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Hahahahahaha did you guys seriously think I’d let a little thing like a two week hiatus stop me from posting about The 100? That’s cute. It’s like you guys think I’m a normal person who doesn’t hyperfocus obsess over things.

I have roped Natalie Crown in to break down the season with me because she’s awesome and super smart and really good with the analysis/wording thing (which makes sense given that she’s a writer) and I love hearing her thoughts on the show. Part of this is narcissistic because we’re almost always on the same page and yay for validation, but most of it is because she picks up on things I haven’t noticed and expands on things I have in brilliant ways.

PLEASE GIVE A WARM CUDDLEBUGGERY WELCOME (well, a G-rated Cuddlebuggery welcome, we don’t want to scare her away) TO NATALIE. 

(From here on out we’ll delineate with M for Meg and N for Natalie, which seems like it should be obvious but I’ve learned to NEVER ASSUME.)

(N) *Stares around at Cuddlebuggery in awe* Shall we kick off with the big guns?




(M: Totally did not expect this to be the high point of Clarke’s hair this season)

[M] Okay, so, I totally subscribe to the idea that Clarke is intentionally hiding from responsibilities/leadership/Arkadia/herself but now that I’m looking back on the first half of the season, I’m frustrated that we still don’t know that. I’m not saying I want the show to spoon feed me character information, I like that it expects the audience to use their brains, but it seems like I should have come out of 8 episodes with more of a solid, canon-confirmed understanding of what the main character is thinking beyond ‘Clarke likes Lexa’ (and that she’s willing to die for Bellamy #neverforget3x02). Idk, maybe I’m being picky/obtuse. Maybe I’ve been influenced by too many cranky metas/fans. What do you think?

(N) I’m with you, Meg! I’ve been generally defensive of Clarke’s characterization this season, and I don’t think the writers have ‘ruined’ her because I don’t think it’s a stretch to figure out where her headspace is at. She IS avoiding her responsibilities, and she HAS run away. That said, I’m also not going to pretend that there haven’t been issues and there’s a clear reason why. I think the writers were so dedicated to giving the Clarke and Lexa relationship all that they could within their time constraints, that they willingly sacrificed certain character moments for Clarke so as not to risk undermining that relationship.

The two ‘moments’ in particular that I think were missing from Clarke this season are more general stances, than specific scenes – but I’m going to call them moments anyway because what are words. The first was Clarke’s forgiveness of Lexa. I have no issue with Clarke forgiving her in general, because I knew Clarke would – once past her hurt and anger – understand that Lexa was doing what she thought best for her people. BUT seeing Clarke go from spitting in Lexa’s face and saying ‘I’ll kill you’ to forgiving her by the end of the next episode was very jarring. I get that a week had passed on the show, but seeing Clarke work through her reaction to Lexa shouldn’t have happened off screen and was clearly sacrificed to get the two of them to a point where they could have that moment at the end of 3×03.

The second missing ‘moment’ was Clarke’s reaction to 3×05. 3×05 was my favourite episode of the first half of the season. It felt huge on an emotional level as well as on a plot level, so to see it basically be forgotten in 3×06 was definitely strange. Obviously, I’m a Bellarke shipper but I’m also just a fan of their relationship as the core of the delinquents and their scene in 3×05 was MASSIVE. It was a real eye opener for Clarke and the Clarke I know would have left Arkadia at the end of that episode and would have been consumed by worry. Not just for Bellamy, but for her mother and for her friends. I don’t have an issue with her still choosing to stay in Polis because I can buy that she’s still hiding from her responsibilities and I think the line ‘what if I can do more for them from here’ (paraphrasing) conveyed that, but for her to not even mention Bellamy or her mother? I 100% believe the writers made this choice because they were very consciously avoiding presenting Lexa-Clarke-Bellamy as any sort of triangle. In protecting  the relationship between Clarke and Lexa, they were – essentially – asking us to fit Clarke’s characterization around what we were shown.

I’m reluctant to criticize the writers for these choices with Clarke though. I think if they had ADC around for longer, they would have been able to develop the Clarke and Lexa relationship without sacrificing character motivations (not just Clarke’s). They were working with what they had, and I believe that choosing to represent the f/f relationship well and to give them time was worth the sacrifice. The fact that everything has ended on such a bad note in this regard definitely sours things (having sacrificed so much to present that relationship with all that they could) but hopefully when the dust settles people will be able to look back on the moments that were lovingly crafted between the two and with very good intentions.

I am so, SO excited to see Clarke’s arc in Polis come to an end (or at least, Clarke’s arc without her people come to an end – as I’m sure Polis will stick around) and to see her take charge again (M: THANK GOOOOOOOOOOOOD). She’s been incredibly passive this season so far, and I can buy that and I believe that makes sense given her choice at the end of 2×16 but I’m ready for it to be over. Give me Clurphy when the show comes back, and then RUN HOME CHILDREN. RUN HOME.

That was a super long answer, but I feel like there must be more to say re. Clarke. Any special mentions Meg? Favourite scenes?

[M] As always, everything you said x 2. I agree, I don’t think she (or anyone else for that matter) is ‘ruined’ and I also agree that it’s very clear why so much of the story/character beats were shoved aside. The writers definitely put a lot of responsibility on the audience to wait and see how it all works out once they weren’t so hampered by ADC’s schedule (or, alternatively, get so caught up in the Clexa arc that you don’t care about the rest, which, no thanks) and I’ve been willing to wait it out. That said, I also totally get everyone who hasn’t been so lenient because I don’t think that’s the greatest approach to storytelling but, like you said, scrapping the Clexa stuff would’ve been a good call either. Basically, I keep circling around it was a shit situation to have to write around and it’s frustrating that the behind the scenes mechanics showed so much. So, yeah, I keep going in circles, it didn’t totally work but I also see why/how it happened and I don’t have a good answer.

SUPER AGREE about your missing moments. I think the post 3×05 stuff is what bothers me the most. Taking off my shipper goggles for a minute and setting aside the total lack of reaction on Clarke’s part to the scene with Bellamy in 3×05 (though that’s a MASSIVE thing for me to set aside, but okay, like you said, I recognize that the writers were going out of their way to keep the two ships separate and avoid triangular accusations), Clarke’s last moments in Arkadia were spent asking her mother to come with her because she was so concerned for her safety if she stayed in that shitshow and then the next ep opens and she’s……drawing Lexa while she naps? Like, oh, cool, cute shipper moment, how sweet. But, like, this is Clarke ‘you need to chill I don’t know how to do that’ Griffin who was ready to try to fight her way through acid fog to get medicine back to a kid she barely knew and she’s totally cool to just chill in Polis knowing what’s going down with her people in Arkadia? I had no trouble accepting her hiding in Polis when she was able to convince herself that her people were probably fine, but now that she’s seen they’re definitely NOT fine, I wish we could’ve seen her have any kind of a reaction at all to that. Instead it came across to me like jk, 3×05 didn’t happen, we have a ship to sail. Obvs, this comes back to giving Clexa narrative room and I don’t blame them for it but I’m still frustrated by it, I do not appreciate that they tried to use a lead f/f ship to excuse shitty storytelling. I’m glad they depicted it, but I am not glad it was at the expense of so much.

As far as favorite Clarke moments go, basically all of 3×01 and 3×02 with emphasis on 3×02. I looooooooooved her scene with Roan in the subway tunnel. I feel like that’s one of the few actual glimpses we got into her headspace. I loved her completely raging out at Lexa at the end (that felt earned in a way most of the moments with Lexa from that point on didn’t, I can connect the dots and get why it all happened, but am with you on the turnaround appearing faster and less convincing than it was supposed to) (damn that week time jump, that was an important week). Obviously, I also loved Clarke begging Roan to spare Bellamy (and agreeing to not fight anymore after spending every moment up until that point trying to get away from him because she thinks he’s bringing her to her death and heyo what could that all mean?) because, hello, that’s my ship.

Additional shout out to 3×04 and the ‘is that death I hear stalking me’ scene. Basically, I’m super into Clarke and Roan’s dynamic and legit squealed like my 6 year old self at Christmas when I saw Roan is back in the 3×09 stills. *bangs fist on table* MOAR ROAN. ZACH MCGOWAN FOR SEASON FOUR. This derailed…

I am also looking forward to (hopefully) more Clarke and Abby stuff. I love that they’re rebuilding their relationship (in tiny moments around the rest of the plot) and really hope we get more of that going forward.



Ahem, just wanted to add that I 100% am with you re. I can understand WHY they did what they did with Clarke, but I’m not okay with it. And I also go around in circles feeling it was justified, and then feeling it wasn’t. Hopefully, when we have the full season to look back on it will work out.

AND LET ME JUST JUMP INTO THE ROAN LOVE. SO VERY PLEASED YOU BROUGHT IT UP. YES at that subway scene and basically…yeah, I think 3×02 Clarke was my favourite Clarke. I think she was the most Clarke like in that episode? (M: YES. SECONDED) I also LOVED the scene in the field with Roan and he told her not to scream, so she screamed, and then while he was being a badass she ran, and then he did that super cool thing with the bow, and then he grabbed her but she STABBED him because she’s Clarke fucking Griffin, and then he grunted, and then she pointed out how he hadn’t killed her and then Roan said ‘there’s still time’ in a voice that I shall call Sexy Gravel and basically that’s how I came to watch Black Sails. I have a lot of feelings about that scene.

(Also yes to Clarke abruptly accepting her capture and defeat once Bellamy’s life was on the line. I’m still waiting for that moment to play into the Clarke/Roan dynamic going forwards *glances at watch*)




[M] Oh Bellamy. Bellamy, Bellamy, Bellamy, you beautiful walking disaster tragedy prince. I honestly don’t even know where to start. LET THE RECORD SHOW THAT I THINK THE PACING AND SHOW:TELL RATIO OF BELLAMY’S 3A ARC WAS A GARBAGE-FILLED DUMPSTER FIRE OF A MESS AND THE FRIDGING OF THE GIRLFRIEND WAS GROSS AND LAZY AND NOT ACTUALLY NECESSARY (you want Bellamy motivated by the death of someone he cares about? What if, just a thought, you also used a character the audience cares about to get them on board as opposed to a random lady introduced and dispatched for the sole purpose of giving the male lead some “skin in the game” (direct quote from Jason, btw). Wacky thought, I know. ANYWAY) (N: *Astonished gasp* I did not know that he said this. Why am I surprised though). That said, I do not in any way, shape or form, think Bellamy’s position was OOC and also I….liked….it?

(N) Basically, I agree with all of this. The arc itself and the intentions work very well IMO and I think it suits Bellamy’s character development, but the execution hasn’t been perfect. There have been flashes of BRILLIANCE in there, and Bob’s work has made everything come across better than it would have with a less talented actor – but there have also been some really rough leaps (3×04) and some really stupid stuff (I refuse to talk about Gina to be honest – if there was one thing this season that I full on would simply remove from the season it would be Gina. Note: nothing to do with the actress, she was lovely)

(M) Yeah, I get that season 2 Bellamy was a clear cut hero and it was beautiful and lovely and we all love s2 Bellamy, okay? Three cheers for season 2 Bellamy (thoughsorrys1isstillmyfavtherewasalotofsmirkingokayIknowwhatI’mabout) But, like, season 2 Bellamy didn’t actually have that much to do until the end of the season? He was there and doing stuff but also kind of sidelined for the most part and his character growth more or less stagnated. Yes, Bellamy’s season 3 plot arc was mostly driven by Pike and yes, you could’ve removed Bellamy from it and the plot would’ve more or less chugged along on its own and yes, that’s not awesome in terms of character agency. But I also think Bellamy’s conflict was a) necessary to keeping the audience engaged and remotely sympathetic to what was going down (granted, this seems to have failed for most people, so make of that what you will) and b) the first actual movement of his character we’ve seen since season one? Does any of this make sense? Who knows, I’m in full ramble.

(N) I HAVE AN INTERJECTION. I just want to cut in because I see you talking about Bellamy having a lack of agency and I’m actually NOT critical of this. I get that it’s not ideal, but it’s clearly being built up to something. This is a common theme with ALL the delinquents, except Octavia. They are all running and hiding from their memories and their responsibilities. It will make it all the more satisfying when they decide to take control of their lives again (as already evidenced by 3×08).

I also disagree that the plot would’ve been the same without him. There’s a reason Pike went in hard on Bellamy in 3×04, and there’s a reason they showed Harper and Monroe (</3) (M: MAH SHIIIIIIIIP) stepping aside for Bellamy at the gate. I DO believe that Bellamy is the key, and I DO believe that Bellamy has had an impact.

For example, if Bellamy hadn’t spared Indra and argued for the wounded…I’m not so sure Lexa would have let Clarke back in to Arkadia in the first place. You could argue that Clarke would have slytherined Lexa around, so let’s assume that Clarke gets into Arkadia and Octavia brings Bellamy to her. A Bellamy that hadn’t sided with Pike, that hadn’t given in to the dark side of the force (what), wouldn’t have handcuffed Clarke at the end of that  (HAVE I MENTIONED HOW THAT SCENE WAS THE BEST SCENE ON THIS SHOW EVER AND I STILL WATCH IT EVERY DAY?) (M: BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST) scene. He might not have felt as much bitterness, as much anger – because of his own guilt – and that might have turned out differently.

ALL THAT SAID, we can all see the problem here. THE WRITERS DID NOT SPEND ENOUGH TIME SHOWING US THIS. Now, I’m very much behind the idea of show don’t tell. I prefer it when shows/films/books don’t insult my intelligence and let me figure things out. I’ve defended this show for showing, without telling, a number of times. But if you’re going to take one of your main characters down a road like this, then you really need to give that storyline all of the time it needs.

[M] EXCELLENT POINT, I retract my the plot could’ve chugged along statement. (Kicking myself for forgetting about Indra what is wrong with me, forgive me Indra I love you, I worship you, and I’m super glad you’re still with us)

Okay, so I think 3×05 and then the end of 3×08 were SO. INCREDIBLY. IMPORTANT. In terms of letting the audience into Bellamy’s head and moving his character forward. I kind of want to let you talk about this because it all ties into the importance of 1×08 and you have much more developed and eloquent thoughts on that than I do. Mine can more or less be summed up as, I view Bellamy as having ridiculously and tragically low self esteem. I don’t think he really thinks about all of the wonderful, heroic things he’s done and instead focuses on all of the terrible, destructive, monstrous things he’s done and that breaks my heart into a million pieces. I think that his turning point in 3×08 was so, so, so important because he got there on his own. Clarke, Kane and Octavia all tried to get him there (“this is who I’ve always been, and I let you and Octavia and Kane convince me…”) but he needed to hit his breaking point on his own and build himself back up on his own for it to have any kind of actual meaning to him. Yes, I want Bellamy to be the hero we know he is but I want him to feel like he actually is that man and that wasn’t going to happen unless he completely fucked up, realized it and started working to do better on his own.

(N) EEEK. I’ve written so much meta about Bellamy at this point that I’m all meta’d out. Can I be super naughty and link to my Day Trip post? (M: Yes.) Okay, so here is where I talked about the repercussions of Day Trip and this is a 2 for 1 offer so here is my post about the repercussions of Remember Me. Both feature Bellarke so if you don’t like-y don’t read-y, but – to be honest – the Bellarke relationship (disclaimer: whether romantic or not yada yada yada)(M: IT’S ~PLAAATOOOOONIIIIIIIIIC) is so important to Bellamy that I don’t see how you can leave it OUT of discussions about his character.

Ultimately, I agree with everything you said. We hit some brilliant emotional beats with Bellamy in 3×05 and 3×08 that have allowed me to accept this arc for what it is. Yes, I have to fill in some gaps and connect some dots myself – which is a huge shame – but the show has just done enough. I watched the end of 3×08 SO. MANY. TIMES. Because it’s all sorts of amazing.

I think the lasting feeling I have about this arc at this point is one of relief, which is maybe not what the writers were going for. I’m so relieved that we seem to be moving on from it. Not that things are going to get better for Bellamy, nor do I expect him to have fully turned on Pike (Bellamy is a grown man and made his own choices, it would actually be slightly ridiculous if he started casting Pike as an out and out villain now). I expect the next few episodes are going to be the lowest point of Bellamy’s arc throughout the whole series. Con? It’s gonna hurt like a mother. Pro? ONCE WE GET THROUGH THIS WE’LL……..MAYBE BE SORT OF OKAY?

(M) AGREED IT’S GOING TO HURT SO BAD BUT ALSO HOPE IS A THING I HAVE A LOT OF IT. Alright, let’s end this talking about HOW ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND IMPORTANT BELLAMY IN 3×02 IS because yay for ending on a high note.

(N) *Shipper goggles: ACTIVATE* I still cannot believe that 3×02 is an episode that is in existence. It was, essentially, an ode to Bellamy’s love for Clarke. Disclaimer: Even if Bellamy’s feelings for Clarke aren’t roman-….*yawn* *yawn* PSYCHE. I REJECT this disclaimer because I fully believe that Bellamy is in love with Clarke. If you don’t that’s fine, but I AM LITERALLY SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS FROM THE RIGGING OF THIS FINE VESSEL THAT BELLAMY BLAKE IS IN LOVE WITH CLARKE GRIFFIN.

Good job on the ‘keeping shipping stuff to a minimum Natalie, wonderful self control.




(N) OH, and just in case I haven’t plugged Sleeping At Last’s album, Atlas: Year One enough go TAKE A LISTEN. I have basically dubbed it the Bellamy Blake album. There are tracks on there specifically for Bellamy, some for Bellarke, some for Bellamy and Octavia, and some for the delinquents in general. Writers, I don’t know who picks the songs you use on the show but when you INEVITABLY use one of these…make sure you credit us!

[M] ^^^^^^^^^^ x a million




[M] I think I’ve tagged like, every Octavia reblog with “Octavia Blake: the hero season 3 so desperately needs” because FOR REAL. In a dark and horrible season full of people doing dark and horrible things, Octavia has stayed true to her inner moral compass and hasn’t hesitated to call everyone else out for their shit. I love Octavia. That said, part of the reason she’s been able to do that is because, unlike most of the rest of the mains, she hasn’t yet been put in an impossible position. She hasn’t been forced by circumstances to make a choice that would compromise her principles and I…I kind of want to see what would happen if she were? Like, don’t get me wrong, I love that Octavia is a relatively uncomplicated morality control group and someone needed to be, but I feel like for her to grow as a character, something like that needs to happen. I feel so fucked up for saying this, but I kind of want 3b to put her in a position where she has to choose between saving Lincoln and saving innocents? I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

(N) So much is wrong with you Meg, so much.

[M] *hangs head in shame* I know.

(N) No, really. So much, Meg. Remember that time I was like I NEED SOMETHING TO DISTRACT ME FROM MY THE 100 STRESS. And you were like, I’ve got a wonderful idea! Why don’t you check out Zach McGowan’s other show Black Sails! REMEMBER THAT MEG. (I <3 Black Sails, thank you)

(M) I’M SORRY I HAVE REGRETS THAT WAS A TERRIBLE CALL I DIDN’T KNOW (though, for real, Black Sails is incredible and you guys should totally check it out but it’s also one of those ‘oh were you using your heart? Too bad it’s now in a blender forever’ sort of shows)

(N) Ahem. I’m with you though. Octavia is amazing, she’s fantastic, she’s brilliant. She has every right to be raging at all the people she is currently raging at. Thinking about the mains right now and where they are all at, I guess she’s at a similar spot to Jasper. He’s never really had to make a horrible choice either, unlike Monty, and he’s also reacted with anger to his current situation. With Jasper he’s become very self destructive, whereas Octavia pushes her anger outwards. It makes a ton of sense, and she is very much our moral compass.

[M] *interrupts like a rude, interrupting thing* So I thought about Jasper and decided that him pulling the lever in the season one finale, knowing that some of his people were still out there (and his resulting anguish in 2×01), counted towards him having to make an impossible choice and compromise his moral code. Though, sidebar, when you frame it like that, it makes his inability to deal with Monty having made his decision in the season 2 finale a little more infuriating but, teens in love, whatcha gonna do? As weird as it seems, I think the other main that’s stayed out of the compromising my moral code club is Murphy. I mean, sure, how much of a moral code does Murphy have to begin with and he’s also literally gone out of his way to stay out of the plot, but he’s refrained from making/having to make any impossible choices as of yet. Oh my god what kind of world is this where Murphy can be called a kind of moral compass?

(N) I clearly need to go and rewatch that finale because I thought Clarke pulled the lever! And yeah…that does kind of make Jasper’s Monty shade a teensy weensy eensy bit worse, doesn’t it? DAMMIT JASPER, YOU’RE LUCKY I LIKED YOU LAST EP. (M: clarification, Clarke pulled the lever that locked the door, Jasper flipped the switch that fired the rockets)

I get what you’re saying re. Murphy. I think…at the end of the day that because he gives absolutely zero shits, he doesn’t work himself up thinking about right and wrong. He just ACTS? If that makes sense.

But yes, I would LOVE to see Octavia put into an awful situation like that. I guess the closest she ever came was in early S2 where she held a knife to Nyko’s throat and demanded Indra’s people bring her Lincoln. But even then I don’t know if Octavia would actually have killed him. It would be SUPER interesting to see what she would do. We saw a flash of it in 3×06 IMO, when she realised that by warning the village she had put her own people at risk. She tried to save everyone, and Monroe died. But she can still very much lay that blame on Pike, or on Bellamy – so she’s not there with the HCM (horrific choice moment) yet.

Because I clearly like to ramble, I want to talk quickly about Octavia and Bellamy. They had such a wonderful, wonderful moment in 3×03 outside Mt Weather. But I remember a lot of people asking why Octavia never asks Bellamy how HE is doing, why she isn’t thinking about how her leaving might hurt HIM. Since then things have obviously gone down hill for very valid reasons, and we all know we have the BSS (Blake Sibling Beatdown) incoming. (M: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I DON’T WANT IT TAKE IT BACK) I don’t know if I really have a point right now but I think it’s super important to look at their relationship growing up on the Ark and how it formed them as people and as siblings. Bellamy’s mantra is ‘my sister, my responsibility’ and he has carried that with him since he was a small boy. He lived his whole life with this burden and as much as he loves his sister, it WAS a burden. His entire being is tuned to protection at all costs. You can also see how he influences his sister, and it’s not a surprise that she is very similar to him. She grew up interacting with her mother and her brother, and that was it. So where Bellamy is volatile and emotional, so is Octavia. Where Bellamy is fiercely protective and loyal, so is Octavia. The core difference? Octavia never had that burden of being responsible for somebody else. When she landed on the ground she saw it as FREEDOM. For Bellamy, his core didn’t change. But Octavia? She was suddenly everything that Bellamy is (see the Pilot when she is ready to launch herself at people) but without any sense of responsibility checking her actions. I think we are seeing this dynamic play out right now on the show in an extreme form.

I’m not sure if it will happen soon, or if it will happen with Lincoln. But I do believe that Octavia will be faced with a HCM at some point this season, and that it will be the first step towards her understanding the Bellamy of 3A and eventually forgiving him.


[M] Give me a minute to deal with my total emotional breakdown over everything you just said about Bellamy and Octavia because so much yes and my heeeeeeaaaaart (the Blake siblings are very important to me).

Oh my god yes, OCTAVIA AND INDRA STRUTTING OUT OF POLIS READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD. And can I just say, I love how Octavia’s approach to the people she loves breaking down is kind of the aggressive, localized version of Bellamy’s inspiring speeches but heavier on the GET UP GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS than the, you know, inspiration? Basically the Blakes would be an incredible motivational team. Bellamy inspires you to do better and if that doesn’t work, Octavia comes and yells at you until you do.

(N) It basically works like this. Clarke inspires Bellamy. Bellamy inspires the majority. Octavia forces the others to submit through sheer intimidation. Raven blows the baddies up. #Unstoppable #CoreFour




(N) OKAY. So, I want to acknowledge something that will likely be ‘controversial’ given the current fandom situation. The writers are certainly not perfect, the writers have clearly made mistakes this season, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge that the writers DO listen to fans. (S1 for example, fans clamoured for LGBT rep…and it appeared in S2). After S2 we asked for Monty to get an arc apart from Jasper, we asked for MORE LGBT rep (not enough, never enough, so let’s keep demanding more) and we asked for Raven to get a storyline that was separate from a love interest. They listened, and they are in the process of giving. I think it’s important that we acknowledge that.

[M] THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. Yes, the writers have fucked up but they’ve also shown that they are listening and trying to do better and they deserve props for that (how much props you want to give them and what you think that’s worth is up to you).

(N) Right? Now, Raven has missed a few eps so far this season and that’s fine. It’s part of Lindsay’s contract (only Eliza, Bob, and Marie have full contracts), so I can deal with it. And the episodes where Raven HAS been present? IT HAS LITERALLY ALL BEEN SO MUCH PERFECTION.


In 3×01 we got smiling Raven, we got the jeep scene, we got the squad scene…but we also got that scene where she couldn’t get down off the horse and that was super important. In 3×03 we got more smiling Raven, but the facade broke further and we got that WONDERFUL scene with Sinclair (stay safe Sinclair, Raven needs you <3). And then we had 3×05 and we had ANGRY Raven, followed by broken Raven. She was so broken that she took the chip and wow, that scene where the camera followed her leg as she stopped limping. WOW.

I think her arc so far has been handled wonderfully. It’s a shame she’s been so separate from…well, Bellamy mostly. BUT I get it, and I can buy that Raven and Bellamy would essentially avoid each other right now because they are quite similar in how they AVOID EMOTIONS ™.

[M] Interrupting to point out the parallels between Raven and Bellamy’s arcs this season (and Clarke’s for that matter) (and credit to Fogh for calling out the Raven/Bellamy parallel). All three of them are avoiding the hell out of dealing with their emotions and using someone else’s reasoning as a buffer, Raven with Jaha/ALIE, Bellamy with Pike and Clarke with Lexa. I’m not actually going anywhere with this, just pointing it out with the note that it warms my heart to see Raven get a storyline that lines up with the two main characters so much. Further evidence that the writers really were intentionally making her story so important this season (aside from the obvious: they used her to tie the audience into the CoL plot which is clearly going to be huge going forward).

(N) Yes! I love that a lot! Honestly, so much good with Raven this season. I also love that we’ve seen more of Raven and Abby. I actually adore this relationship and always have. I think it’s actually really interesting that we see Abby getting to be more of a mother to Raven than to Clarke, and I think that’s because Raven needs that love and family in a way that Clarke doesn’t. Because Clarke always had it, while Raven didn’t. I also, as mentioned, adored her scenes with Sinclair. And, more recently, with Jasper.

I’ve spoken at length about how much Raven’s arc with her leg means to me. This is MY representation and I’m just so overwhelmed by it every week. Not only is Raven not getting some magical cure (magical cures don’t exist, looking at you Arrow) but she’s also allowed to be angry, shown to be hurting. It’s incredible to me that a character like Raven, so strong and so bold, has this arc. I was NOT expecting her to reject ALIE as early as 3×08 but I SCREAMEEEEED with joy.

Just imagine how important it will be when Raven chooses her pain, her chronic and life long pain, rather than lose who she is. SO IMPORTANT.


[M] SOOOOOOOO FUCKING IMPOOOOOORTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT. Basically, everything you said here. Perfect thoughts are perfect. I have nothing to add.




[M] If you had told me when I first started watching The 100 that Kane would be incredibly dear to me at any point, I probably would’ve passed out from laughing so hard. Like, I hated him. HATED. Even when the softer side of Kane came out in later season 2, I was still desperately clinging to my hatred. I was rooting for him to die in TonDC (N: GET OUT MEG) (I’M SORRY I HAVE REGRETS but also it seemed like narratively a good time for it?) and now….I….love him? Like, so much? Like Dad!Kane has somehow become one of my favorite characters on the show? I don’t understand, clearly there’s some sort of sorcerous fuckery at work here (is it the beard?). Anyway, ALL THE CHEERS FOR REBEL COMMANDER DAD!KANE. I am so into him leading, respecting, relying on and fretting over our beloved delinquent babies.


[M] ALSO SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO KANE AND BELLAMY AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND MY HEART! MY HEART! Kane’s obvious respect and affection for Bellamy and Bellamy’s obvious respect and affection for Kane has been one of the few beautifully and consistently depicted things about the Arkadia 3a arc. Kane never gave up on Bellamy and even at his most asshole-ish, Bellamy clearly hated the way Kane saw everything he was doing. AND THEN KANE BEING BELLAMY’S BREAKING POINT I’M JUST I CAN’T IT’S TOO MUCH. KANE AND BELLAMY’S LOOK WHEN KANE WAS SENTENCED TO DEATH KEEPS PLAYING IN MY HEAD AND IT’S RUINING MY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE. Bellamy’s going to be so sad if/when Kane takes an extra long nap with Lincoln and Sinclair.

(N) YES YES YES. Also, Kane and Octavia gives me all the FEELINGS. I remember all the way back in S1 that people were speculating whether Kane was either Octavia or Bellamy’s dad, and then this spec took on another huge wave in S2. The writers shut it down, but I was not at all surprised that they did consider making Kane Octavia’s father right back at the start. I’m glad they didn’t. I love surrogate families, and the concept of making your own family – so I’m cool with it as is. Basically, I want Kane to adopt Octavia and Bellamy. This will then be only slightly awkward when Kane and Abby get married and then find out that their children AKA Bellarke are doing the diddly do. BUT WHATEVER. THEY CAN BE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY. Along with surrogate daughter Raven.

Sadly, Kane will be dying very soon.

Oh wait, sorry. Kane will be taking a long nap very soon.

(Acting blase, definitely crying inside)

[M] *builds fortress of denial* *moves in* *never leaves* *pelts burning cheese balls at reality*




(M) I feel so bad for not having much to say about Abby. I love her stuff with Raven, I love her stuff with Clarke, and Abby side-eyeing the fuck out of Jaha all of 3xwhatever was THE. BEST. But I feel like….idk. There was all of this ABBY YOU’RE SCREWING EVERYTHING UP in the beginning (which, was she? Arkadia seems to have been doing fabulously in terms of building itself into an actual town-shaped thing) and it’s like she went all ‘well, okay, if you say so’ gave up the chancellor pin and went back to medical to take a long nap (SERIOUSLY WHY WASN’T SHE IN 3×08?) Actually, wait, that’s not fair, she also came out to irritate the shit out of Jaha (A+++) and captain the good ship Kabby (also A+++).

(N) OH GOD YES, THAT WAS SO ANNOYING. Looking back, it’s obvious now that the writers were maneuvering Abby away from the chancellor storyline so that we could have Kane v Pike, and Abby v Jaha. In theory, that’s fine – but once again the execution was a bit heavy handed. I’m more forgiving of them skipping bits with the adults, simply because my personal bias is that the delinquents are the heart of the show and should have all the focus (M: CAMP DELINQUENT 5EVA). So yeah, it doesn’t make me rage, but it definitely was weird.

I’ve loved what we’ve had from Abby though. I adore her relationship with Raven, and how Abby is always honest with her – even when Raven lashes out. I love all of her scenes with Jaha, whether side eyeing him or taking away his chips. I also LOVE her dynamic with Clarke now. We haven’t gotten enough of it, and seeing Clarke kind of…resist Abby in 3×03 hurt, BUT I love that we are past the point of Abby trying to mother Clarke. She knows that Clarke can handle herself, and she’s happy to let Clarke handle herself. Their relationship has really come so far, and I love it.


I really hope Abby makes it through this season. Generally, I fear for all of the adults on the show and suspect we will lose a large portion of them this season. But I’m pulling for Abby to make it. Also, can I have some Abby/Bellamy scenes soon please (M: pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeee).




(N) ALL RIGHT. So, as I touched on earlier with Raven – I think the writers heard what the fandom were asking for with Monty and I think they are in the process of giving it to us. I could be wrong, of course, but while the writers have still kept the core Monty/Jasper friendship in focus, they’ve very clearly steered Monty away from that at times too. I’ve LOVED seeing Monty interacting with Bellamy. I was super excited when we first met Monty’s mum (less so now, Hannah, less so now) and I’m very much of the belief that they are building up to Minty (sorry redshirt Bryan, but you are Gina 2.0) (M: do not be fooled, the traitorous redshirt is a ruse, Minty is coming).

I think the arc that has most suffered from the time spent developing Clarke and Lexa, is the Arkadia storyline. And thus, it has most affected Bellamy and Monty. The writers admitted that they cut a scene from 3×06 in which Monty explained his reasoning for sticking with Bellamy and siding with Pike. And while I get that you simply cannot fit every scene into an episode, that seems like a pretty huge thing to leave out. That said, I disagree with people that outright say Monty WOULDN’T pick that side and… *dramatic flourish* here’s why.

I find it VERY interesting that three characters have chosen to hand off responsibility this season, and those three characters were the three that combined to irradiate Mt Weather. Now, Clarke took herself away and has been avoiding responsibility as much as she can in Polis. But Bellamy and Monty stayed in Arkadia, and it’s Bellamy and Monty of our lovable cast that have taken up with Pike. It’s Bellamy and Monty that, while showing signs of doubt, have agreed to step out and murder grounders.

Yes, we haven’t seen Monty express hatred for grounders and that is definitely something the show should have included. But I think we can take Bellamy’s scene with Clarke in 3×05 and apply it to Monty, though perhaps on a lesser scale. Because what positive memories does Monty have of grounders? He barely even knew Lincoln, prior to them all getting to know one another in the three months that we missed. All Monty knows of the grounders is bad. And he knows that because grounders betrayed them, Monty was forced to kill Mt Weather – thus losing his best friend. So yeah, I buy that he’d side with his mum – even though we know he’s a ‘good’ guy. And I really enjoy how Bellamy and Monty have been placed together in Arkadia. While I wish it had been developed more, it makes sense given how S2 ended.

[M] Oooooooh, yes yes YES! I will admit, I have fundamental issues wrapping my head around Monty hating anyone but I think that’s because I’m letting fanon influence my view of the character and that’s a bad habit, I need to stop.

(N) I think we all have to remind ourselves at times that individual experiences of each character are different, and that certain characters don’t see everything that the audience does. PERSPECTIVE PEOPLE. Perspective is literally the most important thing on this show right now. And I can absolutely buy that Monty, who was in Mt Weather for all of S2, still thinks of the grounders as the people that were constantly attacking and killing his friends in S1.

[M] ^^^^^^, I have nothing to add beyond WHAT THE FUCK HANNAH? WEWEREALLROOTINGFORYOU.GIF




[M] Jasper is…..on this show. Okay, okay, that’s not fair. I am glad that they have a character whose entire storyline is focused around depicting PTSD and a person completely undone by grief, I do. I was even deeply moved during a couple of Jasper’s scenes (well, really just the one with Octavia in 3×02, and also his Monty remembrance in 3×08), I’m just….ugh, Jasper. I’ve said this before but I’m going to restate it to be explicitly clear: I HAVE NO ISSUE WITH JASPER BEING “WHINY” OR “UNABLE TO DEAL”. Jasper worked my last nerve early in season 2 (right around the time he decided to follow his dick and turn his back on Clarke, though he was on shaky ground after his asshole spat in season one when he was a fuckhead to Monty and Harper). I do not have all that much sympathy for Jasper because I dislike his character, not because of the way he is acting this season. If anything, season 3 did a lot to make me like Jasper again, especially 3×08. But….still. Ugh.

(N) Ahaha, I’m with you Meg! S3 Jasper is probably the most sympathetic that Jasper has been to me since the first half of S1. He went on to my shit list during his S1 dickhead episode actually, and then S2 just solidified how little I cared about his character. It’s nothing against Devon, who is a brilliant actor (how lucky are we with this cast?) (M: so godamn lucky), but I just don’t connect with Jasper.

Ever since the build up to Spacewalker, when we all knew somebody was going to die, I’ve had a ‘main character I would be most okay with dying’. It was Finn, until Finn popped his clogs. Because WHO ELSE? And pretty much ever since Finn, it’s been Jaha. But because this season is clearly going to murder lots of people, Jasper is up there behind Jaha. It’s not that I WANT him to die. It’s just that I would metaphorically kill him myself if it meant sparing a character I care for more.

THAT BEING SAID I am enjoying his stuff this season. The acknowledgement of his PTSD is hugely important for a lot of people, and I think they’re doing a good job with it. Other characters are dealing with PTSD in believable ways, but I’m glad they are showcasing a more explicit example as the world these kids landed in is seriously messed up. His scene with Octavia was lovely, and a great throwback to their friendship in S1 (I also found it kinda cute bc he had such a dumb crush on her in S1, and here they are being all platonic while he cries over his dead girlfriend…….now that I’ve typed that, I realise it’s weird to call it cute but here we are). Him spilling Finn’s ashes was deeply hilarious… I mean….deeply upsetting (M: I am not ashamed to say I’ve laughed about this A LOT). His general shade of everyone has been hugely entertaining and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED his scenes with Raven. Basically, whenever the delinquents interact with each other THINGS ARE BETTER. So maybe the show can get me back to loving Jasper just in time for them to kill him.



(N) :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( basically.


(N) HE’S BEEN NAPPING ALL SEASON MEG. No, really. Writing this post is really making it hit home just how little that Lincoln has had to do this season. This post is very much meant to be discussing what’s going on with these characters on screen, and so we’re not getting into anything else. But wow, yeah.

I mean, all the little moments we have had have been lovely – which honestly just makes the inevitable more painful.

From his patience with Octavia’s anger, to his genuine efforts to integrate with Skaikru. From agreeing that Abby should use Mt Weather to save Nyko, to his attempt to block Bellamy massacring the people that had basically disowned him. From his repetition of ‘get knocked down, get back up’ to all of his defiance of Pike and Bellamy. Every moment we have had with Lincoln has been perfect – there just hasn’t been enough.

We all know Lincoln is on his way out. I just hope we get to hold on to him for a few episodes more, and that his exit is given the time and the weight that it deserves. *sniffs*


I think, for me, it has to be him stepping in front of Bellamy in 3×04. I mean, it HURT. But I think that moment said SO. MUCH. about Lincoln. His own people have a kill order on him and for what? For advocating for peace earlier than any other grounder? His people have disowned him. Yet, they are still his people. And even though this is his friend, Octavia’s brother, Lincoln will put his body on the line for what is right.

(M) Godammit he has been basically napping all season. Lincoln being sidelined to the point of existing so consistently off-screen I legit started wondering if they just quietly wrote him off the show is one of my unqualified, definitive complaints about season 3. Uuuuunfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a thing the show will have a chance to make up for.

*pauses to cry for a thousand years*

Let’s see, favorite Lincoln moments. Basically every single second his precious face was on my screen? Literally Lincoln is the one character I never have anything negative to say about (even my issues with the character in season one were about how he was used, less the stuff the character) (well, okay, kidnapping was not an A+ way to introduce yourself to the girl you’ve got a thing for and I’m eternally grateful the writers moved far the fuck away from those shenanigans pretty much immediately) (*coughs* welluntiltheendof3x02)

Back from my tangent, I am particularly fond of the scene where Lincoln’s outside of the main Arkadia building, pulling himself together and reining in his temper, chanting “get knocked down, get up again” to himself. One of my favorite favorite FAVORITE things about Lincoln is how he’s constantly fighting himself and the person his world has tried its damndest to shape him into to be the person HE determines he is. His struggle to be better is so, so moving to me and the way he never stops fighting even if it’s against himself gives me all the feelings. I’m a sucker for characters that want and try to be better than they think they fundamentally are, okay? Bonus points awarded if they actually are amazing but are incapable of seeing it for themselves.

I can’t actually talk about any of the Lincoln/Bellamy stuff without crying so hard I almost throw up but yes omg that moment was so horrible and so powerful and so Lincoln.





(N) I’m still not 100% on the Murphy train as in…I could handle Murphy dying, basically (THIS IS MY GAUGE OK). BUT I do appreciate the character, and I appreciate what he has been through. While his arc in S2 with Jaha was mostly boring, I think it’s incredibly interesting that he has been SO far away from the plot for so long. He has literally missed so much, and at the same time he has some really essential knowledge. I am VERY excited to see Murphy interact with Clarke in the next episode, and then the rest of the delinquents. All of those dynamics are going to be so goddamn interesting. I mean, Clarke calling Murphy her friend made my heart flutter and that was such a small moment! Will Murphamy become what it was always destined to be? Will Murphy be there to witness Raven fight to come out of the CoL, knowing that it’s all his fault she’s there in the first place?

There’s a HUGE amount that they can do with Murphy, and it’s a huge testament to Richard that I’m this pumped for it. Hey, maybe I am already on the Murphy train and I just won’t admit it.

Oh, and very much looking forward to Emori popping back up at some point. She’s a fun one.





[M]: Fuck Jaha. The whole cult leader WOULD YOU LIKE A PAMPHLET AND A COOKIE thing has been hilarious but mostly for everyone else’s reactions to it. Fuck Jaha, he sucks, he’s the worst, I have no sympathy or emotion to spare for him. I get why he’s like this but I don’t care and I really hope he goes down with the City of Light.

(N) PAHAHAHAHAHAAH. So if you thought that Meg and I just agree with each other all the time and spout the same nonsense…I am about to BLOW YOUR MINDS.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want Jaha to shuffle off the mortal coil this season – mostly because I don’t see how he CAN escape the axe this time. But S3 Jaha has accomplished a couple of things that I was not expecting.

Let’s flashback first to the end of S1. Jaha wasn’t a 100% favourite but I liked the dude, and I loved his sacrifice at the end of the season. It felt very fitting that he die that way. EXCEPT HE DIDN’T. His getting down to earth felt cheap to me, and then he was literally never relevant to the main plot. I get that his arc was important in introducing the CoL but Jaha in S2 BORED. ME. TO. TEARS. Most of the time (I did love that shot of them hiking when they were silhouettes against the sky – that was a highlight).

But Jaha in S3? He’s…actually kind of relevant to the plot again! I can tolerate his presence so much more when he is around my faves (sorry Murphy, you grow on me with every episode but you weren’t enough in S2). Anybody that is blessed enough to interact with Raven gets points, and his interactions with Abby, Kane and Pike in 3×05 (I think?) had me HOWLING.

And the second thing….I…felt sorry for the guy. The Wells moment, revealing that he has forgotten his son was KILLER. I gasped out loud, and was actually surprised at how much that hurt me (still love ya Wells) (M: Okay, yeah, points awarded, I got actual full body goosebumps). And it really made me pity Jaha. His search for the CoL in S2 was basically entirely driven by the death of Wells, and now he has forgotten him. This Jaha isn’t even Jaha any more. This Jaha is EVEN WORSE than Jaha. Which makes me sad for original Jaha.

IDK IDK. Maybe I have finally looped the loop. Ultimately, I think Jaha is too far gone to break out of the CoL as Raven has…so I cannot see him escaping S3. HOWEVER, well done on getting me to feel faint Jaha feels show…I truly did not think I would see the day.

[M] OH MY GOD NATALIE STOP MAKING ME CARE ABOUT JAHA. You make excellent points though, and yes, it’s nice to see he’s no longer dead, pointless, sanctimonious weight BUT I STILL DON’T LIKE HIM AND HIS STUPID LITTLE BEARD.

(N) Clarke needs shampoo, Jaha needs a razor.



Looking Ahead

(N) ALL RIGHT. So 3A is over. 3B is coming. Are we thinking wish list…or expectations? Because what I WANT is probably very different from what I think we’ll actually get. What I think we’ll GET goes like this…

  • Kane dying
  • Lincoln dying
  • Sinclair dying
  • Jasper maybe dying
  • Abby maybe dying?
  • Jackson probably dying
  • Indra????????????
  • Jaha dying
  • Any and all guest stars are probably dying (ALTHOUGH IT’S ON YOU TO GIVE ME MY MCGOWAN FIX NOW THE 100, SO YOU KNOW…DO ME A GOOD)

My wish list is somewhat different. In fact, I think the only crossover point is Jaha dying!

  1. Raven chooses her pain over the CoL and DOESN’T get a miracle cure. People in the real world have to suffer every day with chronic pain and they find a way to do it. They are superhuman in a way that does not get acknowledged in the real world, or in fiction. Tt would mean a lot to me to see Raven get to be superhuman on this show.
  2. MINTY
  4. Bellarke. Obviously. But all I ask (and what I’m sure we will get) are some really beautiful and significant scenes that continue their arc and their journey…and that set up the romance for S4. I would love the show to at least acknowledge Bellamy’s lovin’ feelings by the end of S3 though…
  7. Hmmmm….what else?

How about yours Megamemnon?


I mean if I come out of my denial fortress, I’m pretty much entirely on board with your death predictions, though I’d bump Jasper up from maybe to probably. I definitely think they’re going to do a mass culling of the adults this season and tee up a season four that goes back to the delinquents in charge (and, if I’m being entirely honest, for as much as I love some of the adults, I am so, so, so here for that and have been actively and vocally rooting for it since the beginning of season two) (BUT LINCOLN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN HONORARY DELINQUENT SHOW WHAT THE FUCK).

I would also add a prediction that Luna is going to come into play in a major way (they’ve oh so casually mentioned her a few too many times at this point) and she’s going to be the oil rig in the ocean we briefly see in the credits. Delinquent exodus? Banishment by the coalition? Fleeing the fallout of whatever it takes to shut down the City of Light? Only time will tell.

*cracks knuckles* okay, wishlist time, assume I want everything you want but I’m going to add some spin:

  1. Everything you said about Raven x 2 as well as her playing a major role in taking out the CoL (possibly providing key info from her experiences to formulate their strategy?).
  2. MINTY (I actually would feel confident moving this to the predictions list but am resisting because I think there’s a decent chance it won’t happen until season four).
  3. MOAR ROAN. Bonus points if he somehow acknowledges/verbalizes/makes use of what he’s observed between Clarke and Bellamy (I’m a petty, salty bitch and every time any non B or C character pointedly makes note of the intensity/significance of Bellarke’s relationship, I feel like I’ve won something). Further bonus points if he sides with Clarke when whatever fuckery with Commander Ontari goes down.
  4. BELLAAAAAAARKEEEEE. Yes yes yes to beautiful, moving partnership and all of that but, like, possible controversial opinion here, I WOULD BE SO FUCKING HAPPY IF THEY MADE OUT. (N: I DEFINITELY WOULDN’T COMPLAIN. JUST TO BE CLEAR) Like, okay, yes, Clarke is grieving, it would be too soon for them to start a relationship in earnest and I wouldn’t want to undermine the significance of either ship that way. But, picture it: they smash their beautiful faces together, the visual juxtaposition of his facial angles and her curves, hands grasping, sighs? AND TO HAVE THAT AS A CLIP THAT YOU CAN WATCH OVER AND OVER FOREVER. Unless the circumstances were super fucked up beyond belief, I would absolutely consider that visual and moment totally worth any angsty fallout (she says now but watch her wail like a dying seal shrieking WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS TORMENT if it happens).
  5. YES
  6. YES
  8. YES


[M] Aaaaand on that note I’m pulling the plug because this is, holy fuck, a 20 page google doc and I haven’t even added any images yet. To anyone that actually made it all of the way through this, I salute you, you are a trooper, thank you for indulging in our rambling.

If you did make it to the end, what did you think of the season? What do you predict/hope for the future? HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT WE CAN RELAX KNOWING THAT SEASON FOUR IS HAPPENING?


Meg Morley

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20 Responses to “Natalie & Meg’s The 100 s3a Discussapalooza”

  1. Danni

    Wow guys! That was an impressive conversation, and the capslock was both wonderfully placed and visually stunning.

    So… I agree, basically. And, Meg, you know you secretly like Jaha. For the fun of it all, if nothing else.

    I wanted to pick out a couple of points you guys made really well:

    – The pacing issues. I feel you were spot on. The show has *just* given us enough to go on, but it really has required a lot of work on the part of the viewers, and not everyone is as dedicated as us geeks. Many casual viewers will be struggling much more than us, and while none of us want hand-holding, most viewers need a bit more than this to go on, in general. If nothing else, the one highlight of Bellamy’s storyline is that the critics are really starting to sit up and pay attention to Bob Morley’s talent. Because he’s basically saved it, right? And I do hope the writers are a little more careful with ALL of our favourite characters next season. Do what you’re best at, writing team, and that is character driven storytelling. We all love these characters so much… please don’t cheat us out of the emotions and the relationships because there is too much plot. The plot is the garnishing for the characters we love, and not the other way around.

    – Roan.

    – I am very glad you picked up on Monty and Bellamy’s friendship and understanding after the events of Mount Weather, and how conspicuous is was that those two delinquents in particular, along with Clarke, just threw up their hands and shrunk from decision-making this season. Very important, and I’m very much looking forward to the three of them getting back in the game. Their characterisation was completely logical… we just didn’t see it playing out on screen enough.

    – The Blake siblings. You are so right about their similarities and their differences. It’s lovely to watch how the actors clearly channel each other to pull of that ‘Blake’ vibe.

    – Clarke. I miss Clarke. But I also agree with the assessment, considering everything, that the writers tried to make their choices with the best intentions this season. They were constrained, and that’s not their fault. I just hope these lessons will be learned going into S4. I have high hopes for the rest of this season, in fact, despite the likely death and mayhem.

    – 3.02 and 3.08. My favourite episodes. And I agree. There was a LOT of stuff we could have seen instead of an entire episode of Bellamy running around, desperate to get to Clarke, and ultimately failing. He might as well have pinned a badge to his Azgeda swag that said ‘I <3 CLARKE'. Re Terms and Conditions: can we just get Charlie Craig to write any and all Bellamy character development from now on?

    – Raven. She will blow things up this season, you mark my words.

    – Bryan. Okay… I have one tiny disagreement. I *was* on the good ship Minty but… guys… I really *like* Bryan. I'm in a very confusing place with this right now.

    Okay! Well done! You should both NOW reward yourselves with a re-watch of Bellamy vs Lincoln (the shirtless sparring scene… not the interning the sick grounders scene).

    • Natalie Crown

      Amazing! Thank you for not only taking the time to read, but also for this lovely response.

      YES Charlie should write everything tbh.

      With regards to Bryan…maybe they will surprise me and he’ll stick around, and then maybe I’ll get attached. But I honestly think he’s a dead character walking so I refuse to invest any emotions in him. I DID love that the last episode developed his relationship with Miller though, and I really enjoyed that he got fleshed out.

      That said…Minty 4 lyf.


      • Danni

        You’re welcome! I shall try to give up my fledgling Briller hope… because Minty would be awesome, too.

        I forgot to mention, but Meg’s description of Bellamy is the favourite one I’ve ever heard, too: ‘Bellamy, you beautiful walking disaster tragedy prince.’ Just perfect.

    • Meg Morley


      Yeah, I think the entire cast as really shown this season, Bob in particular. Many of them haven’t had a lot to work with but they’ve made the most of it and massive applause all around.

      “We all love these characters so much… please don’t cheat us out of the emotions and the relationships because there is too much plot. The plot is the garnishing for the characters we love, and not the other way around.” THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. Characters over plot, ALWAYS.


      Oh god, I just really really really need all the delinquents together again. I miss them so much. Bellamy, Monty, Clarke, Raven, ALL OF THEM (also omg can Clarke and Raven share a scene? Pretty please?)

      brb, crying about the blake siblings some more.

      2 and 8 were SO GOOD. ALSO 5. DO NOT FORGET 5.

      My thing with Bryan is I was never going to like him. In 1 when Bellamy brought him up in convo my immediate reaction was WHAT DO YOU MEAN MILLER’S BOYFRIEND? MONTY IS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. WHAT OTHER BOYFRIEND? (then the fact that he was introduced to us ACTUALLY WEARING A RED HOODIE confirmed for me that getting attached was probably not a good call) (but I could be wrong) (but I don’t think I am I’M SORRY)


      • Danni

        Oh, yes, Hakeldama was very good too. And it had one of the best Bellarke moments of all time, so there is that.

        It’s amazing that all the best episodes this season have been when the pace has actually slowed down and the characters are in the driving seat, isn’t it?!

  2. Fogh

    I’m an optimist. I believe Jason wants to end the show with hope for mankind. A new beginning. For there to be hope, some of the original cast needs to be alive. Raven, Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia all have to survive imo. I can definitely see there being hope without adults around but I’m not sure I can see either dying this season – more precisely Kane and Abby.

    Kane: The 3×10 synopsis says he is on a mission so unless that is in CoL, or it’s a PR misdirect, (which, I imagine, they would stay clear off after Lexa) Kane won’t die in 3×09. I kinda thought he would because of Bellamy’s arc. If he doesn’t die in 3×09 then when and why? What good does it do for Bellamy to loose Kane after he has hit rock bottom in 3×10? At this point, Kane’s death would be most significant to Bellamy. Father figure trumps love interest.

    Abby: Who’s arc stands to “gain” from her death? Of course Clarke but I fail to see what Clarke would learn or do from Abby’s death. To turn into DarkClarke? Kane is her love interest but Kane is on the peace train and so, I don’t see how it benefits his arc. Raven?

    However, I have been thinking about loss this season. Clarke lost Lexa, Bellamy will loose Octavia after she looses Lincoln. Minty will probably loose either Jasper or his mum or both. Jaha lost his mind, Jasper too and Raven has lost herself. So who will Kane and Abby loose?

    If hope, if the time comes, that Kabby goes out together. We know they kiss. We know Linctavia kisses and then he likely dies. I really hope they don’t throw us a Kabby kiss minutes before they did. I get that it raises the stakes and the tragedy factor but it’s unoriginal and lazy.

    Just to make you cry, Jason could also kill Clarke in the last episode after “owing no more to her people” and in her death she ensured hope for a future for her people. She just won’t be there to experience it.

    • Meg Morley

      I super agree that the show is going to end on a hopeful note, I just waffle back and forth over what it will consider hopeful. Idk exactly why but Octavia is the one character I DEFINITELY think will make it to the end. I generally think Clarke and Bellamy will too, but I could also see them maybe not making it past the end although I really don’t like thinking about that. Everyone else is fair game in my mind (though I don’t want them to be).

      Tbh, we wrote this before the 3×10 synopsis dropped and I was too lazy to go back and change my predictions, but yeah, I retract any and all Kane predictions and am back to square one. I have also heard from team Kabby that Henry and Paige were on set until the end (or at least close to the end) so they seem pretty confident they’re making it through the season (fingers crossed, they’re the adults who have come around the most on delinquents being in charge so I could see them being the adults that fit into my delinquents take the lead in s4 theory and I’d be so cool with it).

      “Abby: Who’s arc stands to “gain” from her death? ” whenever I think about this, I come back to the iconic Buffy line: “no weapons, no friends, no hope, take all that away and what’s left?” “me.” However, I don’t think that’s super likely mainly because they already kiiiiind of did that with Clarke’s arc and also that seems to be more Bellamy’s arc this season (tying back into part of the reason I was so sure Kane was going to die in 9). Tbh, the biggest reason I thought they would kill Abby is because if they killed Kane and Jaha, Abby kind of almost becomes a narrative loose end? (DISCLAIMER, WHEN I TALK ABOUT KILLING CHARACTERS FOR STORY PURPOSES I AM COMPLETELY SHUTTING DOWN ALL FEELINGS ABOUT THE SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND THINKING ABOUT THEM LIKE A PUZZLE PIECE) (I don’t even know where I’m going with this anymore so I’m going to stop, I’m pretty convinced I was entirely wrong at this point, so whatever)

      “If hope, if the time comes, that Kabby goes out together.” Same.

      “Just to make you cry, Jason could also kill Clarke in the last episode after “owing no more to her people” and in her death she ensured hope for a future for her people. She just won’t be there to experience it.” you’re the worst and I’m totally crying about it and I could 100% see this happening but really hope it won’t.

  3. Iris

    First of all I want to thank you both for this great recap of season 3A! I follow both of you on tumblr and love all your metas and analysis, so having you both in one long meta just feels like Christmas!!! :). Second of all, I want to apologize for any misspelling: English is far from being my native language.

    I wholeheartedly agree with both your analysis on 3A. As it has been widely stated, the main issue with this season so far is the pacing, due to the objective of taking advantage of ADC’s presence before her final departure to FTWD. Everything has felt so rushed and contrived: the writers have been too ambitious, they wanted to tell too much in an amount of time that is ridiculous to feel organic. This is why all the characters have been left out, because the focus was clearly on Lexa’s redemption arc so the romance between her and Clarke would be somewhat believable. Unfortunately, the problem is that – for those who were not blinded by Clexa’s and Lexa’s aura – this romance was far from feeling believable. I am not saying it could not have been, given an appropriate amount of time, but the fact is: they had no time whatsoever. So Clarke’s forgiveness of Lexa felt OOC and rushed.

    The writers wrote themselves into a corner: they wanted to give the Clexa fans something to hold on before the character’s exit (it’s obvious), but only managed to put the romance and death scene one right next to the other. And the most problematic aspect of all of this is that by doing so they took out screen time on other characters and storylines, which felt incomplete and rushed as well. I understand the fact that the season is going towards a characterization of Clarke and Bellamy struggling with the consequences of what they did in Mt Weather (and their separation) and that season 3A is supposed to hurt us. We are supposed to feel bad, because they are going to build them up again in season 3B. If there was no conflict, no problems with our beloved characters, we would be bored, there would be no story to tell. But the fact that everything was packed and rushed, does not help the audience relate to their struggles. We, as viewers are left feeling lost. It is already hard to watch your favs getting to rock bottom, but it is worse when it’s done in a contrived manner.

    Predictions? Well, we have seen with Raven that love is the glitch in ALIE 1 and it can be supposed that it is also a glitch in ALIE 2 (hence the “Love is weakness” mantra for the commanders): love will be what will help our heroes beat the COL…and as Bellamy has been identified as the “Key”, I am sure that this will lead to some really great Bellarke moments (^^).

    I don’t think Abby will die…Clarke has lost already too many people and I feel that losing her mom this season would be way too much. As for Kane, I refuse believing that he will die. I choose to ignore all the foreshadowing (stubbornly in denial).

    What else… I agree 100% with points 5, 6, 8 from Meg, and point 7 from Natalie…and may I add a point 9.THE DELINQUENTS ALL TOGETHER AND WORKING TOGETHER AND ENDING THE SEASON TOGETHER.
    I love their interactions and I miss it so much!!!!!!

    I just hope that the writers and JRoth won’t learn their lesson the wrong way, i.e. by messing up the Bellarke just to please the unhappy Clexa/Lexa fans. They have already catered to their wants (ok in a very messed up way), and look at the thanks they’ve got ;). I have faith that the rest of the season can be good, once the pace takes its natural course, because honestly, there’s a reason I am so addicted to this show: it can be brilliant when things are at a normal pace.

    Whaouuu … I wrote a lot. Sorry.


    • Meg Morley

      Thank you so much!!! <33333 (also your english is awesome, def better than mine)

      Super agree, the writers were really ambitious this season and that's awesome, except they were hemmed in by some things they couldn't do anything about and that really messed things up.

      OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TOUCH ON THE LOVE BREAKS THE COL TWIST BUT IT IS MY FAAAAAAAV. I am very excited for what that's all going to mean down the road especially when you pull in the Bellamy being the key bit. What could it meeeeeeaaaaaan 😀

      Yeah, now that the 3x10 synopsis dropped, I'm revising my stance on Kane and Abby. I also don't want to get my hopes up because this show is MEAN when you hope for things.

      THE DELINQUENTS ALL TOGETHER AND WORKING TOGETHER AND ENDING THE SEASON TOGETHER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL THINGS. Towards the end of season two I was like 'I have one wish and it's that we close the season with the delinquents sharing a moment together remembering the people they've lost and thinking about how far they've come' and since we didn't get it I'm bringing it back again. PLEASE WRITERS PLEEEEEEEASE.

      I have hope for bellarke because I am totally and completely convinced that they've been part of the plan all along and the writers have always been writing towards it, so it there won't be an element of adding things just for fans and they'll keep doing what they've always been doing. I do hope that they take the lessons from the whole Lexa/Clexa disaster to heart though, so they can not tell shitty stories with shitty tropes in their work going forward and maybe approach what they do with less ego and more open-mindedness. We shall see.

      NEVER APOLOGIZE. Clearly, I like lots of words 😀

  4. Kate Copeseeley

    Holy Hannah guys! Like this is the longest post IN THE WORLD. And yet, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it and yelling at my children to hurry up and get ready for school in a robotic monotone voice. haha
    I won’t comment on every aspect, but I am intrigued by whole what WILL happen and what I WISH would happen question.

    What I think WILL happen:
    -Lincoln will die. (I mean, nap, of course, Meg)
    -Ontari is gonna be the next commander (how long that lasts we have yet to see, but she’s there in the S3 trailer, so)
    -Clarke will join the COL
    -Kane will not die, or at least not till the very end of the season. I dunno, I just don’t think they’re gonna get rid of ALL the adults. I think there will be some sort of split or that Kane will relinquish command for some reason? Or that there will be some co-leadership going on? But I don’t see them bringing in a whole new cast for this show. Right now they’ve got 8(not counting Clarke and Bellamy and Octavia who they won’t kill, let’s be honest) and at least one is slated for the chopping block. Although, when I think of Kane and Abby as a couple, it makes me think he’s more likely to die. How cynical is that? 😀
    -They will bump Miller up to Main(for next season) after Lincoln takes a nap. Honestly I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. They are really fleshing out his character this year.
    -Jackson totally dies
    -Jaha will live forever to annoy us (and keep the ugly beard hair)
    -Indra will abandon Trikru and Polis, but join another grounder group
    -Bryan will totally die
    -Ontari will probably die, or else get a 1up chip from Titus, but either way, those chips have got to combine somehow After that, god only knows what will happen

    What I WISH will happen?
    -Miller and Bryan break up before Bryan dies and Minty has a hot and awesome make out by the end of the season (or it will happen next year I guess. *sob*)
    -Bellarke… I want it at the END of next season (yes, season four) with lots and lots of looks and glances and second guessing and torturous slowness until BOOM we all explode from the sexual tension. Oh yes.
    -Definitely on board with the whole adventure squad getting back together
    -Lindsey Morgan will live… because after some of those comments she made with Ricky Whittle, I’m a bit frightened that she will kick the bucket.
    -Edited to add: I would LOVE more Roan so that Raven and Roan can meet and the “ice mechanic” ship can truly feel like a possibility. (I hate that couple name though. Roaven is better. Or Roven) And after all that Black Sails stuff, it looks like he’ll be free, yes?

    That’s all for now.
    Kate Copeseeley recently posted…Hello From The Other Side (Of Christmas)My Profile

  5. Vinny

    i wish you talked about ‘I hope one day will come when we will owe nothing more to our people’ line. I really hated it. It just so Un ‘Clarke like. Possibly my most hated line of the season but Bellamy chanting ‘Pike! Pike!’ comes a close second

    • Meg Morley

      Eh, I don’t like talking too much about the Clexa stuff because it’s not my ship and I tend to have….less than sincere views on all of that. For example, I took that line as Clarke being caught up in the moment and it was a nice sentiment but not something she necessarily had thought through/would’ve stuck to in the long run (and possibly a teensy bit of fan service if I’m being entirely honest). I mean how many times have your said something dramatic in an emotional moment and then thought back like ‘oh, yikes, hope no one holds me to that’ you know? I can’t blame her for dreaming of a day she doesn’t have the weight of her people around her neck, that shit sounds EXHAUSTING

      On the other hand, maybe Clarke really was supposed to be deeply in love with Lexa and I just didn’t buy into that. Interpretation is fun!

      • Vinny

        Wow that totally made sense in so many ways!!! I didn’t honestly think it from the Clexa point of view but more of the standpoint as to how the show hinges on this very feeling of Clarke and Bellamy always wanting to protect their people. Bellamy’s feelings haven’t changed (in fact its gotten worse and also makes me understand him to a certain extent this season) but correct me if i am wrong Clarke being the lead of show this felt to me like a misstep. These two making decisions together for protecting their people and its repercussions is what the show revolves around. Anyways as you said fan servicing is what’s caused this.(also many more plot holes and fridging of Gina was cringeworthy for me too)

  6. Holly J

    So I basically agree with EVERYTHING. Honestly. Meg, I’ve read all of your recaps so far, and we always seem to be on the same page. And I’m glad Natalie joined you in this because she brought up things I hadn’t thought about! I still think the fucked-up pace after 3×02 just really messed with character development and storylines, but it’s getting better for me. And I’m coming around to a lot of it. In regards to Bellamy, yes I totally see why he joined Pike (except for the Gina thing, forever angry at the show for that), and why he needs to hit rock bottom to grow. I know he’s turned away from Pike at least a bit with that little lie in the end of the last episode (was that the last episode?? I can’t even remember), he’s still not going to get away from that so quickly and choose the other side. But omg those moments between him and Kane just absolutely destroyed me. FATHER AND SON SHOW DOWN WAS INTENSE.

    I think the show could have done better in many places (re: Clexa and Lexa’s death and the way it happened) (I never fully boarded that ship bc I’m stubbornly attached to Bellarke and I also couldn’t completely get with Clarke forgiving Lexa so fast and us missing that IMPORTANT WEEK between the spitting and the kneeling, but anyway, I really did appreciate and love many of the moments between Clexa), but I think the pace and things have been better in the last few episodes. As much as I wish they’d done some things differently, I’m seeing how it’s all come together now.

    I cannot believe how much I love Kane. How did I go from I HATE YOU WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE to NO PLEASE DO NOT KILL HIM I CAN’T HANDLE IT. Dad!Kane is my favorite. As for Jasper, I’m totally okay with him dying. I fully appreciate the focus on his PTSD; it is fabulous to see this shown on TV, and I fully admit that not everyone in this show is going to deal with death in the same way. But I have never liked his character, and I’m sorry but I’m mostly just like GET OVER YOURSELF YOU DRUNK about him. I CAN handle a Murphy death, though I also agree that there is SO MUCH potential for his character. Basically my no-kill-you-better-not-fucking-touch-these-characters list is now just the Core 4. And Monty. I’d been hesitant with him choosing Pike’s side, but I can see WHY he did. ALSO SUPER STOKED FOR MINTYYYY. oh, and Kane! do not get rid of Dad Kane, please show.

    I cannot handle the inevitable Lincoln death. CAN. NOT. He’s too precious and omg even though I know it’s pretty much a thing coming, I’m never going to be prepared for it. Also really sad that he’s been sidelined so much this season. But I super love that Octavia’s been the moral compass and shit, and has motivated the other characters into DOING things. (That Indra/Octavia walking out of Polis scene is forever a fave). QUEEN. But also, MORE KING ROAN. I loved his and Clarke’s dynamic in the first few episodes and I miss his character so much and idk how I can since he was just barely in the season?? but I think a lot of that had to do with the actor and his bringing Roan to life. That voiiiiiiice.

    I’m so glad we can all relax now that we KNOW there’s going to be a season 4. And lastly, HERE FOR SEASON 4 BEING ALL ABOUT THE DELINQUENTS. Awesome post, Meg and Natalie!! I hope you guys do another one after the season ends. 😀

  7. Meg S.

    CANNOT HANDLE THINKING ABOUT LINCOLN DYING. I mean sure I’d be super sad to see Kane/Abby go, but….LINCOLN. My precious, tough, intense, we-can-all-live-peaceably darling.

    I can’t talk about this anymore.

  8. Lisa

    Will you do a 3B recap like this? Because this is awesome! Or have you already??

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