TV Recap: The 100, Thirteen

4 March, 2016 TV Recap, TV Reviews 18 comments

Well. That was certainly a game-changer.

You know what? Fuck an intro. Let me speed through some stuff that happened and then we’ll get into the two major things that went down this episode (one far more major than the other which is tragically hilarious when the other is, you know, the nuclear apocalypse).

Massive spoilers ahead.


We open with Murphy, still hating his life and communicating it with his usual amount of extreme sass (“considering you pray to garbage, no offense” will go down as one of my favorite of his lines). I am still deeply conflicted over how much Richard’s performance has influenced my feelings about Murphy the character. I don’t want to like Murphy but Richard Harmon makes it really hard not to. Murphy functioned as a pretty neat audience insert/guide this episode, putting together all of the pieces we’ve been handed over the course of the show and introducing a chilling depiction of how the world ended (which I’ll get to in a minute).

I was SO. GLAD. to see Octavia in Polis. Sure, the circumstances of her being there were less than ideal, but I’ve been growing steadily more and more bored of the Polis storyline (it’s been really hard to watch Clarke hide from herself, okay?). It was getting to the point where it all went in circles of Lexa calling for peace, the Grounders being like FUCK THAT and Clarke shouting ‘but my people, though’. Having Octavia around to shake things up (before, you know, the thing) was a nice change of pace. Also, apparently I have an Octavia calling Clarke out on her shit kink. Good to know.


Indra and Octavia’s relationship continues to be one of my favorite things. Octavia’s immediate concern for her mentor and their scenes together warmed my heart and massive amounts of kudos to Adina Porter’s performance this episode. We could feel the multiple levels of anguish Indra is experiencing, grief for her warriors, anguish over her honor, rage and helplessness at what she feels she’s been reduced to. Once again, Octavia is having none of it and in a speech that thematically echoed her ‘get knocked down get back up again’ speech to Lincoln, she reminds Indra that she’s still herself, still has a purpose and that there’s still work to be done. High five Octavia. Inspiring stuff. The Blakes would make some truly incredible motivational speakers. I’m largely ignoring the ‘I’ll fight my own brother if I have to’ line and what it foreshadows because it breaks my heart and I don’t want to think about it. On a parting note, the shot of Octavia and Indra strutting out of Polis was absolutely fantastic and one of my favorites.

This Is The Way The World Ends

IMG_1360 (1)

So, ALIE is Skynet. This wasn’t all that much of a reveal because we knew ALIE played an integral role in ending the world. But oh my god, that opening flashback scene. The Polaris Commander’s abruptly cut off phone call with his daughter had me in tears and the rising tragedy strings score as Becca and her buddies watched the bombs light up the surface of the Earth was chilling on a level I did not anticipate. That was a beautifully executed and moving scene and I award the show the highest of fives for pulling it off like that.

That was kind of the dramatic high point of the flashbacks (I say that only because we knew the rest of the stations were going to blow Polaris out of the sky and the Becca as first Commander reveal had some of it’s thunder stolen by everything else happening). The rest of them depict Becca dealing with a not unreasonable amount of pushback from Polaris’ commander as he demanded she stop working on version 2 of the AI that had just, you know, destroyed the world.

Unfortunately for Polaris, as with everyone on this show, Becca believes what she’s doing is right and more important than the fate of the population of the thirteenth station (though, tbf, she told them to join but too little too late). She grabs her (still imperfect and I wonder if that detail will come back into play) tech and peaces out to save the human race moments before the rest of the newly formed Ark sends a missile towards Polaris. Cold, Becca. Cold. There’s a reason the phrase ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ exists.

May We Meet Again


The conflict over Lexa’s commitment to blood must not have blood came to a head this episode, as the refugees of the cleared (fuck I hate that word fuck you Pike) village presented their case and plea for vengeance to their commander during the Ascension Day ceremony (the foreshadowing was strong this episode). The usual Polis argument went down with Titus urging Lexa to see reason and uphold tradition while glaring daggers as Clarke parroted her standard ‘I’ll do anything for my people’ stance (does anyone else feel like we’d already seen this scene?). Lexa threw together a hasty compromise, we’ll circle our armies around Arkadia to keep them in check while they figure their shit out and kill anyone who crosses the line we drew in the sand. Nobody is happy with this decision. Village dude expresses his distaste by rushing Lexa with a knife out and Titus takes him down with an unexpected level of ninjatude. I didn’t know you had it in you, Titus.

Titus had a big episode, bigger than I ever saw coming. He interrupts a touching scene between Clarke and Lexa where Lexa, with an endearing amount of hesitation and shyness, asks Clarke to stay in Polis. He urged Lexa to remember his teachings, that love is weakness and that to be the commander is to be forever alone (*mutters about shades of Buffy*) (also, I should’ve known the ‘love is weakness’ bullshit came from you Titus, you fuck). He also reminds Lexa of what happened to Costia, like she could ever forget, and Lexa shuts him down and tells him Clarke’s decision is on Clarke. Cue lingering shot of Titus looking displeased. Dun dun duuuuun. There’s that brick of foreshadowing again.

After receiving a harsh but fair ‘you have one hour to say goodbye and come back to Arkadia with me or you’re not the person I thought you were’ mandate from Octavia, Clarke goes to say goodbye to Lexa. I’ve said before that I’m not emotionally invested in the Clarke and Lexa relationship and that remains true, but I have functioning eyes and emotional parts and everything that followed was, no matter what else, incredibly moving. Lexa’s aborted I love you (you know that’s what she was saying) had me choked up, ditto Clarke’s soft ‘maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people.’ The tragic reality of this ship has always been that with their world as it is, Clarke and Lexa would never be able to be together without their people and their responsibilities between them. Setting aside what followed, their goodbye sex scene(s) was a beautifully shot moment of peace and harmony between them that, I think if everyone’s honest with themselves, we knew was going to be a goodbye (though…well, okay, I’m getting ahead of myself).

Because this is The 100 and we have established time and time again that the show doesn’t give us nice things without immediately following them with epic tragedy, Clarke leaves to rejoin her people only to find Titus literally gunning for her (and, okay, so, where did he get a gun? The grounders ‘no guns’ thing doesn’t apply to him? Is it left over from Becca’s fall to earth? Has anyone been cleaning/maintaining it? I’m not super familiar with firearms but it seems like a 97 year old pistol not carefully treated would…okay I’m tangenting).


Before I get into what follows, let me just say that anyone who was genuinely shocked that Lexa’s death happened (happened, not how), hasn’t been paying attention and has been in denial about the realities of the television industry. I feel for the Lexa fandom, I really do, but Lexa dying has been foreshadowed for nearly as long as she’s been on the show (I may not be mathing right, when was the pauna ep?) and as soon as they announced Alycia Debnam-Carey was coming back even though she was a lead on Fear The Walking Dead, this outcome was pretty much a given. While it’s true that maaaaaaybe the scheduling could’ve worked out that she was able to appear on both shows, generally networks don’t like their leads having multi-episode arcs on other network’s shows for all sorts of reasons. Even if she hadn’t been killed, The 100 would’ve had to write her off in a way that would explain why she never came back for more than an occasional episode and if this were a different show, they might’ve done that. But this show rarely passes up an opportunity to go for the throat and I really do believe that it wasn’t an easy choice for them to make (Jason Rothenberg told Variety that if it weren’t for FTWD he would’ve brought her on as a regular but alas, the timing was what it was).

That said, I was genuinely shocked at the how of it all. When I predicted Lexa’s death, I always assumed it would be something epic and warrior-like or possibly a noble sacrifice, befitting the visionary Commander the show has built up. To have her catch a random stray bullet to the chest was…well it was anticlimactic as all hell and I still can’t believe it happened like that (also, SHADES OF BUFFY AND NOT THE GOOD ONES). I understand the narrative tragedy of having Titus, who genuinely loved and cared for Lexa, being the one to accidentally kill her in a misguided attempt to protect her but still, wow. I completely understand anyone who is completely enraged past the point of reason over how this all went down. 

I also totally understand anyone raging about the timing of it all. Killing the major lesbian character right after she consummated her relationship with her lover? That hits a little too close to home for people paying attention to how lady-loving characters have been historically treated in entertainment. But, to play devil’s advocate for a minute (and let me preface all of this by saying I genuinely mean no offense, because I wasn’t super into this ship and fully expecting this to be Lexa’s ultimate fate, I can step back and see pros and cons to the situation), once you accept the harsh reality that Lexa had to be written off and that said writing would involve killing her, how would it have been better to have gone down? Would it have been better for Clarke and Lexa to not have had the beautiful moments they did before it all went to shit? Should the ship have not been built up so much if it was always destined for tragedy? Would it have been better to not depict this relationship at all and the f/f representation that came with it if there was such a low likelihood for a happily ever after? Should the writers have been more upfront about the realities of ADC’s situation to prepare the fandom? I honestly can’t answer these questions. I will say that I have a hefty amount of side eye for how heavily the relationship was used for marketing purposes considering the outcome.

Bitterly accepting that the circumstances are what they are, the scene that followed was every bit as epic and moving as I’d expected Lexa’s death to be. She was a powerful character who meant so, so much to so many people and her final scene every bit as raw and moving as it should’ve been. Her last moments were spent desperately trying to ensure Clarke’s survival and reaffirming her legacy and the ultimate point the show wants to drive home: love is not weakness, love is strength and that life is about more than just surviving. By the time Clarke finished brokenly reciting the Traveller’s Blessing, I was full on sobbing.

Honestly, after everything that happened, the grade A scifi shit that followed (the spirit of the commander is stored in a chip on the commander’s spine, which, CALLED IT. Not the spine chip part but that the reincarnation was a database of neural maps) was almost anticlimactic. This huge reveal was completely overshadowed by the emotional impact of what came before it and while I’m very interested in how it will play out and what’s coming next, I need everything else to settle before I wrap my head around what it all means.

So. Yeah. Thirteen. Wow.

Some thoughts:

  • I am so, so deeply sorry Lexa/Clexa fandom. I know that means fuck all, but I am.
  • Please check out Jo Grafein’s thoughts on Lexa. She has always been a champion of the character and the ship and her thoughts on this episode’s final scenes and the significance of Lexa are far more relevant than mine.
  • As always, Natalie Crown has excellent thoughts on the episode and you should read them because they are so much more well said than mine. Also, keep an eye on her tumblr, she has PROMISED (I’m taking it as a promise Natalie, no take backs, sorry for the pressure) that she will write an in depth analysis of Clarke’s mental state going forward, which, YES. Oh god, Clarke. Poor Clarke. On the one hand, I fully expect her to move forward with a newfound determination and commitment to ensuring that blood must not have blood is Lexa’s legacy, both for the sake of her people and to honor the woman she loved. On the other hand, oh god how much devastation can one girl take?
  • Distantly loling about Murphy lurking in the corner during that final scene like ‘uuuuuum should I be here for this? Should I go? What should I do with my face?’
  • So, can Clarke leave Polis now? I miss non-Polis doing stuff Clarke. Hopefully she can grab some shampoo on her way out.
  • I am so deeply terrified of Ontari becoming the next Commander (she’s going to guys, she is very obviously going to, those nightblood kiddies are toast).
  • I am so deeply terrified of next week’s episode.
  • I’m honestly shocked by how many of the twists and reveals I’ve called this season. I think that says more about the level to which Natalie and I have analyzed basically every frame of this show at this point than the twisty level of the twists, but what do I know.
  • WHO IS THE 8TH NIGHTBLOOD? Skikru suggested Luna which makes a hell of a lot of sense and seems like the kind of tie-in the show would totally go for.
  • It was super weird to not see half of the cast in this episode but I’m also really glad the show gave this storyline the focus it deserved. Shoving the Arkadia stuff in would’ve stolen focus and been a mistake, in my opinion.

Alright guys. Let it out. What did you think? I have hugs for whoever wants/needs them.


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18 Responses to “TV Recap: The 100, Thirteen”

  1. Danni

    Great review, as always. So, my thoughts… well… I’m aactually fully supportive of Lexa’s death being some tragic freaking accident. As ALL deaths have been on The 100 so far (even Finn’s… his decision to give himself up wasn’t noble, it was weak… he gave up). And the fact that they showed it in the same episode as the nuclear war, another tragic and unnecessary situation, underscores what for me is an important theme and message of the show.

    There is no such thing as a noble death. Even though Lexa was awesome, she didn’t have a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card on that one. The concept of there being such a thing as a ‘hero-death’ is what convinces people, in the real world, to go die and kill for their country or to blow themselves and others up for their beliefs. But death isn’t noble. It’s always a horrible, tragic waste. This is an ultimately very pacifist and interesting theme that the show is exploring. Every single death or decision to kill so far has, for me, explored and played into this theme.

    And I think this episode pretty well flawlessly underscored that theme. LGBT relationship representation criticisms aside (which are perfectly legitimate and I’m not trying to challenge those), I could not have imagined a better death for Lexa. It hurts so much BECAUSE it’s so pointless. If they had to kill her (and, let’s be honest, for the CoL/reincarnation it appears pretty well clear that they did) then this was the best way to do it.

    • Meg Morley

      Hey Danni! As per usual you make an excellent point. I agree that there’s something horribly appropriate in a way I can’t totally verbalize about Lexa’s death being a tragic accident (and with all the points you make here especially the part about it being an interesting theme for the show to explore), but I’m still conflicted. Idk, it felt underwhelming (and again, this may be rooted in lingering rage over the Buffy death this episode brought to mind)? It is entirely possible that I was just so unprepared for her to go down like that, that I’m in a state of shock.

      • Danni

        Yeah, to me it was like…so humanity dies because of an accidental nuclear war? And Lexa dies because of an accidental stray bullet? Way to parallel the tragic waste of human life, show! And they tied it into a crucial story arc that’s been building since at least Unity Day. For me, this is one of the best episodes they’ve ever done.

        I mean, initially, I was like ‘ugh, really… that’s how she dies?’ But then I started thinking about it in the context of the whole episode, and all the deaths that have happened so far, and the show’s M.O. of exploring how humanity can begin to forge a new future and I was like ‘Oh wow, that is ABSOLUTELY how she should have died!’

        • Meg Morley

          Agree, the more it sinks in, the more I can see it but I still think that the promotional aspects of this season could’ve been handled much, MUCH better.

          • Danni

            Yes, it’s all caused a bit of a mess today, hasn’t it? At least us Bellarkers have got used to our ship being crashed and burned on a regular basis, we’re kind of prepared for it at this stage.

  2. Ruth

    I can’t even watch the show right now – I keep up with all the happenings through your reviews because I KNOW something heartbreakingly terrible is coming (maybe this is an old theory but I full-on think something is going to happen to Lincoln and Bellamy will let it happen/be involved and that’s what turns Octavia against him and I’m already crying at the thought) and I can’t cope with watching that episode and then being an emotional wreck until things start to turn around so gonna be a total chicken and wait until you review an episode with some hope and then I’ll binge-watch. And still cry. And still be in the tunnel of pain. But I’ll know there’s a sliver of light ahead.

    • Meg Morley

      I toooooootally get that. Heartbreak is pretty much par for course around The 100 parts (AND OMG I AM SO SO SO TERRIFIED FOR NEXT WEEK). There’s no turning back for me, so I will definitely keep you posted 😀

  3. qkuc

    I cannot talk about this episode from critics point of view …

    I knew Lexa will die, I accepted it, but the timing and the way how it happened is horrible, bad pace and bad writing again. That is so painful. If she would have gotten the “die well” part, my pain would be lower.

    Looking back to those have “hope” bullshit on JR’s twitter, we, Lexa fans were the chess figures in ratings rush. I like(d) the show, I watched for the story, but the ending of this great character so fucked up my mind, that I cannot even touch photoshop. (Thanks for lord, being an anti talent, that won’t be a big loss for the universe.)

    This way of her death ruined all the funny candle jokes, all the tender moments, everything for me … The message what she brought and I saw my reflection, is broken.

    Actually, I don’t feel the need to get more pain and even the sci-fi part was interesting, I’m not sure if I ever want to continue watching the show, but I definitely won’t wake up at 4 am to catch the next episode.

    PS: I hate the game what JR plays, I hated that even before this episode or S3, but fuck I could slap that man now … I hate fanservice, but handling us like a trickable little baby is a shame …

    May we meet again, The 100, may we meet again …

    • Meg Morley

      *hugs* *bigger hugs* *the biggest hugs there are*

      I am so, so sorry. I completely understand where you’re coming from and if I were in your shoes, can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. I do still think the show has a lot of stuff going for it on the mythology/plot end of things but I totally get anyone who can’t bring themselves to feel the same level of anything for it right now.

      It deeply sucks that the realities of the situation are what they are and it sucks exponentially harder that it was handled in promotion the way that it was. There’s a difference between not giving twists away and completely playing on a fandom’s enthusiasm to the point of giving them false hope and I think they unarguably veered into the later.

      • qkuc

        You know what is the most painful? Being a hardcore fan from S1, I was on the “train”, since episode 6, and I lost nearly 2 years of joy in 43 mins today.

        I hope, that as the week goes ahead, I will calm down, and will be opened at least for theories. May I won’t refuse to follow the episodes, as the actors deserve my attention. Even with betrayal, this was a mindblowinf, fuckin good show.

        I <3 you, and all your hugs are stored, :).

        We will meet again, :).

  4. Diane

    I’ve been saying all along that The 100 is like Buffy, except it’s sci-fi and Giles is a lady and it hurts even more, and damn, what a way to be proven right. (Literally my first thought was “your shirt”!) I’ve mostly gotten past my feelings regarding That Death in Buffy – a combination of “well, I guess it did actually move the plot forward, so that’s something” and “I can headcanon this away” – but I still associate it with what happened later that episode (the thing Spike did that Marsters has since said he feels is totally out of character), so, yeah, not the fondest memories.

    Before the sex happened, I wasn’t sure if Lexa would die this episode or not, but that was definitely about-to-die sex. Which bums me out, yeah, but I managed before the episode to come to a place of peace with knowing she would die, so I’m dealing more with the aftershocks of grief than anything else. (Then again, I’ve been severely traumatized twice by shows killing characters, so I have some pretty sophisticated walls up, especially for shows like The 100.)

    Moving on to the episode itself, though, it was truly lovely. The stark contrast of the torch-lit cave paintings compared to the sci-fi slick look of the flashbacks was perfect, and Murphy’s expressions were perfect, and the holy-shit creepy factor of Titus removing Lexa’s “””spirit””” was perfect. There were some especially beautiful shots: Lexa meditating at the foot of that gorgeous bed, Octavia and Clarke briefly framed against that swathe of sky in Clarke’s bedroom, the zoom into the back of Becca’s neck all stitched-up and terrifying, everything with Richard Harmon’s face in it. The blocking of the scene where Titus shot Lexa was clean and straightforward, unlike some fight scenes in the show has been. And kudos to the woman who plays Becca/ALIE, because it took me about half the episode to realize she was both of them.

    Narratively, I think the flashbacks were a surprisingly good choice, which I almost never do. They allowed us, first of all, to reassemble the vague, disjointed memories we had of the Ark mythos, which hasn’t really played much of a role since mid-season 1. They also gave us Becca as a foil for Clarke; both women who played an intimate role in a genocide, both trying to atone for it. (Or Clarke at least getting to a place where she’ll try to atone for it, hopefully.) I’ll be interested to see more of how Becca’s plan went, whether through more flashbacks or through the passing on of that freaky-ass beetle thing.

    I wish Lexa’s death had given us a more substantial image of her take on TItus’s “love is weakness” spiel, because right now it almost seems like a theme the show if trying to drive home. (You discussed this a couple of weeks ago, I think.) While I can recognize that, by the end, Lexa herself did not believe love was weakness, her death also seemed to play into that theme in a way that I’m not quite satisfied with. I’m not quite able to articulate all my feelings about that yet, though.

    I actually really liked the hard-hitting SF creepiness at the end there, the way it carried the tone of Lexa’s death through. Generally when someone on TV dies, we feel a horror, but it’s a distant, muffled kind of horror, especially if we’ve been bracing for it as with Lexa. The combination of freaky-ass beetle thing horror and body horror created by Titus *literally slicing open Lexa’s neck* helped intensify that, so we were in the right frame of mind for the last shot of Clarke’s grief.

    I think ultimately how I feel about this episode is going to depend on how next week’s manages to mirror it. We’re going to be in a very different place post-3.08, and I’m hoping that place manages to combine net narrative progress with a super dark midpoint, because right now I’m only sure of one of those.

  5. Gillian

    “considering you pray to garbage, no offense”

    I now pray to Murphy and I need to start reconsidering all my life choices

    “but I’ve been growing steadily more and more bored of the Polis storyline (it’s been really hard to watch Clarke hide from herself, okay?)” omg this whole paragraph YES Polis needed Octavia to show up and break the cycle (also…other things….to break up the cycle) (which, you know, HAPPENED)

    “Also, apparently I have an Octavia calling Clarke out on her shit kink. ” BEST KINK BEST THING BEST BEST



    ” the rising tragedy strings score’ jesus that scene OH GOD THE CALL and oh my god that shot with all the mushroom clouds. That was fucking chilling. So amazing. Goosebumps everywhere.

    ” (the foreshadowing was strong this episode)” INDEEEEEEED

    like literally Ascension Day

    “The usual Polis argument went down” lol

    “an unexpected level of ninjatude” LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    why am i suddenly so fond of Titus how did that happen also why don’t I possess an unexpected level of ninjatude SERIOUS QUESTIONS FOR A FRIDAY

    “ditto Clarke’s soft ‘maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people.’ ” this is the part of this that kills me most, that underscores just how doomed this little “flame in a storm” ship kind of was. Because that day is…well, that’s an impossible dream from the get go, basically. That someday is an impossibility in this world.

    *sing “Somewhere there’s a place for us/a time and a place for us” from West Side Story*

    “Because this is The 100 and we have established time and time again that the show doesn’t give us nice things without immediately following them with epic tragedy” what truth

    nodding very much along to your entire following three paragraphs or so, like literally the whole thing

    “and the ultimate point the show wants to drive home: love is not weakness, love is strength and that life is about more than just surviving.” THISSSSSS

    “Honestly, after everything that happened, the grade A scifi shit that followed ” i’m super into this grade A scifi shit ngl i thought that was fucking baller (though yeah, dampened by the timing) (but OMG WHEN THEY PULLED THAT WRIGGLIGN THING OUT OF HER NECK)
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  6. Kate Copeseeley

    I don’t have a lot of time, but before I leave town, I have to say, I thought about this all night. Like literally, I barely slept. That’s what this show does to me. *sigh*
    And I don’t really think of it as a viewer, I think of it more as a writer type person.
    Like what would I have done? If I had known I have a certain amount of minutes to devote, and I know that I have this overarching story that I have to tell, how do I do it?

    Honestly, I would do it almost exactly the way they did. Almost.

    There are two elements at play that people object to that I’ve seen in relation to this episode:
    1) They killed off Lexa right after she and Clarke made love.
    2) They killed her off in a pointless manner that was really random and didn’t really match the character that they’d been building up to.

    So first #1 (of course this is only as I see it, and what I would have written if I’d been the writer):
    It was practically impossible for Clarke and Lexa to have had that moment in the amount of episodes they had. There were only a few weeks(?) for them to really form feelings for each other, and any sooner would have been ridiculous. Also, Clarke has been pushing those feelings down hardcore, so if the death hadn’t happened, Clarke would have left the city and they would have gotten together at some point down the road. (honestly, if they had gotten her as a regular this would have been the very best option and it would have really given this relationship the time and space it deserved) but they didn’t have that. And I think they really wanted to give the fans something. And yeah, it’s gilding the bitter pill, but I think of that loving moment as a gift to all the fans who loved Clexa so much.
    Anyway, that was kind of a rabbit trail, but all this to say, Clarke never would have done anything with her if she didn’t feel the tension of that leaving moment. You know? So it kind of had to all be in that episode.

    2) As for the death itself, there were some limiting factors for that scene, obviously. Titus had to be there, because we needed to see his interaction with Lexa. Clarke had to be there, so she could see him doing that stuff. And Murphy had to be there, because he’s the only one who could connect all the dots. So those three people had to be in the room when the death happened, so logically it makes sense. NOW. That being said, there are a TON of tweaks that could have happened so that Lexa’s death was less pointless and more purposeful. For instance, what if she’d heard the shots, come running, and thrown herself at Titus and gotten shot that way? Or thrown herself in front of Clarke? Both of those easy tweaks (though cliche, let’s be real) would have gone a lot farther toward giving Clexa’s fans a meaningful death at least. They wouldn’t have messed up the tight timeline at all, and all the people that needed to see how the Commander’s lives get passed from one to the next.

    That’s my take. I cried buckets during her death and I might have to write a Clexa Fic to give those ladies the love story they deserved. Everything but the actual shooting was handled so well, so poignantly. I loved it.

    I’m so chilled by the scifi part. I thought it was going to be lame and corny, but I was absolutely wrong and I fully admit it. amazing. I can’t wait to see what the next episodes bring us.
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  7. Carina Olsen

    Stunning review, Meg, as always. <3 You are the bestest. Love this so much 😀 This time I won't write so much as I did yesterday, lol. Just a little bit 🙂 First, I loved this episode so, so, so much. Sigh. I'm glad that what I wanted to happen, happened, lol. But I'm also a bit sad, because there was no Bellamy in this one. Hmph.

    Yesss, I pretty much love Murphy, lol. I have started to like him so, so much 🙂 He's pretty awesome lately. And yesss for Octavia. She's awesome in this episode 🙂 I love her relationship with Indra. So good. Sigh. These characters are the best 🙂

    I liked the past parts. But I don't really get why they bombed that station.. especially once Becca left. Ugh. SO many dead people o.O So mean.

    I'm not sure how I felt about Clarke and Lexa. Well, okay, I know how I felt. I didn't like their romance one bit. Shrugs. I just never liked Lexa. And I still don't forgive her for everything she did in season two. So yeah. I didn't get that romance at all. Sigh. And I don't like that they were together like that, before she died :\ I feel like Clarke is with so many people in this show. First there was Finn. And girl she slept with in beginning of this season. And now Lexa. And I feel like she has feelings for Bellamy too, and I just. It's a bit too much for me. Not a fan of so many romances :p

    I actually liked the way Lexa ended up dying. Found it to be so interesting to watch, hih. And aw, Titus. Asshole. But I sort of like him, a little bit. But he's the worst. Huh. I thought he just got the gun from the Arkers? So many of them have died, lol, so I think it would have been easy to find one 🙂 I felt like he hadn't held a gun before, as he missed a lot, so I don't think he had had the gun for a while.

    I must be honest, I just hated that Clarke and Lexa were a thing. I wouldn't have minded at all if Lexa had a relationship with another girl. I just did not like that it was Clarke. Shrugs. And so I did not like that they had sex before she died. I just. It wasn't for me 🙂 But I do see so so many people loving them together.

    I'm so nervous about the next episode. MORE BELLAMY 😀 But the Octavia beating him up scene will probably happen soon.. ahhh. And did you see how Clarke and Murphy ended up being locked up in the room? I sort of feel like Titus will say they killed Lexa? I'm unsure. But it worries me 🙂 Anyway. This episode was awesome and I cannot wait for the next ones 🙂 Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts, as always, sweetie. <3
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  8. gradybridges

    The 8th Nightblood IMO is clearly Costia. Lexa and Costia fall in love while in training. When the Conclave happens, I’m assuming they fight to the death, Costia is spared by Lexa. Ice Nation sees this as weakness and kills Costia. That’s why she didn’t want to about it with Clarke.

    • gradybridges

      Meant to say talk about it with Clarke. Anytime Costia is mentioned Lexa changes the subject like she does with Clarke in bed

  9. ExiledInnocent

    Great analysis! This episode was so very well done. I loved that Murphy was present for everything lol. He literally came from being a hated character to one who is loved and who basically knows everything lol. The flashbacks didn’t feel forced, they felt right. And Becca’s character came across as both passionate and a little crazy for her AI work, brilliant. I love how Octavia is all kinds of righteous and badass, I love her relationship with Indra. It was great that Octavia called Clarke out and said what Clarke needed to hear.

    And even as a Lexa fan and Clexa shipper, even though I reasoned with myself, tried to convince myself that Lexa would live, I knew she would die. But oh my hell they could have handled it better. Or hey maybe, they could have exiled her. They could have had Titus/grounders rebel and dethrone her. They could have pulled the AI from her body (or whatever) to choose another commander, and she could have escaped with Clarke to go into hiding/exile. In my mind that would have tied the story lines together, written off Alycia for FTWD with the chance to come back (occasionally or permanently), given Clarke and Lexa their closure, pushed Clarke to save her people, and it would have kept Lexa alive. But that is the hope of what my mind conjured up and this is reality. Even with her death and the tragedy that it was, it was amazing television. It made us all feel, and isn’t that the end goal of the writers? They did their job, they pulled us in and made us feel things right beside these characters. Terrible, horrible, feelings that left many of us broken hearted. But still strong, strong amazing stuff.

    All in all, it was a FANTASTIC episode. Without a doubt these writers as a whole, this series as a whole, is so well done. Compelling characters and compelling stories. I will continue watching, but with a heaviness in my heart. Lexa’s death will be one that lingers with this series and its fans, long after its over I think.

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