Conclusion to Project: Hindsight (Yeah, it’s over)

26 February, 2012 Musing Musers 13 comments

Last year I started a little project called Project: Hindsight and the goal was to see how my feelings of one of the most popular Young Adult series has changed. Well, I tried, but I just couldn’t continue on with it. I only seemed to be able to read Twilight, New Moon and Midnight Sun and even that was a struggle. I quickly learned I had to pace myself while re-reading the series with good books sprinkled in. Otherwise, I would have fried all my brain cells at once. And while becoming a member of “Team Zombie Forever!” is a goal of mine, I don’t quite think I’m ready just yet.

My re-reading of Twilight was an interesting one. At first, it was funny, but after I got past chapter 13 it all went down hill from there and I started skimming more often than not. But I persisted and found myself getting increasingly angry at the book. I even did something I have never done before: mark my book up with a pen. My anger, it seethed and I let that damn book have it. I know, I know. I probably broke about 50 reader-cardinal rules by doing that, but you know what? I REGRET NOTHING!

When I got to New Moon I lost my will to live. Suicidal Bella was way more than I could handle again. I don’t even think I got halfway through the book before I chucked it at the wall. There really isn’t a good reason for a person to have so much hostility towards a fictional character. Yet, here I was plotting Bella’s murder thousands of different ways. You know? Kinda like how Edward did when he first met her except without me sparkling in the sun. Avada Kedavra!

Oddly enough, I actually enjoyed re-reading Midnight Sun The Unofficial Stalker’s Handbook. Not because it’s a good book. Oh, no. It’s terrible! Lol. No one stalks/creeps better than Edward and seeing him obsess over whether or not he should eat Bella always brought on a fit of giggles. I mean, *snicker* there is nothing quite like watching a hundred-year-old oil a young girl’s window to gain entry. LOL!

I really wanted to get to Eclipse, but other more interesting books got in the way and I kept putting it off. It’s… not gonna happen. My reading time is already limited as it is, which sucks because I remember liking Eclipse best of all out of the series. But the important thing to remember is I would probably hate it now. 😛

I’m ashamed to say I’m actually happy I dodged the shit-storm bullet known as Breaking Dawn. When I realized I was dreading the day I got to Breaking Dawn, I knew it was time to call it quits on the entire project. As much as I did enjoy writing the three Twilight reviews, I had to know when to step back and think about my mental health.

So it’s time to lay this project to rest, but before I do, let’s have a little reflection on what Twilight has taught me about myself as a reader. I’m really surprised how much my tastes has changed over the years.  Obviously, my standards at the time were low and now I’m extremely picky and hard to impress. Now, I hate formulaic Young Adult novels, Mary Sues, books with half-assed plots, insta-love, poor world-building, and co-dependent relationships. I mean, when I sit down and think about how much I used to like Twilight, it disturbs me. I ran out to my Walmart and purchased the entire series! And I own the first movie! You have to realize that is huge for me since I almost always check out books from the library and rarely buy movies. How could I have liked this?! But, you know what? I can’t be too mad because I know there are other people out there who were/are WAY worse than I was.

For some people there is no hope.

Steph Sinclair

Steph Sinclair

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13 Responses to “Conclusion to Project: Hindsight (Yeah, it’s over)”

  1. Josie

    Midnight Sun’s not a “good” book, but it’s oddly the best of the 4 (I’ll even spot her points for it being a rough draft).

    I think Twilight “could” have been a great book. There was potential there, but too many of the threads were dropped, and every character other than Bella and Edward proved to be the most interesting in their respective scenes. (Alice in an asylum… where’s that chapter? How about the bonding moment between Rose and Bella after her near-rape in Port Angeles… why didn’t that happen, considering Rose’s history. Jasper… CIVIL WAR VAMPIRE-STYLE… WHY WAS THIS NOT ITS OWN BOOK??? Carlisle, Aro – any character who HASN’T spend a century in high school.)

    Okay, must stop now. Blood pressure rising.

    • Stephanie Sinclair

      I think Midnight Sun had the comedy factor going for it and unlike Twilight, it wasn’t boring. I completely agree that Twilight could have been a much better book had she expanded on the other characters. That’s probably because they actually had lives unlike Bella and Edward.

  2. Luan Pitsch

    I read the series because my daughter was reading it. I would read a book, then find her and say, “That whole thing with the guy in your room all night long…” Or, “now, if a guy breaks up with you, you do realize that you’ll never get him back by engaging in suicidal behavior?” And on and on. But, I remember getting sucked in by snarky werewolf boy.

  3. Jenn

    Great post! I’ve never understood the obsession with Twilight myself and it’s nice to hear that re-reading the series has shown you that it’s not the be all of YA fiction. But it’s kind of sad that you used really like it and now you don’t…

  4. Antonija

    I completely understand you. I grew up with Harry Potter, and I am still obsessed with it a decade later. The reason I started reading Twilight was because of all the hype about it and people saying it was better than Harry Potter (HELL NO).
    The first time I read it, years ago, I got obsessed with it. I even reread all the books in the same week. I got into many arguments about whether Twilight was good and I defended it.
    It’s been a few years since then and I can’t understand what the hell was I thinking.
    It will always remain a mystery to me as to why I loved, even got obsessed over, something as terrible as Twilight. I can’t even imagine reading it again, so good job. I have no idea how you managed to endure it again.

  5. Paris

    I like love Twilight period. I mean, I’m not obsessed to the point of room themes, but I love it sosososo much, like u don’t even know…

  6. Snippy-Skyguy

    Jasper was honestly my favorite character by far, other than Carlisle. I would would much prefer to read the hell out of a book about him. There’s just so much more interesting stuff about him then Edward” charming his way into the army underage, fighting in the Civil War as a pre-vampire, being turned, training Maria’s vampire army, leaving and meeting Alice, his whole quest to regain his humanity after all the horrible things he did for Maria, his struggle with not drinking human blood. Even his power is so much more fascinating, what with the fact that it can’t be stopped by Bella and the enormous weight it must be on his soul. Twilight sucked. Wish someone would write this, preferable NOT Meyer.

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