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We have some news to share with our loyal readers.

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Now mama Steph can have “the talk” with you. Cuddlebuggery is… expanding. Why is this happening, you ask? Well, when two cobloggers love each other very much, they sometimes desire even more cuddles. As such we are pleased to announce that not only do you have Steph, Kat and Archer to throw tomatoes at, but three new reviewers. Yay! I’m sure you would love to sit there and read about me rambling about how awesome they are, but I’ll just let them introduce themselves.



Adrienne Fray

I tend to live vicariously through the books I read, because although living fast and dying young is a rad theory, in practice I’d much rather be drinking tea and flipping pages. When I’m not working on my shrine to all things John Green, I’m delving into anything YA I can get my hands on.

On the rare occasion that I leave my favourite reading chair, you can find me running cross-country, embroidering chevron bracelets for friends, and dancing wildly to Bloodbuzz Ohio. In my reality, every November is primarily NaNoWrimo, and in my fantasies, I am the fourth sister that the Brontes never had.

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Anna Swenson

Hello friends! I’m Anna Swenson, a reviewer here. I’m so grateful to be writing for this very cool space Kat and Stephanie have created.

I’m a part of the YA community because there are some really compelling conversations happening between the covers of the books written for young adults – and in the Internet community that considers them.  Informed by my studies in literary critcism, my reviews endeavor to point out both what new books are doing really well and where YA still has some work to do. Though I love magic and have a preoccupation with the strange, my favorite YA books are contemporaries like the work of John Green, Stephanie Perkins, and Nina LaCour.

When not reading, I’m usually cooking, writing, or continuing my search for the perfect hazelnut latte.  My writing can also be found on the collaborative blog Serving Tea to Friends and on my website. I can be reached at

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Paul Beimers

Greetings and salutations!  My name is Paul Beimers, and I’ve been burying my nose in books from a very young age.  Until recently, I had kept myself out of the “young adult” section of bookstores and libraries, due to a cynicism that had grown from the result of several years of reading a seemingly inexhaustible supply of mediocre/terrible works in the genre.  Thanks to the power of the internet, however, I have discovered that the YA world is still filled with wonderful stories that can be adored and treasured, and I have since fallen in love with many books and writers in the business that I would have previously ignored.

I’m obsessed with such authors as Laini Taylor, J.K. Rowling, and Patrick Ness, and am always on the lookout for new ones to add to the list.  Suggestions are always welcome, though I will warn you that I tend to be rather critical of new works.  What can I say?  I have high expectations.  I’m always interested in the fantasy genre, though I’ll read pretty much anything as long as it avoids clichés and is well-written.  I’m a sucker for beautiful writing.

When I’m not reading, I’m playing games (Guild Wars 2/World of Warcraft), attempting to get caught up on my many television shows, watching movies, forcing myself through piles of college coursework, or looking for a job.

Or buying books that I don’t have time to read and really can’t afford.  But you know how these things work.

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Steph Sinclair

Steph Sinclair

Co-blogger at Cuddlebuggery
I'm a bibliophile trying to make it through my never-ending To-Be-Read list, equal opportunity snarker, fangirl and co-blogger here at Cuddlebuggery. Find me on GoodReads.

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    Hey, what happened to Livefyre? That was what it was called, right?

    On another note, I donut handle change well. WHO ARE THESE NEW-PEOPLE-STRANGERS???? *hides behind book shelf* :P:P


    • Stephanie Sinclair

      LiveFyre and Amazon Web Services were experiencing an outage yesterday, so I had to disable it. Now it doesn’t seem to be connecting with the newer comments left during the outage. UGH. I’m working on it!

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