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9 August, 2012 Uncategorized 42 comments

Changes at Cuddlebuggery?! Oh no, say it ain’t so!  Now, now. Not to worry. We still intend to take over the world one blog post at a time, but we are changing things up for the better. They are exciting! They are cool! They may just change your LIFE! Okay, well, maybe not that last one, but we do hope you’ll like them. 😀


If you haven’t already noticed we are no longer using the standard WordPress comment system. Instead, we have opted for LiveFyre. The goal is for this to help make commenting faster and easier for everyone as well as take a load off our server. So no more refreshing the page to see new comments! YAY! And you can “like” comments! Double YAY! If you have any trouble with the new commenting system, please let us know.

Hot New Titles Goes POOF!

Well, not literally, but pretty much. Hot New Titles is being switched up. Instead of it appearing as a post on Fridays, cover reveals will now be done on our Facebook page and new releases will be tweeted. This will give us a whole other day to post reviews, shenanigans, or cause all around mischief. So if you aren’t following us on Facebook and Twitter (hint, hint), now is an excellent time to repent. Heh.

Stalk Us in More Ways than One

Okay, so this one is pretty cool and exciting. Kat, Archer and I ARE NOW ON TUMBLR.


Our Tumblr blog will be managed by Archer and will feature all our posts, cover reveals, new releases and general fun things, sometimes bookish and sometimes not so bookish. So, not only can we be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Formspring, but Tumblr too! Don’t be shy. Come and chat with us. I promise we don’t bite… much.

Love these changes? AWESOME.

Hate these changes so much you hope our living room floors are filled with thousands of tiny lego pieces? Feel free to send us a howler.

Totally acceptable.

Or, ya know, let us know in the comments. 😉

Steph Sinclair

Steph Sinclair

Co-blogger at Cuddlebuggery
I'm a bibliophile trying to make it through my never-ending To-Be-Read list, equal opportunity snarker, fangirl and co-blogger here at Cuddlebuggery. Find me on GoodReads.

42 Responses to “Changes at Cuddlebuggery”

  1. EileenLi8

    I’ve actually seen this new commenting system before but I don’t know how good it is 😛 But good luck to your commenting system and I am adding “Stalk Steph, Archer, and Kat on all social media sites possible” to my to-do list for when I get on a computer 😉

  2. Kara_M

    Good to know Archer is running the Tumblr. I thought it was you, Steph! LOL. So far I like the new commenting system. Is it normal to get emailed after every new comment that’s posted on a blog I commented on? Cuz that’s what is happening.

    • Stephanie Sinclair

       @sunshinejenn03 Disqus would not let me upload our comments. It’s only supposed to take a maximum of 24 hours and after that time was up it still wasn’t done. The day after that, I finally get an email saying it could not be completed. *headdesk* LiveFyre took 5 seconds to install and imported all the comments instantly. LOVE.

  3. SamanthaCitron

    ohhh nooooo you guys made me love fridays with your “Hot New Titles” post and I am SO terrible at following Twitter 🙁 oh well i guess I will have to make an attempt! Thanks for the update!

  4. efender1

    I love this blog.  There… I said it.
    That being said, I will miss the Friday “Hot New Titles”. I don’t facebook or twitter and don’t even know what Tumblr is 🙁
    I’m an intentionally tech stunted person  and I appreciate that you need/want to expand into all new stuffs, but I won’t be able to follow… I’m a very teeny tiny minority so I bow to the masses 🙂

  5. cynicalsapphire

    I’ve has some issues with Livefyre so far, like it automatically signing me up for comments and not letting me Unfollow, but I’m going to give it some time. Maybe they will sort themselves out.
    Anywho, I must confess to being thrilled at Hot New Titles dissipating. I’d say a quarter of the blogs I read have a feature like that and I always just scroll right past. As a book person, I generally know about most of them. Besides, I prefer to add to my tbr from reviews.

    • Stephanie Sinclair

       @cynicalsapphire It won’t let you unfollow even when you hit the “following check” link right under the comment box? You could also unsubscribe to all comments in your LiveFyre account. That way unless someone directly replies to you, you won’t get a million emails on that one post. 

      • cynicalsapphire

         @Stephanie Sinclair Well, on this one, for example, I didn’t click to follow the conversation, but I still got a message. Also, I have a Livefyre account?
        *tromps off to look into that*

      • cynicalsapphire

         @Stephanie SinclairWent to their site. Hopefully things are fixed. They have this handy dandy chart saying when or when not to send an email. THEN beneath that, all hidden and sneaky like, there’s a checkbox that overrides all of that to auto-follow ALL THE THINGS. What stupid functionality! *flips table*
        Anyway, that will likely remove my main issue.

  6. MusingsinRed

    I’ve recently added livefure to my blog as well, and it works sooo much better! Good change! 🙂
    I heartily approve 😉

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