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HDR tonemappedBlogging Anonymously Part 1

As a blogger, or if you are thinking about taking up blogging, it pays to protect your real identity.  Now that unmasking and revealing the real life identities of book bloggers has become something that actually happens, some people have been asking how to protect their identities in the event that someone attempts to reveal their personal information as a revenge tactic.

It’s not fun looking over your shoulder and worrying about what information is going to be released about you – which is why you can and should take steps to control what information can be found and linked back to your real life and location.  This is a three part series showing you simple ways to prevent yourself from having your phone called, your movements tracked, identifying information posted without your consent – or even worse.

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incognito_by_jannaaikadeja-d2fd0itBlogging Anonymously Part 2

Remaining anonymous will never be a sure thing.  As I’ve said previously, it is a three part process of removing as much real information about yourself as possible, masking your real name with a pseudonym, and maintaining internet habits that protect your data.  There are no guarantees that you will remain anonymous.  If someone skilled enough truly wishes to find you then you can be found.  But the idea is to make finding your real identity beyond the capabilities of the vast majority of people.

In part two, I’ll be discussing ways to set up a pseudonym – with tips and tricks, from my own experience, that you may find helpful.

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anonymous_by_sp333d1-d4vk3xsBlogging Anonymously Part 3

If you’ve gone through and removed as much extraneous data about yourself as possible, and set up an anonymous identity, the last thing you want to do is get exposed while merely traveling and using the web.

There are several ways that someone might use your email, web server, IP or other internet activities to track you down and find you.  Luckily, it takes a hacker of more considerable skill than most people to track you using your IP, but it’s still worth protecting where you can.  The following advice should be taken in consideration of just how anonymous you want to be.  For some people, being anonymous is a matter of life or death, if they’re blogging with dissenting opinions in a place that doesn’t allow free speech.  For whistleblowers, being uncovered could lose them their job and for people in some industries, like the sex industry, anonymous blogging is merely smart practice.

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