Blogger Support Network

Blogging can be a very rewarding and fun hobby. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides including trolling, bullying, poor reviewer, internet etiquette, just to name a few. We receive many emails regarding how to handle some of these situations and have noticed a void in our community for easy access to these important resources. To provide support for other bloggers, we’ve compiled a few links and articles we’ve written or read elsewhere regarding such circumstances. It is our hope that others may find community support and answers to their questions. This page is cur­rently a work in progress and will be updated over time.



 Bogging Anonymously Part 1 — Learn how much private info is out there about you on the Internet and how to remove it.

Blogging Anonymously Part 2 — Learn how to create a pseudonym.

Blogging Anonymously Part 3 — Tips on how to cover your internet footprint

Let’s Talk Blogger Burnout- What is it, and how to deal? – Sarah from Saz101 discusses tips that can help when blogging starts losing its fun factor.


Got Trolls?

Break Glass in Case of Trolling

How to Respond to an Author or Troll Attack

How to tell if you’re a troll — A quick little quiz by The Bloggess.


Interacting with Authors

“Y U No Like My Book?”

Blacklisting — What is “Blacklisting” and should you do it?

How to Respond to An Author or Troll Attack

How to Contact Your Favorite Author


Advanced Readers Copies (ARCs)

There are No Such Things as Free Books — A great post from Anna of Literary Exploration discussing how to ask for ARCs and a sample request email.

Who Do I Email About Review Copies — Anna of Literary Exploration compiled a list of publisher emails for requesting ARCs.

And Piracy Strikes Again… — Scott of Scott Reads It addresses typical piracy questions with regards to eARCs.

10 Ways not to be a douchebag with you ARCs

Five of the Worst Ways to Ask for Print ARCs



Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Reviewer?

Five Ways I Could Be More of An Asshole

I’m Not Pretending to Be a Professional

A Really Long Post About the Author/Reviewer Relationship – This is a really great post written by YA Highway’s Veronica Roth. It gives the perspectives of both authors and reviewers in regards to reviews.

The Growing Pains of the Book Blogging Community

Umm… No! 5 GoodReads Myths Debunked



Book Bloggers Plagiarizing

Five Step Method to Ensure Non Plagiarism Real Good 

A Tale of Plagiarism Continued… — A post by fashion blogger, Beautifully Invisible, about her and Grit and Glamour’s experience with plagiarism.