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4 October, 2016 Interviews 1 comment

anna-silverToday on the blog we’re hosting Anna Silver, author of the upcoming book, Songbyrd, about a mysterious teenager with a past who moves to a new town, running from a family curse.

1. What made you want to tell this story?
I love mythology. Making mythological characters real, bringing them into a contemporary setting, and giving them a basis in science is right up my alley. I couldn’t resist.
2. Innocence seems like an interesting character, caught between her family history and discovering who she wants to be. Did you relate a lot to her when writing her?
I didn’t think so until I read the way you phrased that question! I definitely get what it’s like to feel caught between what your family is telling you you should be and who you know deep down you really are. But when I was writing, I actually felt a strong correspondence between Innocence and my eldest daughter.
3. Innocence notices things about boys sometimes just by seeing them. Did you ever wish you had this super power? If not, what super power would you like to have? 
That probably would have helped me out a lot in high school! It would have been nice to know when they really liked me and when they were just being flirtatious. I was forever naive on that subject. My ultimate super power would be invisibility. I love to people watch. I would just slink around being super nosy about things that are entirely none of my business. Which is probably why I was not born with this super power.
4. What do you hope readers will relate to the most while reading your book?
I hope they relate to the experience of learning to trust yourself, which is huge for Innocence. I think that’s a very universal high school experience. As adolescents, we’re just starting to tap into who we really are and what we’re capable of. But it takes time to get a feel for it all and establish trust in ourselves.
5. Cake or pie? Everything hinges on the answer to this!
Oh, cake. All the way. A corner piece with extra icing.

Anna Silver is an author, artist, and intuitive reader living in the greater Houston area with her family, cats, and overactive imagination. She can often be found at Houston’s premier metaphysical bookstore, Body Mind & Soul, where she reads tarot and crystals and teaches classes on crystal healing as well as fairy-housing and other sacred crafts. She is certified in crystal healing and Reiki II. Her write-up on a past-life regression was featured in best-selling author Brian Weiss’ latest book, Miracles Happen.


Songbyrd by Anna Sliver

Published: August 2nd 2016

Publisher: Jolly Fish Press

Songbyrd is a modern take on the mythology of Sirens. Innocence Byrd discovers a complicated family legacy after she and her mother move to dusty town in Texas to escape a haunted past.
Innocence Byrd is not what she seems. Living on the road with her mother, who trades boyfriends the way other women swap out purses, all she’s ever really wanted is a normal, stable life in one place. But Stonetop, a dusty small town in Texas, is not that place.
Innocence is plagued by nightmares of a terrible event in her past, and the ever-growing fear that whatever she and her mother have been running from will finally catch up. Secrets are bubbling to the surface, hers and her mother’s. As Innocence becomes increasingly aware of her family’s mysterious and sometimes frightening powers—and as her own powers begin to surface—Innocence has to decide whom to trust.
Or, as the real question becomes, figure out if anyone can trust her. Unable to elude their haunted past, three generations of Byrd women must not only unite, but embrace their birthright as a gift—and their key to a future of love and understanding.






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