General FAQ

Hey, cool program. How can I sign up?

Thanks! If you would like to sign up to enter the giveaways AND you meet the qualifications, you can sign up on the Entrant Registration page. If you just want to donate some books, you can sign up on the Donate to a Little Blogger page. Entrants are subject to approval before they can enter giveaways. We usually approve within a few hours if there is a giveaway up, but if we don’t, don’t be afraid to yell at us on Twitter to get it done. Donators may donate immediately after signing up, however, donations must be approved (mainly to make sure the fields are all filled out correctly) before they go live.

Hey! I just got an email from you guys with admin login info. Is your site compromised? I’m confused.

No worries! When you sign up for LBBA, either as a donator or entrant, you’ll get your own login info for the site. You’ll be able to access a modified version of the Dashboard where you can donate books and track giveaways you’ve entered.

How do I login?

You can do this two ways:

Toggle the footer. In the “Meta” column, click “log in.”

Or you can visit this link.

I’m not in US/Canada/Australia. Can I still sign up?

Yes. There are times when Donators are willing to ship internationally. This will be listed on the email notifications and on the ARCs Available page. However, this doesn’t happen very often due to international shipping costs.


Donator Specific FAQ

What can I donate?

You can donate any kind of book you may have received from a publisher, publicist, agent, author or PR personnel. This includes ARCs, bound manuscripts galleys, solicited ARCs and finished copies, unsolicited ARCs and finished copies. As always, please check with the publisher on sharing books you’ve received.

Can I donate old ARCs and/or books that have not yet been released?

Yes. However, depending on the ARC, its age and region you’re willing to ship to, it’s possible not many people or no one will enter the raffle. But we’ll try our best to re-home the book.

I have a bunch of books that I want to get rid of, but I don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping them individually to winners. What are my options here?

You have the option of shipping one box of books to whichever Cuddlebuggery blogger lives closest to you: Steph, Kat or Meg. We will list your books on the site, give credit to you and ship the books out to winners.

How do I actually donate?

First off, thanks so much for donating. You’re awesome. Login to the site. Click LBBA>>Add New.

LBBA New Donation

Fill out the fields. Rule of thumb: One donation post per book, unless it’s a series that you are giving away to one person.

Do I have to pick a winner?

No. Once the giveaway has completed, we will let the blog randomly generate a winner (like Rafflecopter does) and the winner will receive an email. Once they email us back confirming with their info, we will forward the email to you for shipping.

Okay, I shipped the book. Now what?

Awesome! Log in and update the Shipping Status, found on the Dashboard. It looks like this:

LBBA Shipping Status

I see a giveaway that I really want to enter. Am I allowed to enter?

The way the plugin is set up, no. Those who register as Donators, don’t have privileges to also enter giveaways. However, if you meet the qualifications of an Entrant, email us, and we can switch you over as an Entrant. As an Entrant, you can enter giveaways and donate books.

I am an author, but I would like to donate books I’ve written to Little Blogger, Big Ambitions. Is this allowed?

To ensure this program’s activity always aligns with its original goal, authors wanting to donate their own books are approved on a case by case basis. If you’re interested in donating, please send us an email so we can hammer out the details. If you are an author and want to donate ARCs/books that you have not written, feel free to sign up to donate, but tweet us and let us know in advance.


Entrant Specific FAQ

I’ve just started a blog yesterday. Can I still sign up or do I have to be blogging for a certain amount of time first?

There is no minimum amount of time you have to be blogging to sign up as an Entrant. All we ask is that you do review the book on your site if you win a book via Little Blogger, Big Ambitions.

How do I enter giveaways?

First, make sure you’re logged in and navigate to the ARCs Available page. Click a giveaway that interest you. Bam.

Is there a limit to how many giveaways I can enter?

No. Enter as many as you want.

How will I know if I win a giveaway?

You’ll get an email from us, stating which giveaway you won and you’ll need to provide your shipping info for us to pass on to the Donator. You may get multiple emails if you win multiple giveaways at the same time. Please reply to each one because we forward each email directly to the Donator, and you may have won books from two separate Donators.

Yay! The book came in! How do I update the status?

Log into your profile. On the Dashboard, find the LBBA Members box. There you can update the status. This helps us keep track of which books were received or lost in the mail. It’s also where you can submit your review link so we can help cross promote your review and blog.

The book never showed up. What do I do?

If it’s been over 2 weeks from the ship date, please email us. We’ll contact the Donator to see what happened and work something out with you.

Is there a time frame for posting the review?

No, there isn’t. But we do ask that all those who win books via Little Blogger, Big Ambitions do actually review it out of fairness to those who entered for the same book, but didn’t win. However, if we suspect that a person continues to receive books from LBBA and never posts a review, they may be subject to removal from the program.

Can I also re-donate a book I’ve won from Little Blogger, Big Ambitions?

Yes! We encourage you to do so! Entrants can enter giveaways and donate.

I’ve out grown Little Bloggers, Big Ambitions. Can you remove me from the program?

Absolutely. Just send us an email, and we’d be happy to remove you. Alternatively, we can switch you over as a Donator only and you can donate to LBBA if you’re inclined to do so.


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