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SlendermanEvery community has its urban legends. Stories passed down over the ages. The YA book  community is one of them, too. As Steph and I embark on our career as amateur anthropologists, we want to pass down what we’ve learned about the intricate and fascinating culture of Adoltus Biblio Addictus. These are tales of the from the ancient and venerated YA Bookers. Horror stories can reveal a lot about cultures, so come check out what these strange and elusive people believe.

Story 1: The Legend of Bloody Tori

They say that if you want to know the future of your beloved characters and whether or not they survive, you can try your luck invoking Bloody Tori.

As the stories go, you need to be in a darkened room with a mirror. Light five candles and line them up under the mirror. Then stare into it and repeat Bloody Tori three times. Popular Young Adult author Victoria Scott will materialise in front of you and either reveal to you unpublished details of your favourite characters, or stab you in the feels with her books.

Story 2: The Tale of Black Blake

In this Legend, a Book Blogger takes a dare to spend the night in a library reading a copy of Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood for the first time. Apparently the girl was found dead, ripped in two, with the book lying open just before the last chapter.

The extra horror of this story is not just that the blogger was mysteriously and horrifically murdered, but that they died without ever finding out how it ended. *shudders* The horror.

Story 3: The Vanishing Author

This popular story that is very old in the book blogger lore. Ancient. It’s that of a blogger who goes out to meet their favourite author, Leigh Bardugo. The blogger takes Leigh Bardugo out in the hopes of learning more about her fantastic Grisha series and gaining deeper insight into Bardugo’s writing process and style. After a meal and several drinks, the blogger goes to ask the author another question, only to look up and realise Leigh Bardugo had disappeared. All that was left to prove that the blogger ever even got to meet Bardugo, was the cheque that still needed to be paid.

Story 4: The Death Book

Legend has it that on the night of a full moon, sometimes a book appears. Innocuously, it will rest on a bed, seeming to come from nowhere. If you pick up and read this book then, at the very end, you will find out that if you don’t read another book within seven days, you will die. Figuratively. Because you’ll realise that books are great and you’ll want to read them constantly.

And, soon, the victims of this book ALL end up broke! And they couldn’t buy any more books until their next pay!

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Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

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  1. Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain

    Ha I love this! The Death Book is so accurate though. I feel like so many readers say “I just started reading this book one day and then the rest was history.” And the next thing you know we’re all broke or crying because we just read a book and the sequel doesn’t come out for another year. It’s such a tragedy. Thanks for sharing, Kat! Awesome post <33
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