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BWNBuzz Worthy News

This week in Buzz Worthy News: There’s an update on Iain Banks’ health, Lydia Davis wins the Man Booker prize, Amazon made everyone lose their shit with an announcement that they will soon begin selling fanfiction, and controversy.  Just the general author wank.  All this and more so come check it out!

Buzz Worthy News is Cuddlebuggery’s weekly news post bringing you all the best information about the book and blogging world, particularly for the venn diagram of people who overlap between the two.  For new releases and cover reveals of all the best Young Adult fiction, check out our Sunday post: How New Titles.


Iaian BanksSir Iain Banks Gives an Update

Okay, so he hasn’t actually been knighted, but I decided he deserved to be, so I’m awarding him an honorary Knighting.

He posted this week to let the book world know how he’s doing.  Which is great since he was enjoying himself on his honeymoon while freaking us all out with his morbid grave humor while we weep uselessly.

“The latest medical news is that my bilirubin level continues to fall and I have an appointment for a CT scan at the end of the month. If my bilirubin is below 50 – and if the tumours have behaved themselves – then chemotherapy will be an option, with these new CT results forming the base line for measuring the improvements chemo might provide. If the scan shows the tumours have been over-enthusiastic during the last couple of months, then – as I understand it – chemo would be pointless. Assuming it is an option I’ll probably try chemo and see how I react, but if it wipes me out each time I shan’t be persevering.”

Good luck, dude!  Cuddlebuggery is thinking of you!


Lydia DavisLydia Davis Wins the Man Booker Prize.

Lydia Davis, accomplished author of short stories, translator, essayist and all round awesome person, has been awarded the Man Booker Prize this year.

The Prize, worth £60,000, is awarded for an achievement in fiction on the world stage and Davis’s achievements are writ large despite often using startlingly few words (some of her longer stories only stretch to two or three pages). Her work has the brevity and precision of poetry. Sir Christopher Ricks, chairman of the judges, said her “writings fling their lithe arms wide to embrace many a kind. Just how to categorise them? They have been called stories but could equally be miniatures, anecdotes, essays, jokes, parables, fables, texts, aphorisms or even apophthegms, prayers or simply observations.”

Man Booker International Prize Finalists for 2013

U R Ananthamurthy

Aharon Appelfeld

Lydia Davis

Intizar Husain

Yan Lianke

Marie NDiaye

Josip Novakovich

Marilynne Robinson

Vladimir Sorokin

Peter Stamm



AmazonDRAMA!  Amazon is Selling Fan Fiction

The big news this week, that has kind of rocked the publishing world, is that Amazon, using Kindle World will start allowing people to publish and sell their fanfiction for any books or shows that Amazon has permission to.

“Today, Amazon Publishing announces Kindle Worlds, the first commercial publishing platform that will enable any writer to create fan fiction based on a range of original stories and characters and earn royalties for doing so. Amazon Publishing has secured licenses from Warner Bros. Television Group’s Alloy Entertainment division for its New York Times best-selling book series Gossip Girl, by Cecily von Ziegesar; Pretty Little Liars, by Sara Shepard; and Vampire Diaries, by L.J. Smith; and plans to announce more licenses soon. Through these licenses, Kindle Worlds will allow any writer to publish authorized stories inspired by these popular Worlds and make them available for readers to purchase in the Kindle Store.”

But, who gets paid?

“Amazon Publishing will pay royalties to both the rights holders of the Worlds and the author. The standard author’s royalty rate (for works of at least 10,000 words) will be 35% of net revenue. As with all titles from Amazon Publishing, Kindle Worlds will base net revenue off of sales price—rather than the lower, industry standard of wholesale price—and royalties will be paid monthly.”

There’s other stuff in the press release about short stories being sold blah, blah, blah… but WHAT?!  Selling fanfiction now?!  *Stares intently at my Harry Potter Fanfiction*

Reactions to this by authors and people were not… warm.  For starters, it says nothing there about the original author making any money from this.  Unless, of course, they’re the right’s holders – which is unlikely for many of the authors of the original works.

I think this summarized it best:

Tahereh Mafi

There is a lot of controversy about this.  And you guys know how anti-amazon I generally am in my views.  But I have to kind of admire Amazon’s brass balls in this case.  People love Fanfiction.  This idea will probably make a lot of money.  Heartless, soulless, dodgy corporation they may be, but nobody can claim they lack innovation.

And, hey, if they publish the really successful fanfictions as paperbacks books in bookstores, Stephen King might even approve.


penguinPenguin’s Price Fixing Debacle is Over Now

The price fixing scandal that has plagued Penguin is now over after the big publisher settled for 75 million dollars.  Doing so will resolve all anti-trust issues the publisher has with the 33 state attorney’s generals and the consumers affected by its anti trust activities.

“Penguin has also committed to the State Attorneys General to abide by the same injunctive relief as previously agreed in a separate settlement with the Department of Justice. In anticipation of reaching this agreement, Pearson had made a $40m provision for settlement in its 2012 accounts. An incremental charge will be expensed in Pearson’s 2013 statutory accounts as part of the accounting for the Penguin Random House joint-venture.”


nook-press1Barnes & Noble Seems to Have Deleted a Bunch of Dirty, Filthy Erotica – Because of the Children!

So, a while ago a few authors started to notice that a bunch of their titles were missing from Barnes & Noble’s Nook site.  They also appear to be playing with the rankings of many of the titles – moving some from #5 to #127, something that doesn’t tend to happen naturally, much, in the market.  Here’s a blog post from author Maya Cross:

“Barnes and Noble appear to be manipulating their Nook bestseller list. They seem to have issue with either self published books or books containing erotic content, or both, and they don’t want them being too visible on their site. From what we can gather, there seems to be an artificial wall in their rankings, somewhere around #125, and any books they deem unworthy cannot rank higher, no matter how many copies they sell. My two titles are both currently affected by this, as are Cassia Leo’s USA today best selling Shattered Hearts books, and several other works.

To give you the long form and explain how I know this:

My second book, Lockout, was doing astoundingly well on B&N. It was #5 in the whole store yesterday, right up between Dan Brown and James Patterson. I was over the moon.

But something weird was happening with the first book in my series, Locked. It rose when book two launched, but once it hit #126 in the overall store, it stuck in place. It kept selling more books, but wouldn’t move. Not even a single ranking place. And it held that position for 48 hours. Now, it’s almost impossible for a book to not shift even a few places in a given day. Most books change rank every hour, so obviously this wasn’t normal. It felt like it had been pinned in place.

Then, this morning, the same thing happened to Lockout. It went from #5 in the whole Nook store, to #126, in the blink of an eye. This makes no sense. It’s all but totally impossible for book sales to plummet that dramatically of their own accord.”

Then word came in, though unofficially, about what seems to be going on:

“Nook UK has simply DELETED thousands of erotic romance/erotica titles. No algorithm shenanigans, no rank tinkering… just gone, completely.

All enquiries get either an unhelpful pass the buck reply, or ignored. It took one of my publishers to get an answer. Nook UK had decided they wanted to ‘clean house’ because they were doing a promo for kids and teens, so they just removed what they considered to be questionable material from their catalogue.

But they wouldn’t admit that to individual authors.”

I’m not actually sure what’s going on, what’s true and what’s not – but it seems weird shit is happening at the online Nook Store.

SOURCE – A cool Dudette.  She knows who she is.


The School for Good and EvilThe School for Good and Evil is Going to be a Movie

So the MG novel that had everyone tittering about it’s awesome trailer now has a movie deal!  It’s with Universal Pictures so I’m sure that won’t be an issue.

“The Oz The Great And Powerful producer had partnered with Jane Startz Production to acquire movie rights to The School For Good And Evil. After a spirited auction, Universal Pictures won the property in a seven-figure deal for book and scriptwriting fees. It’s the first title in a novel trilogy by Soman Chainani that will be published in the U.S. by HarperCollins on May 14 and in the U.K. on June 6. The trilogy tells the story of ordinary boys and girls who are kidnapped from their homes and sent to The School for Good and Evil, where they are trained to be fairy tale heroes and villains, princesses and witches. The protagonist is Sophie, a beauty who is dumped into the School for Evil while her homely best friend Agatha is taken to the School for Good. Both girls find their fortunes reversed and are forced to confront the truth about their unexpected destinies. The book debuted this weekend #7 on The New York Times Bestseller list.”

I am super excited about this, actually.   But the reviews haven’t been as super awesome as the concept seems to be.  Still, I shall have to read it for myself to see!


Only Seven Seasons of Game of Thrones.

Though I don’t watch the show, nor have I read the books, that sentence does seem distressing.  I should mention that I fully intend to watch the show… someday.  I’ll probably wait until the episode where this dude dies so that I’ll have that to comfort me.


But, yeah, news is out that you Game of Thrones watching peeps are three seasons down, with only four to go!  Dayum!

[The number of seasons] is being discussed as we speak. The third season was the first half of book three, season four will be the second part of book three. George R.R. Martin has written books four and five; six and seven are pending… I would hope that, if we all survive, and if the audience stays with us we’ll probably get through to seven seasons.

I sure hope G.R.R. Martin, who is infamously slow at writing, will be able to keep up with that!

Chris Hems-worthy-of-my-attraction Might Play Christian Grey

Normally, I’d ignore this kind of update because it’s really just fan-wanking, but it was a slow news week, so on it goes!

Chris Hemsworth of Thor and Avengers fame, father of James Tiberius Kirk and frequent guest star in my dreams, is one of those being considered to play Christian Grey.

“Hollyscoop also reported that Hemsworth is a front-runnner to play 27-year-old sexy billionaire and BDSM-crazed Christian Grey.

The writer pointed out that Hemsworth might be too bulky for the important part, but he could also slim down to the perfect weight for Christian Grey and “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie fans.

This was back in January, but Hemsworth has always been a top contender for Christian Grey along with Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill, Alexander Skarsgard, Robert Pattinson, and others.”

No.  You see, if he loses the bulk, then he can’t be Thor any more, people.  And I think we can all agree, that Thor is the far more important of the two roles.


Is that a Mjolnir in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?” – The opening line to one of my more frequent fantasies.

But, and let’s remember – this is a slow news day, let’s just line up all the contenders for fun!  Movie producers, please feel free to pick one of them instead:
Ian I’mmaholdyerbutt – First answer to the fancasting of any role that begins with the call for a handsome man:
Ian Somerhalder, Gotham Magazine, November 1, 2009
Matt Boner:
Matt Bomer
Henry Cavill – If we wanted to be super meta when casting this movie:
henry cavill
Alexander Skarsgard-my-pants:
Alexander Skarsgard
Robert Pat-him-some:
You know, I legitimately don’t think he’ll ever live this one down.  But, seriously, I doubt there is any amount of money that could compel him to do this movie.  And how could people be so cruel as to ask him?!  Wasn’t Twilight bad enough!?


A Warning to Stay Away – Far Away

Before I go into this post, I feel I should mention how much I strongly advise you don’t directly interact with this author.  It’s just best you don’t contact her, don’t disturb her, don’t argue with her.  It will probably only make the situation worse and it seems to upset her a lot.
This week has been a big week for Eve Thomas to freak the hell out.  For a person already grossly predisposed to the abundant use of hashtags, it’s only getting more painful to read the posts.  Not that I was aware of her before this week, so I’m not entirely sure where this all started, but the recent drama seems to have sprung from here (though her claims of being bullied seem to be renewed from a past grievance).
It is a one star review stating:
“The formatting is poor, the run on sentences are still present everywhere and then there are phrases such as, “I range the police.”
I tried reading past Eve’s story to the first letter that was by another survivor. The prose was so boring, and again, the grammar so poor, that I found myself skimming.
Glad I read the sample instead of spending ten dollars on this.”
According to Eve’s blog post here, this is bullying, harassment and illegal.

“Within hours one of the prolific bullies/trolls had spotted #OneVoice Fifty Shades Of Abuse and badly reviewed it on and gave it a one star rating, it can be seen here 

NOW THIS TIME I AM NOT ALLOWING THEM TO DO THIS!  THIS TIME I WILL NOT BACK DOWN AGAINST THE BULLIES!  I am glad I put it on Goodreads because if proof was ever needed that #OneVoice and this book is needed then here you have it!  Abuse is wrong and must stop.”
So, the only right thing to do?
“Today I am off to visit with Lancashire Police, I will be mentioning this although I am not sure what can be done.  I do know that most of the bullies/trolls are from the USA, 1 is from the UK, the one that rang the charity I support so it may be difficult but I will try this is #OneVoice and I am fiercely protective!”
Eve Thomas has also had her account deleted by Goodreads.

“Hello Eve,I’m the Customer Care Manager here – Emily has escalated your request to me.

We do fully support your cause against domestic violence, and of course we wish you the very best in your charity’s endeavors. Your book will continue to be available on Goodreads for members to review and recommend to others – it is not our intention to silence your voice.

That said,  we do expect all Goodreads members to abide by our Terms of Service- and in the case of authors, our author guidelines.   Your account was deleted because you failed to follow our rules despite multiple warnings.   In particular, sending unsolicited advertisements to members is considered spamming and is strictly prohibited, even if the book is for a charitable cause.  We received multiple complaints from members of the site about you spamming them.  It also violates our guidelines to confront users who have reviewed your books negatively. While negative reviews can be upsetting,  readers do have a right to express their honest opinion about a book without harassment from the author.  As these rules continued to be broken, we were eventually forced to ban you from further use of Goodreads.

I understand that you feel some of the reviews of your books were unfair.   I promise to take a close look at all the reviews to ensure they comply with our review guidelines, though I’d remind you again that we do not remove reviews simply for being critical of a work and that includes what a member perceives to be the quality of the writing.

Best regards,

Kara EricksonCustomer Care”

Eve Thomas was pretty upset about this:
“Goodreads I have kept every email from you, including the ones where you state you do not moderate foul language, bullying or threats on your site even though CHILDREN use it!
Yes, Goodreads deleted my account and have therefore prevented me from raising any awareness, they have SILENCED our voices, they have SILENCED #OneVoice.  I have asked them repeatedly to take my books off the site but they refuse, it’s as if they are stirring the bullies/abusers up, I just don’t get it!  I have made #OneVoice a Goodreads account and today I will be posting from it, I promised you all #OneVoice would NEVER be silenced and I keep my promises!”
Point of fact, and advice for everyone, if you want to use a website then it is best to abide by its TOS.  Also, I just really hate spam.
So after all this comes down, accusations of Eve Thomas spamming charities, lit agents, authors and popular websites arise on twitter and her account there is in jeopardy as she is also violating Twitter’s TOS.
“If you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account;”
“If you send large numbers of duplicate @replies or mentions;”
“If you send large numbers of unsolicited @replies or mentions in an aggressive attempt to bring attention to a service or link;”
That same tweet, slightly different wording, over and over and over again.
Now after being confronted about spamming from an author that received one of her spam tweets, she’s lashed out again in another blog post:
“Last night, an ex marine from America (@darkwriter) decided to launch an attack on me, now at the time I didn’t see this as he sneaked in with the pretence of helping me, guiding me.  This morning I see he has been tweeting one of the vilest #bullies/#abusers and between them and the rest of the abusers who have now suddenly appeared on Twitter they are trying to close me down there as well plus drag both myself and #OneVoice through the mud!  They are not content with having my account deleted from Goodreads, they are now pursuing me on social media and so I will clarify once again.

For the #abusers/#bullies in America, Angela Horn, Coaxial Creature, Nenia who has a BA in psychology by the way and the rest,  have you seen the charities that #OneVoice is helping, the charities that these brave and amazing victims and survivors have selected themselves, I will name a few for you.”

So my advice is, if you don’t want to be dragged into all this, to avoid reviewing this book and don’t interact with her at all.  Otherwise you could find yourself on the receiving end of a helluva lot of hashtags and accusations that you are an abuser/bully.

New Thing on Cuddlebuggery

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Kat Kennedy

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21 Responses to “Buzz Worthy News 27th May 2013”

  1. veela_valoom

    I’m not as bothered about the Amazon/Fanfiction thing as other people because published fanfiction has unfortunately become a thing with crap like Fifty Shades of Gray.  It seems like this move to monetize fanfiction might stop pulled-to-published fanfiction because publishers will want to maintain their intellectual property and make money themselves off of the fanfiction.  As a former fanfiction writer, I’m not saying I would do this or buy this, but maybe ultimately it can help with the P2P craze that’s currently happening.
    That Eve Thomas thing seems particularly ludicrous. I wold love to see the cops face when she told them her story.

  2. Fangs4Fantasy

    We have lots of feelings about Amazon fanfic and had to do a whole post on it. As a reader, I want this clearly labelled, I don’t want to buy fanfic without being clear what is and isn’t canon and that I am buying fanfic as opposed to original fiction.
    I am leery of any book seller – Zon, nook, whatever deciding to play shenanigans with books ranking. It has been done too often before and it really emphasises what powerful gatekeepers they are- as an added concern “adult content” is often interpreted as “ZOMG GAY FOLKS!” 
    Oh no another author lost their shit? The sad thing is, some of these authors I’ve never ever heard of and I can’t be the only one. They will forever be known to be as the author who lost their shit. At least Ann Rice gets the appelation “author who is foundation of urban fantasy – who lost her shit and her ever loving mind”. At least TRY to be known for more than epic shit losing before you start throwing your toys out of the pram and screaming a good ‘un
    I do find it extremely distasteful for her to make comparisons or implications that negative reviews are on par with abuse, especially since the charity and book are supposed to be drawing attention to domestic abuse. And then continuing to wave the “domestic abuse” flag as some kind of pass for all her behaviour, silencing negative reviews, spamming et al. I find it beyond distasteful and makes me think while I wish there were more attention to domestic abuse, she is not a great flag carrier for it.

    A SUGGESTIONS BOX! MUAHAHAH! Time for me to find a list of all the worst books ever! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I suffered now so must youuuuuuuuu!

  3. Shelver506

    Oh my word, that author is a wackjob. Soooo glad I don’t review anything anywhere near her genre so she’ll leave me the heck alone.

  4. ADStarrling

    Thank you for a brilliant and entertaining post as always. 
    Good news about Banks, he’s one cool man indeed. 
    It’s gonna be interesting to see how the Amazon Fan fiction saga unfolds. I shall bring popcorn. 
    As for Penguin and the other big publishers involved in the giant price fixing scam, I suspect it will be swept under the carpet by the end of the year.
    Another day, another author behaving badly. As an author, this kind of thing makes me shudder. When will they/we learn? DO NOT RESPOND TO POOR REVIEWS!!! Sit on your goddamn hands before you reach for that freakin’ keyboard or eat your bloody fingers! Just DON”T DO IT!
    And finally, re: the Christian Grey stuff. Hemsworth?! Seriously?! NOOOOOO, he must NOT lose that delicious, muscle-loaded, so-hot-it-hurts, please-pour-some-ice-cream-on-that (Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate, preferably), oh-dear-I-can-feel-a-hot-flush-coming-on, CHEST! 
    And that Rob Pat pic! Arrrrghhhhhh! *runs away with eyes bleeding*

  5. ReadingbyKF

    Love your post! Can’t believe Amazon is selling fan fictions!! that’s just… How did they even come up with the idea…? And of course other rights holders will hop on as soon as it makes some money. They don’t care about controversy if there’s money involved!! 
    And Hemsworth as  Christian Grey? NOOOOOOO!! Why would any self-respecting actor play that role? regardless of how much money they’ll make? Don’t they realize they’ll lose respect with probably more than half of their fans? or future fans?? They’ll forever be known as the person that played Christian Grey!! 
    And I’m not surprised GoT only has seven seasons. There’s no way Martin will write faster than the show is playing. I’m waiting for the episode where Joffrey dies too. I need to catch up on the most recent season to see if it’s already happened.

    • livin_thru_arts

      ReadingbyKF Joffrey will be off with it in season 4. So, that’s next year 😉

      • ReadingbyKF

        livin_thru_arts ReadingbyKF NOOOO!! I was so hoping it’d be this season!

  6. NoseGraze

    Ugh I will cry if Thor or Matt Bomer play Christian Grey.  I love those two actors but they will be tainted if they are in 50 Shades!

  7. ashowerofsparks

    I’d honestly be surprised in GoT only went 7 seasons. I guess it depends how fast Martin writes, otherwise maybe they’ll just make stuff up. LOL.

  8. LeliaTaylor

    One of the most alarming things about the Amazon fanfic deal is in the small print, that the publisher can take full possession of any creative ideas and characters that come out of it. Jane Doe will write her heart out and get nothing but 35% of the sale price and then lose control of what she wrote. Lovely, isn’t it?

  9. Kate C.

    I had to skip all that Eve Thomas stuff, because I’ll be honest, I don’t understand half of it.  I’d heard about the part where she calls the police, however.  They must have been so pleased about that!  *rolls eyes*
    They keep saying that Game of Thrones is going to be seven seasons, but since I waited like 7 years for book 5 to come out, I’m not really holding out hope that Georgey boy will get his butt in gear.  But, I am a loyal fan, so I’ll wait anyway. 🙂
    That whole B&N dropping your rating thing is just SOOO LAME.  Word is, the author in question is in talks to spread the story further, too.  I don’t get it myself.  Let the people read their smut!  Let them give you money for it!  Why not?  Also, the children have discovered the internet and they know how to find porn better than you.  So why in the world are you scrambling around trying to hide it?
    The review suggestion thingy is so cool!  I can’t wait to see what people pick.  🙂  Maybe a monster erotica like what karen always reviews. hahahaha

  10. Ashleigh Paige

    DAMMIT, AMMY. DAMMIT, B&N. YOU’RE BOTH BEING BAD DOGS THIS WEEK. I need to go get my newspaper for this one because they both need a good smack with the business section.
    I would absolutely see that The School for Good and Evil movie… if I loved the book enough. I’m going to read it eventually, but I’m already buried in review books and research books. I hadn’t realized it debuted as a bestseller either! Gimme gimme now.
    Eve Thomas is nothing short of ridiculous. She wanted people to Be Nice when they talked to her about her spamming instead of reporting her and Not Being Nice. Her definition of “nice” has yet to be uncovered. And even after people told her what she was doing wrong? She kept doing it! Learning from her mistakes and/or reading the author TOS? So 90s! Give me a BREAK. She’s not done running laps around the drama track, I’m sure.

  11. KKTrotter

    Damn … the things some people do to promote books is just crazy. Common sense is a key in every aspect of life. And tsk, tsk, B&N. I think it’s the parents’s responsibility to manage what their kids download. Amazon … that tumblr image pretty much sums it up better than anything I’ve seen about it yet. Great post, thanks for sharing all this info!

  12. Heartless_Lyn

    CHRIS NO!!  First, you do a movie with Kristen Stewart, then this! Do you torture me and make me watch bad movies to admire you! No no no!

    That whole Eve Thomas thing…..I feel horrible because I love the idea behind her book, but how she presents herself wrecks her charity more than anyone else on the internet.  Damn.

  13. JeepinJaime

    What in the world is up with the Eve woman? The review was about grammar. My word, what an over exaggeration. I absolutely appreciate what her book is about, and her desire to help abuse victims. BUT, couldn’t some of the things she is doing be construed as bullying? Yeesh. Love that I get to boss y’all around sometime. I am not good at being bossy, so I am going to go get in some practice with a mirror or something, and come back with some serious bossing. As usual, thank you for this post, and just for being you guys. And for Cuddlebuggery

  14. Neyra

    Nice, I’d go see The School for Good and Evil, though you mentioned bad reviews, so I’m not holding my breath until I get my own copy >.<

    Really B&N? Smh! Shouldn’t there be a section where anyone under eighteen DOESN’T see erotica books? I mean to have a book ranked at #5 then #126 is beyond disheartening for an author I’m sure.  
    Oh no, keep my Ian and Henry far, far, faaaaar away from ANYTHING CHRISTIAN GREY related! You dirty their beautiful face with such utter garbage!  Shame on you! …*tsk tsk… you couldn’t find a more….. appealing pic of Pattinson could you Kat? Bwahaha! Classic.
    *sigh* Some authors just don’t learn…. I read all this a few days ago… that Eve Thomas doesn’t need One Voice supporters, she needs a mental institution! It’s sad that she went through DV but that in no way give HER the right to abuse anyone else by calling them bullies and attempting to drag their name through the mud. That’s slander. She keeps acting like this no one will EVER respect her, smh.
    Boss you around? Well, don’t mind if I do! 😉 
    Great post as always ladies!

  15. Holly Letson

    Sounds like a lot of authors have been bring drama into the book world these last few months. They should learn to better their work by reading the neg reviews. People are not running them into the ground, but merely telling them what things could be better in their writings.

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