight’s border of high-powered beams is the Dark. And between the Light and the Dark is the Grey, a narrow, barren no-man’s-land. That’s where the rescue team finds Marina, a lone teenage girl with no memory of the horrors she faced or the family she lost. Marina is the only person who has ever survived an encounter with the Fade. She’s the first hope humanity has had in generations, but she could also be the catalyst for their final destruction. Because the Fade will stop at nothing to get her back. Marina knows it. Tobin, who’s determined to take his revenge on the Fade, knows it. Anne-Marie, who just wishes it were all over, knows it. When one of the Fade infiltrates the Arclight and Marina recognizes it, she will begin to unlock secrets she didn’t even know she had. Who will Marina become? Who can she never be again?


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Cover 2:

Light and Magic by Xanthic

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  1. MikeKiddo

    Really good cover. I’m a manuscript reader and last year I had the opportunity to read this book for a foreign publishing house, and I really liked it. I’ve been waiting all year to see the cover!

  2. ReemEid

    I’d buy that first cover in a heartbeat. Seriously though, why doesn’t Robert Downey consider a career in cover modelling? He’ll make good bucks.

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