Hot New Titles: 9 December 2012

9 December, 2012 Hot New Titles 7 comments

Welcome to Hot New Titles! Check out this week’s YA releases like The Friday SocietyThe Farm, and Burned. And this week we had really HOT new cover reveals for titles like Antigoddess, Fault Line and After EdenAll this and more!

Hot New Titles is Cuddlebuggery’s weekly post for YA releases and cover reveals. Clicking the covers takes you to the book’s GoodReads page. As always, thank you Stories and Sweeties for compiling a great list of new releases! For all the latest book world news and book blogging gossip, check out our weekly Monday feature, Buzz Worthy News.

New Releases

Cover Reveals

Which books are you most looking forward to?

Steph Sinclair

Steph Sinclair

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7 Responses to “Hot New Titles: 9 December 2012”

  1. Ashleigh Paige

    Seeing The Friday Society in general makes me squee and want to snuggle my copy (but I can’t because it’s a few hundred miles away in my dorm room). It was so awesome! 
    Every book between now and forever begins with this line, according to my headcanon. Even if it’s a fluffy romance that actually starts with pie being thrown in someone’s face.

  2. veela_valoom

    I wanted to read The Friday Society but it was in a “all the publishers hate me” phase on Netgalley. It’s on the TBR list though.
    School Spirit is of course high on my list because I am such a Hex Hall fangirl.  Glad to find out it follows the Brannicks.

  3. Kara_M

    I really want The Friday Society, The Farm, and The Almost Truth. I’ve read an Eileen Cook book before and it was decent and this new one sounds interesting. The covers this week though…are HORRENDOUS. Every single one of them. Yikes.

  4. sazbah

    I actually have to give Entangled some credt, here. The covers for Melissa Wests books are PRETTY. I normally have bleeding from the eyeball region over them.
    AND OMG. While I don’t love the cover  of Kendare’s new book, it sounds EFFING AMAZING. AND I JUST READ THE BLURB FOR AFTER EDEN AND TIME TRAVEL? OK!

  5. Realm of Fiction

    I really like the cover for Hover! It looks great, though I do still prefer the cover for Gravity. I reckon that one is pretty hard to top. I’m excited to see if I’ll enjoy School Spirits as much as the Hex Hall books.

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