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4 September, 2015 videos 27 comments

So this week I shot a video for the Unpopular Opinions Booktag. This tag was started by The Book Archer and it’s about expressing bookish opinions that may not be that popular! I had so much fun making this video as I do love to be unpopular!

The questions are here:


1. A Popular Book or series that you didn’t like.
2. A Popular Book or series that every one else seems to hate but you love.
3. A Love Triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with (warn ppl for spoilers) OR an OTP that you don’t like.
4. A popular book Genre that you hardly reach for.
5. A popular or beloved character that you do not like.
6. A popular author that you can’t seem to get into.
7. A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing. (examples “lost princess”, corrupt ruler, love triangles, etc.)
8. A popular series that you have no interest in reading.
9. The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or T.V. show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

I forgot to tag people for the video but if you want to do the tag, please feel free and just say I tagged you!


Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

Co-blogger at Cuddlebuggery
Kat Kennedy is a book reviewer and aspiring author in the Young Adult genre. She reviews critically but humorously and get super excited about great books. Find her on GoodReads.
Kat Kennedy

27 Responses to “Video: Unpopular Opinions Booktag”

  1. Naomi

    I love this and I adore your ACCENT!!!! Oh my god!!! And for the third question I would have gone with the Shatter Me series oh my god, uggghhhh!!!

  2. Cristina R. Guarino

    I find it so sad that everyone I’ve seen do this book tag feels the need to apologize for their personal opinions. People are so castigated for their opinions these days, ESPECIALLY on books, that it seems like doing a fun little video like this is setting yourself up for major criticism (if not outright bullying)! It’s interesting (and fitting) that you got that much backlash from Clare’s fanbase–Clare herself is known for cyberbullying people who had the audacity to call her out on her plagiarism in the Harry Potter fanfic of hers, The Draco Trilogy, which eventually became the City of Bones series.

  3. Erin Burns

    I kind of agree with you on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But the book/movie that completely eclipsed those on the topic of the movie being better than the books was Cloud Atlas. I don’t know if it was because of the book specifically, because of the narrative changes that were made, or because it is one of the few times that I watched the movie before reading the book. But whatever it was, the book was a massive let down in comparison.
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  4. Fangs for the Fantasy

    1) Mortal Instruments. Just… whyyyyy?! How can anyone not read this book and not pray for an invasion of angry, demonically possessed bears?!

    I also have to agree with Vampire Academy – almost. because I loathed the first two books as well – Yay vampires in HIGH SCHOOL. Such fun,. bring on the mean girls.

    3) No love triangle ends the way I want (with chainsaw wielding velociraptors. *sigh* so many books could be improved with chainsaw wielding velociraptors.)

    4) Honestly any YA which involves school (which so much does) Oh gods whyyyy?!

    5) I am told people like Clary. Or Rose from Vampire Academy. or any character from House of Night. Or Bella. And not just for target practice. There are clearly people out there who weren’t hugged enough as children and need to be told they deserve nice things

    7) “I’m a teenager with super powers – woe is me! WOE! Because no teenager wants to be special with super abilities! They all wants to be mundane and boring!”

    9) Lord of the Rings. Tolkein needed a copy editor so VERY BADLY. Someone (possibly with a chainsaw – velociraptor optional) to chop away the 60% of his books that were GROSSLY UNNECESSARY
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  5. Kate Copeseeley

    Kat. KAT. I LOVED Unspoken. YAY. Now we don’t have to be so sad about me not liking Cruel Beauty. By the way SRB is an unabashed Bellarke fan, so there’s that, too.

    BTW- That dress? you’re wearing is super cute and you look way hot in it. *smooches you and runs away*

  6. Cait @ Paper Fury

    OMG I AM 100% WITH YOU ON THE TRIANGLE IN SHADOW AND BONE. I was absolutely heartbroken. I just…no, and I think the author kinda threw Nikolai into a weird “let’s-just-get-rid-of-him” sort of sub-plot and it made me cry so much. I LOVE NIKOLAI SO MUCH. *hyperventilates*
    So basically this was a fabulous video. 😉 And I also agree about contemporary! I really need explosions and blood and guts and all that fun stuff.

    • Kat Kennedy

      I LIKED Nikolai. Certainly so much more than Mal who was just so bad for her. So blah. Glad there’s another contemporary-not-fan amongst the ranks! It just doesn’t work for me.

  7. Sarah McGuire

    Kat, I so agree about instalove! But I can’t think of a story where I thought it was done well. Can you suggest any books you feel had good examples of it?

    • Kat Kennedy

      HELLO DARLING! So good to see you!
      Well, it’s hard to remember which books have instalove and which don’t. Froi of the Exiles is kind of insatlovey I think. I’m looking back at my other ones now. Cinder by Marissa Meyer is one I THINK. I MIGHT BE WRONG ABOUT THIS.
      I’ll have to go through and check the rest of my Goodreads.

      • Sarah McGuire

        Thanks, Kat! (Lovely to be seen!) These books are a great start into instalove.
        You’re right, Cinder at least had elements of it. I’ve never heard of Froi of the Exiles, but will definitely have to check it out.

  8. Beth W

    I agree with you 100% on the LotR narrative! No roasting here. Although I’m sad you couldn’t get into Cassandra Clare’s series. 🙁

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  10. Kimberley

    I love this video (and secretly your accent!!), and it made me feel a bit less bad over the shared opinions I have with you!! The john green thing was so spot on.. They are so popular, but sooo not for me.. and then the LotR thing, I might go to hell, especially as a huge fan, but I agree with you! Anyways, great stuff!! Ps. What are some instaloves you did feel were good enough???
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