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9 February, 2015 Blog Hops 98 comments

Last List Blog Hop BadgeThe Last List Blog Hop

This is an unconventional blog hop but we sincerely hope some generous bloggers would be awesome enough to help us out with it.

As most of you know, Egmont recently closed its doors, leaving its YA and MG’s List authors in a bad situation. Anyone who knows anything about publishing knows that this is a huge blow to the authors and the books they’ve worked so hard on.

We thought to ourselves, what can we do to help? And maybe some of you are doing the same.

Thus The Last List Blog Hop was born.

What’s it About?

Helping to promote the books for these authors going through an extremely tough time. There will be content provided by authors as well as some swag for the blogs to giveaway. You can check out the Tumblr for the Last List here.

What Can You Do?

If you have a book blog:

Sign up to the blog hop and chose which book you want to promote. There are Q&A’s and guest posts available from the authors but there is a limit on these so leave a comment requesting your top 3 choices if you want it and we’ll try and allocate accordingly. You could also review a book for the date.

Please try to use Rafflecopter for your giveaways so that it’s easy for people to enter.

If you don’t have a book blog:

You can still participate by visiting the blogs on the sign up and supporting them! Enter the giveaways and win yourself a copy of one of the books below!

Why Are We Doing This?

We realise this is not a normal thing to do, maybe some people may even be opposed to this, but we appreciate what an awful position these authors have been put in at a time that should be a celebration of a massive achievement. We are enormously blessed to be able to run this blog and have the platform that we do to bring attention to this, and wanted to reach out and see if anyone else wanted to help.

Who Are These Authors?

Good Crooks

Author Content Available:


4-6 Available

Swag Available:

Am willing to give a free Q-and-A skype to a classroom or library.

The Dickens Mirror

Author Content Available:



Guest Posts:

Available if you can suggest a topic

Swag Available:

Signed WHITE SPACE (Book I) PBs & HBs, as needed (Int)

Signed DICKENS MIRROR HBs, as needed, when available (Int)

3. Three codes for Audible Audiobook of DM (not yet available, though).


 Author Content Available:


4-6 Available

Swag Available:

6 signed ARCS of ANYWHERE BUT PARADISE (Nth America)



 Author Content Available

Q&A’s: 5

Swag Available:

3 signed hardcovers of TEAR YOU APART (Nth America only)

3 signed paperbacks of KILL ME SOFTLY (Nth American only)


Author Content Available:


5-10 Q&A (3-5 questions each. Quirky questions are my favorite.)

Swag Available:

2 signed ARCs of THE ETERNITY KEY (Int)

2 signed copies of THE SHADOW PRINCE (Int)

1 hardcover set of my Dark Divine trilogy, all signed. (Nth America Only)


Author Content Available:



Guest Posts:


Swag Available:

3 signed hardbacks of BURN OUT (Nth America only)

3 signed ARCs of STRANGE SKIES (Int)


 Author Content Available:



Swag Available:

HISSY FITZ signed bookmarks (Int)

12 signed hardcover copies of ODD WEIRD LITTLE (Int)


Author Content Available:

Guest Posts: 6

Q&A’s: 6

Swag Available:

3 autographed VALIANT ARCs (Nth America Only)

2 autographed VALIANT ARCs (Int)

Seaborn The Lost Prince

Author Content:



Swag Available:

3 signed ARCs of SEABORNE (Nth America Only)

4 signed trilogies of THE JACK BLANK ADVENTURE (Nth America Only)


Author Content Available:



Guest Posts:

Available if you can think of a topic

Swag Available:

Three signed copies of the full set (Nth America only)

Book 1, MIDDLEWORLD (paperback)

Book 2, END OF THE WORLD CLUB (paperback)

Book 3, RIVER OF NO RETURN (paperback)

Book 4, THE LOST CITY (hardback)

How This Works

Signups will run from the 9th February – 1st March at 12PM EST.

Posts go up on the 2nd March 2015.

Use the Link Up tool below to sign up for the blog hop. Simply pick a book from the above list to promote on your blog for that day and let us know in the comments which one you’ll be supporting (or top 3 you are interested in). Some author content and swag is available depending on the book and will be provided to blogs on a first come, first serve basis.



Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

Co-blogger at Cuddlebuggery
Kat Kennedy is a book reviewer and aspiring author in the Young Adult genre. She reviews critically but humorously and get super excited about great books. Find her on GoodReads.
Kat Kennedy

98 Responses to “The Last List Blog Hop”

  1. Ilex

    I don’t have a blog. But I do want to say, this is a beautiful idea, Kat. I feel so terrible for these authors.

  2. Laurie

    This is an awesome idea! Thank you for doing this and spotlighting these authors.
    I’d love to promote Ilsa J. Bick, Bree Despian, or Sarah Cross.
    I’ll gladly run whatever I can (guest post, interview, etc). I just started reading Bick’s White Space so I can review that and if there’s an ARC for The Dickens Mirror, I’ll read and review that too.
    Whatever I can do, let me know:)
    Laurie recently posted…The Accidental Empress by @AllisonPataki blog tour #AccidentalEmpress #giveaway @kismetbtMy Profile

  3. Guest Post: From The Heart

    […] show the Last Listers how ready the publishing community is to support them, we hope you’ll head over to the blog hop that Cuddlebuggery is hosting, and sign up. Let’s show Egmont’s Last List some love — you can do so in the comments below to […]

  4. Sarah McGuire

    Kat, can I slip in and say how much all the Last List support has meant to the Egmont authors? It’s been so very heartening! (And I’d also like to point out that Francis Lee Hall and Holly VanDyne are two Egmont authors who are having to sell their books all over again- and they’re still helping us. Amazing.)

  5. Rebecca Wells

    I would LOVE to do Sarah McGuire’s VALIANT – read an ARC a few months ago and am planning to staff pick it at my bookstore.

    My next choices would be either TEAR YOU APART or THE DICKENS MIRROR, but I’m open to whichever. 🙂

  6. Shala Howell

    Thanks for doing this. I’d love to see these writers land on their feet. This must be so stressful for them. I have two blogs — the first Caterpickles, is intended for parents with young children. I’d like to review Good Crooks or Hissy Fitz for it. My other blog is for older readers. My top picks for reviews for that one are Anywhere but Paradise or Valiant. Although really, I’ll be happy to read whichever books are low on love.

  7. The Lost City Authors J&P Voelkel

    […] readers already know, Egmont Publishing is closing its doors, and this is sad news for its authors. Cuddlebuggery is hosting a blog hop to promote and showcase these Egmont authors, and here you find the stop for […]

  8. Rita

    It is a very good initiative, I do not criticize it in any way. I would like to read some of these books surely.

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