Twitter Roundup: The Hashtag Edition July 31, 2015

31 July, 2015 Twitterary Round-Up 1 comment

Twitter Roundup: The Hashtag Edition July 31, 2015

Hello, Friends!  Welcome to Cuddlebuggery’s Twitter Round-up, a feature showcasing our favorite literary (authors, bloggers, readers, general bookish community) tweets of the week.  Hope you enjoy all the funny, insightful and interesting tweets we found lurking around the internet!


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#amwriting Or Am I?


Fangirling Is For Everyone







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Kate Copeseeley

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  1. Carina Olsen

    So many awesome tweets, as always 😀 And eeek. One of my tweets are included here 😀 Ack! Thank you oh so much. <3 That means a lot 🙂 As you guys are amazing and I adore your blog oh so much. <3 Thank you for sharing about all this awesome 😀 I especially love the In Voldemort's Perspective pictures 😉 So awesome.

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