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7 May, 2012 Buzz Worthy News 39 comments

In this week’s Buzz Worthy News we have tales of racism in the Hunger Games community, the next J.K. Rowling, good news for the YA Genre and, of course, more scandals to report on.  All this and more!

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Book World News

What is going on with some Hunger Games fans?

After the shitstorm that was the racist tweets over the casting for the Character of Rue in the Hunger Games, another scandal has broken out recently when a fan campaigning for Jesse Williams to play the part of Finnick, met some very ridiculous backlash (many of the horrible, racist responses have been deleted).

“I think that Jesse Wiliams just won’t work. Finnick Odair in my eyes is Tall, young, disheveled medium long luscious Golden blonde hair, ocean blue colored eyes, he has a glowing tan, washboard abs, and wears almost no clothes, at the same times carries a trident. That is the guy i wan’t to see as Finnick. For example PERFECT GUY is Ian Somerhalder. Color him blonde and throw in some contacts and wala you have Finnick Odair!

I’m sorry but unless I read the wrong book, isn’t Finnick Caucasian? By tanned skin Collins meant his skin was darkened from the sun (swimming/fishing) not that he is of a darker skin ethnicity… Don’t get me wrong, this guy is great just completely wrong for this role.”

-Source: Jezebel

Steph’s response:

“More Hunger Games racism. Can we all just get the hell over ourselves?”



Big news in the book world.  Twenty-Two year old Oxford student, Samantha Shannon has been signed by Bloomsbury for a three book deal – signing for a multimillion dollar deal.

The series for first book, The Bone Season, has been mapped to span seven books.  The deal, at the moment, is for the first three but Editor-in-Chief, Pringle had this to say:

“The book is an utterly consuming adventure and we are committed to the seven.”

The deal has her being predicted as being the “next J.K.Rowling”.

“Following the adventures of Paige, a 19-year-old clairvoyant who escapes from life in a criminal underworld.

The Bone Season is set in 2059 where Paige is captured by the repressive government, Scion, and sent to Oxford, a town which has been kept secret, where she meets Warden, who becomes her “keeper.””


Steph’s response:

“She’s predicted as being the “next J.K. Rowling”?  That’s a pretty big cloak to fill.”


Children’s and YA fans can rejoice!  Our favourite industry is practically booming with recent figures showing amazing growth.  Figures for February, released by the Association of American Publishers, shows nearly a 72% increase in Hardcover sales.

“Coming off strong January 2012, Children’s/YA physical book sales again demonstrated high double-digit increases over Feb 2011 and over YTD 2011; the C/YA eBooks segment again showed impressive triple-digit gains in both monthly and YTD comparisons. According to some publishers, this is primarily due to the ongoing success of several blockbuster franchises in YA and Children’s markets.  Also noted was the escalating trend of Adults reading YA titles, particularly in eBook format.”

Coupled with the rise in paperback sales, the genres are up 74.6 percent.  They made $153.3 million in February 2011 and have grown to $267.6 million for this January.

-Source: Galleycat


Authors/writers/nerds, need something cool in your day?  Check out the YouTube Time Machine to see videos from selected periods.  The videos range from 1860-2012 and are a great way to research for your novel or get that 80’s/90’s nostalgia hit you needed.

There’s also an app version!

“the app lets you choose a year and play videos from that time period. It is a great way to find television commercial, sports videos or music videos from your childhood.”

Transformers, anyone?  Huh?  Huh?!

Source: Galleycat


Scandalous Scandals

Indie Author causing drama and trouble… AGAIN.

A self-published author, known for causing drama by attacking negative reviews of her author-friend’s book, has started again.

This time by posting a screencap of a Goodreader’s shelf on her public Facebook (though she later took it down).


And then making this comment:


It should go without saying that someone in a professional position, and an author, should NOT be engaging in petty disputes with reviewers or consumers.  Nor should they be publicly attacking other reviewers or Goodreads members for shelving their books.

The Dear Author reference seems to be for this.

The Holy Terror responded here, and it seems she’s been lucky to receive no hatemail this time around.

But this is a growing problem, greatly owing to the nature of the self-publishing industry.  In a crowded market where it’s difficult to get your name out, this kind of notoriety only seems to benefit the authors who engage in it.  It’s much easier to get your book noticed and attract readers by attacking reviewers than it is to build a reputation of respectful discourse and professional interactions.

It’s much easier to risk the ire of the reviewing community (with all the benefits attached to creating controversy) when you can successfully campaign amongst your loyal readers to downvote an Amazon review until it is deleted.  It creates win-win situations for authors willing to sacrifice their reputation and the respect of their peers.

And thus, we can probably expect more behaviour like this from the aforementioned author and her author friends.

Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

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Kat Kennedy is a book reviewer and aspiring author in the Young Adult genre. She reviews critically but humorously and get super excited about great books. Find her on GoodReads.
Kat Kennedy

39 Responses to “Buzz Worthy News 7 May 2012”

    • Kat Kennedy

      @Sarah (saz101): I think he could definitely do it – and yeah, I know how you feel. Even if I didn’t think he was great for the roll, I’d still want him to do it now – just to piss people off.

  1. cyna

    oh my god, that jesse williams guy is gorgeous> admittedly thats not how i pictured finnick either, but fuck it, if it means that guy with no shirt for two hours, hes got my vote.

      • Cyna

        @Stephanie Sinclair: That comment is lol-worthy as it is. IAN SOMERHOLDER = SO PERFECT, OMG, all you have to do is change his hair and eye color and sit him under a tanning booth for two months!!!, because even on Lost he was one pasty mofo. Where as Williams? Different race = automatic fail. Riiiight.

        Also, I’m sure if it were up to fans like those, all YA book-to-movies would be cast exclusively with actors from the CW. Seriously, just because Somerholder plays a character you like on VD does not mean he needs to play every character you find hot, ever.

        Kids these days!
        Cyna recently posted…063 – The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin WassermanMy Profile

        • Anonymous


          Yeah, Iam Somerhalder? He’s absolutely not my idea of Finnick. One of the things I liked most about the books is that race is just not a factor. She describes skin color like it’s no more significant than eye color.

          And the rabid fans bitched about Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, when he was absolutely perfect—–dignified, gorgeous, understated, reserved and yet emotionally sensitive—that’s an awfully hard thing to accomplish in that amount of screen time.

  2. Pocketful of Books

    Why are people incapable of judging someone by their acting ability rather than their looks or skin colour!? Who cares if he’s not how you imagined the character…I’m sure whoever they choose will have been picked because they are able to portray the character and work on camera.

    As to the author scandal…they really do come thick and fast these days! I guess with the rise of social media authors are able to vent publicly against reviewers much more quickly. It’s irritating x
    Pocketful of Books recently posted…Book Review: ‘Shadow on the Wall’ by Pavarti K. TylerMy Profile

  3. Maggie Flynn

    That guy nothing like what I imagined for Finnick- but that guy wearing nothing but a gold net for any length of time? HELL YES I APPROVE.

    Next JKR huh? Her books sound very interesting, to say the least… I hope they can live up to the hype. That just puts even more pressure on the writer.

    And oh, authors. No one should let them near the internet when they’re in a hissy fit. It would save them so much trouble- but then we lose so much entertainment…

  4. Kate C.

    My only requirement for Finnick is that he be hot. Jesse Williams = HAWT!!!

    I pass on anything that says “The Next … Whatever”. I’m sorry, but there is NO substitute for JK Rowling. She is original and wonderful. The end.
    Kate C. recently posted…I Must Have Been HighMy Profile

    • Kat Kennedy

      @Kate C.: I know. There’s a lot of pressure and over-hype related to being labelled The NEXT ____.

  5. Amy @ Turn the Page

    I have no complaints watching Jesse Williams wandering around on screen shirtless for two hours.

    In his own characters words on Grey’s Anatomy ‘have you seen me without a shirt on? It’s kind of ridiculous’.


  6. Cassi Haggard

    You just led me to google Jesse Williams shirtless. I thank you for that. His eyes are quite lovely as well. He’s not exactly how I pictured Finnick, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. Nope not at all.

    I had missed that author blow-up. Going on the shelf now. Le sigh.
    Cassi Haggard recently posted…Why are you not watching this?My Profile

    • Kat Kennedy

      @Cassi Haggard: I have so much trouble getting through the books I DO have that I’m not sorry to see one chucked off my shelf.

  7. Mary @ Book Swarm

    Ooh, that guy is adorable! I don’t really remember what I thought Finnick looked like but with that fierce expression, I think I want HIM!

    And, can I just say, OMFG!!! SEVEN BOOKS?!? MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DEAL?? That girl has a serious amount of pressure on her now, especially since they’re comparing her to Rowling. Dang. Jealous but kind of feel bad for her with all that pressure.
    Mary @ Book Swarm recently posted…Deep Blue Mystery: BITTERBLUE by Kristin CashoreMy Profile

  8. Kara @ Great Imaginations

    Jesse Williams is actually pretty close to how I pictured Finninck, actually. Just with longer hair. He can grow that.

    And the next JK Rowling? I may end up eating these words later, but that book doesn’t even sound interesting to me.

    Not surprised to see the tag-team twins at it again. Sorry to THT, who it happened to, but this won’t be the last time. Those two crybabies can’t help themselves.
    Kara @ Great Imaginations recently posted…Review of Paradise by Jill S. AlexanderMy Profile

    • Kat Kennedy

      @Kara @ Great Imaginations: Tag Team twins. *Snicker*

      It could be interesting – or it could be a clever campaign. I don’t know. I just think the girl is already under so much pressure. I feel sorry for her.

  9. Rachel Hartman

    I can’t imagine what that pressure would be like, to be billed as the next JKR. And the money! I suppose it’s possible she’s “crying all the way to the bank”, as my hubs likes to say, but ye gods every penny of it would weigh on a person, I’d think.

    And lest anyone start feeling discouraged and thinking, “Gee, nobody ever calls ME the next JKR, maybe I’d better just give up!” The REAL JKR would not have been considered the Next Big Anything when she was first published either. She had a very modest start. There is always room for more good books in the world.
    Rachel Hartman recently posted…I can’t not share thisMy Profile

    • Kat Kennedy

      @Rachel Hartman: Yeah, I don’t envy that pressure at all! I mean, it would be a massive ego boost – but to then live up to it? Good lord, no!

  10. Jenni @ Alluring Reads

    Ok, I didn’t even read the rest of this yet. I could not tear my eyes away from that picture. I’m sorry, but I really want to scroll up right now and drool over it more. He can play Finnick anyday, that guy is smokin! And now I’ll read the rest.

  11. kay - Infiniteshelf

    Add longer hair to Jesse Williams and I think he would be a great Finnick!

    And it might only be me, but I wouldn’t like to be called “the next J.K. Rowling”. This type of success is rare and almost unpredictable; Rowling was rejected many times before she was finally published and her publisher never how great her success would be. Every time I see a new book tagged as “The next Twilight! The next Hunger Games!”, it never is. But, we’ll see I guess. I’m certainly curious about it!
    kay – Infiniteshelf recently posted…Filling the Shelf – 60My Profile

  12. Jason

    “respect­ful dis­course and pro­fes­sional interactions”

    Are you joking? Maybe you and your pals on Goodreads should take your own advice. The hypocrisy on this blog astounds me.

    • Stephanie Sinclair


      I can assure you it is not a joke. Authors are professionals representing their brand. It is in their best interest to not attack or engage with potential customers. Most readers/reviewers are private citizens – not professionals – and therefore are not held to the same standards as an author. This is not mutually exclusive to this industry, but is evident in any buyer/seller relationship.

      Hypocrisy? Where? Where on this blog have you seen Kat or I personally attack an author?

  13. KB/KT Grant

    @jason I’m both reviewer and an author and what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. Do you know how many review blogs and those who have left reviews on Goodreads, both good and bad, have helped many authors with their book sales?

    As an author, I would love someone to tear one of my books apart on Goodreads with GIFs and write a short story review, including a long discussion because it gets people aka readers who will my buy book talking about my book and now have it wasting away in some dark hole that no one knows about. I can handle bad reviews, and I’ve had my share, but reviews are not for my benefit, so what right do I have to complain? Someone buys my book with their money, they are the consumer and have the right to say what they want.

    Authors need to suck it up and deal and take the criticism, both good or bad no matter how harsh it might be. Or better yet, authors shouldn’t read reviews. If they can’t handle reviews, they’re in the wrong career. Reviews are not for an author’s benefit. Authors need to stay away from reading reviews and just write and get over themselves.
    KB/KT Grant recently posted…Alana’s Surrender (Good Vibrations #2)My Profile

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