15 Things Learned from Reading Young Adult Lit

21 April, 2012 Musing Musers 18 comments

1. If a guy is a jerk then he’s just passionately in love with you.

2. Unless you’re not hopelessly attracted to him – in which case he’s likely a psychopath and will likely try to kill you.

3. No situation is so dire that a pretty dress won’t improve upon it.

No dresses? We're fucked!

4. Make friends with hopeless dreamers so that they can sacrifice themselves on your behalf later.

5. Every paranormal creature can become a love interest if it is rebooted to be made hot enough.

I want your love. And your braaaaaiiiiinsss...

6. Zombies only eat annoying and unnecessary people.

7. He doesn’t want you for your body.  He just wants to sleep next to you.  Every night.

8. You don’t need to date.  Just fall in love.

9.  You have a clockwork watch?  IT’S STEAMPUNKIN’ TIME!

9. Violence is never the answer… unless it’s dystopian violence!

10. A blonde, rich, popular girl at school will fixate on you and bully you mercilessly for absolutely no reason.

11. If there is a mystery, it’s bound to be about you and your real dad/secret paranormal heritage/unique life long supernatural skill.

12. Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl defeat ultimate evil.  Boy and girl kiss.  Boy and girl get married.  Maybe boy and girl have sex some day.  Maybe.

14. Intense obsession is just another way of saying, I love you.

15. If someone is going to save the world/survive/undermine the evil government – they’re probably young, white, female and they’ll do it with the aid of a stronger, smarter man.




Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

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18 Responses to “15 Things Learned from Reading Young Adult Lit”

  1. Luan Pitsch

    This made me laugh even though it stinks of some scary truths and messed up messages for teens.

  2. Desiree

    So sad, absolutely hilarious and true all at the same time! That just had me cracking up and thinking of all my favorite YA books!

  3. Pocketful of Books


    I love these two especially:

    6. Zom­bies only eat annoy­ing and unnec­es­sary people.
    7. He doesn’t want you for your body. He just wants to sleep next to you. Every night.

    Number 7 rang especially true for me as I’m currently reading ‘Shiver’ by Maggie Steifvater and the main characters sleep in the same bed…every night…for weeks…knowing they don’t have much time left…they’re in love…they’re both late teens…and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. He just watches her sleep and smells her. I find it unnerving. Lol. x
    Pocketful of Books recently posted…Book Review: ‘Quartet’ by Jean RhysMy Profile

  4. michelle

    Very good list! #10 drives me up the wall. I was recently complaining about it with a friend when he asked, “Wait, weren’t you in the band? When did you switch sides?” At which point I wanted to ask him, “Wait, aren’t you 30? You do realize that NONE of us are cheerleaders or band geeks anymore, right?” High School would be a lot easier for a lot of people if they realized the objectification was happening on BOTH sides.
    michelle recently posted…Review: Viral by James LillieforsMy Profile

  5. kit

    Love #1. Yeah, sometimes he’s just a jerk! And #7 and #12 made me laugh, it’s not so much that they aren’t having sex – but no one seems to ever be even thinking about it…!
    kit recently posted…In My Mailbox #6My Profile

  6. Sarah (saz101)


    “12. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl defeat ulti­mate evil. Boy and girl kiss. Boy and girl get mar­ried. Maybe boy and girl have sex some day. Maybe.”

    *MAYBE* hehe! If Edward stayed a virgin for 100 years, it’s possible that someday will be a VERY long time… because you’re just a silly girl. You’re ruled by your hormones. HE KNOWS BEST.

    I’m sorry. I died laughing. This is zombie Sarah. Commenting from beyond the grave.

    “14. Intense obses­sion is just another way of say­ing, I love you.”

    SO TRUE! *continues stalking*

  7. AnimeJune

    AHAHAHA, pretty much true! Just found your blog, actually – I was linked to it by the Smart Bitches/Trashy Novels blog regarding Sirengate. I’m a regular follower of the Story Siren and was appalled to find out she did that.

    But the plus side is I found your awesome blog, so fair trade for me!
    AnimeJune recently posted…The Weekly Wanting (4)My Profile

  8. shadownlite

    Ahh the cliches of the YA novel world. All over used and a bit eye-rolling and amusing at the same time.

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