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27 August, 2014 Giveaways 78 comments

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

If there is one book that has a lot of us excited, it’s the sequel to The 5th Wave: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. I mean, Kat’s still holding her review of The 5th Wave hostage in exchange for the sequel.  Sadly, we’ve been told he refuses to corporate.

Mr. Yancey, kiss your review goodbye.

I’m honestly afraid to read the sequel. Remember the time I had to hug Cassie’s teddy close to get me past ALL THE DEATH? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YANCEY? GOD? YODA? THE DOCTOR?

(Some poor character just died, no doubt.)




One lucky Cuddlebuggery reader will win a signed hardcover copy of THE INFINITE SEA by Rick Yancey courtesy of PenguinTeen! YAY! Alls ya gotta do to enter is answer the following question:

What 5 items would you like to have in the event of an apocalypse?

Steph: Hmm… a lightsaber, lightsaber dagger, double-edged lightsaber, cupcakes (WHAT? PRIORITIES.) and butter knife lightsaber because… toast. duh.



Meg: This is an impossible question because honestly, how can I narrow it down to ONLY 5 ITEMS. Because I’m crap at narrowing things down and to hell with the rules anyway, I’m going to go with 5 categories instead. I mean really, it’s only wise because in an apocalypse scenario, preparedness is key.

Be prepaaaaaaared

1. Weapons (think long range, short range and some sort of handy knife, possible several because they don’t need ammo)(what? I’m assuming there are zombies)

2. Survival (iodine kit, rope, something to start a fire with, containers for water)

3. Apparel (EXTRA SOCKS, when fighting for your life against the zombie horde, the last thing you want to worry about is swamp foot)

4. Food (duh. non-perishables and dehydrated goods, as many as I can carry)

5. Books (again, duh. Perhaps not a practical choice but obviously I will not face the end of the world without something to read)



You know what, survival is a game and it’s all about how you play it folks. Some people will want to bring a gun or some kind of weapon to defend themselves. Some people focus on food and how to hide. I prefer to bring more practical survival tools.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Seriously, this man has taken on predators, conquering armies, cultists, foreign drugs cartels, death robots and kindergarteners. Is there anything he can’t do? What weapon could I possibly yield that would bring me more surety of success?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the event that the world needs to be repopulated, he’s also the guy to do it. 

2. Jackie Chan – Is there anything this man can’t turn into a weapon? Plus he’ll be a barrel of laughs and seems like a total sweetheart. Plus: Dancing!

3. Bear Grylls – Now that I have protection from anything locked into place, I need someone who can provide food and water on a regular basis. Did you hear that, Bear? WATER! Find me water.

Bear Grylls

4. Aerosmith – I’ll need an awesome theme song to get me through the tough times. These guys are just the peeps to do it.

5. My copy of the Infinite Sea – obvs, guys. Obvs.


Extra Shiz for You Impatient Folk:

Tease yourself with an excerpt of The Infinite Sea.

Check out The 5th Wave trailer.

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78 Responses to “Giveaway: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey”

  1. Heidi D

    1. Gun or some kind of weapon
    2. Tent
    3. Food
    4. Water
    5. Hand sanitizer

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Carl

    I’ve given this list quite a bit of thought so it’s really boring. Nonetheless I might survive for five more minutes than the next guy. Big deal.

    Anyway, I’m bringing:
    First-aid kit
    Water purification tablets
    Flint and steel to start a fire
    A small gun with ammo
    The Boy Scout Handbook

    and No, you can’t have any of it.

  3. Shelley

    1. One of those survival guides
    2. Stock pile of antibiotics and antidepressants
    3. Something sharp that can be used as a weapon and/or cutting utinsil
    4. Flint
    5. Book about edible plants

    If there was a book about how to raise your child in a post-apocalypse world, I might want that too.

  4. Ashley Gillespie

    1. FOOD. girl’s gotta eat, and cannibalism is not an option.
    2. Weaponry (gun, knife, etc)
    3. My spouse! He would be added protection
    4. Medicine! A first aid kit would be nice.
    5. A pillow and blanket! I can sleep anywhere with those 2 things.

  5. Jancee

    1. Water purification kit
    2. First aid kit/medicine
    3. A small stockpile of food
    4. Gun and ammo or a knife or my ridiculous Master Sword replica…or all three.
    5. Fire starting kit?

    I would probably die in the first few minutes of an encounter anyway, but then someone else will have some practical stuff at least. Most survivors are just scared, right?
    Jancee recently posted…Review – Manor Of SecretsMy Profile

  6. Nichole Anne

    I would need water, food, first aid kit, books, and flashlight. I’d also include a weapon but I don’t handle emergencies well and will, most likely, hurt myself by accident somehow. 🙂

  7. Stacy Renee

    1. One of those water filter straws
    2. Loaded gun
    3. survival handbook
    4. first aid kit
    5. lighter (to set the rest of the world on fire. or cook food)

  8. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)


    1. A water canister that automatically purifies water (they gotta have these in the future right? – takes care of the water issues)
    2. flint/steel – you know those nifty ones in chemistry class – those strikers – since this counts as one item – just give me one of those. (gotta keep warm and cook them viddles)
    3. Hot damn I’m out of ideas I might die! WAIT! – an all purpose/all weather body suit that can turn into a tent, boat, sail, trap, etc (takes care of food and shelter yo)
    4. A solar powered silent hoverboard – because why walk when you can fly?
    5. lasty my own personal Dobby house elf that I can send off to fetch whatever else I might need in a pinch. (Has all my entertainment needs covered – didn’t I say to bring back Johnny Depp? – what is this Justin Bieber??? throw him on the fire right now)
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Review: Prodigal Son by Debra MullinsMy Profile

  9. Samantha D

    1. My weapon: Tai bamboo sticks or staff.
    2. My container: Indestructible water bottle.
    3. My to go food: Protein bars galore!
    4. My clothes: super tough hiking boots, comfy jeans, awesome tank made of acetate fabric (dries very quickly) and the reliable v-neck tee!
    5. My book: a handy how to survive in the wilderness for dummies!!!

  10. Lea Johnson

    1. Survival book that goes over various situations
    2. Medicinal book, so I don’t die from something that can be easily fixed.
    3. Knife. Like, a really badass knife.
    4. Food, water
    5. Long-lasting clothes / shoes that keep me warm / cool and are easy to run in.

    Even with all of that, I think I’d still be screwed. I don’t think I’d do well in an apocalypse…

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Lea Johnson recently posted…Grad School, Earthquakes, & A Short Blogging BreakMy Profile

  11. Shae/Shelver @ Shae Has Left The Room

    Oooh, I love this question. Um um ummm…

    1. One of those water bottles with the built-in filters. A big one.
    2. A pack of lighters. Not matches. Lighters. A whole pack. A big one.
    3. A really sturdy stick. Preferably one with a metal tips and spikes. Big ones.
    4. One outfit of my choice, which will include: hiking boots with steel-tipped toes, a warm coat and pants made out of that liquid-proof material with lots of pockets, a shirt with long sleeves that can roll up and button, a ballcap.
    5. An up-to–date marked with every possible landmark and foodstuff place in my area that I could raid. (Because as much as I’d love to keep my phone and GPS, satellites will be down. So.)
    Shae/Shelver @ Shae Has Left The Room recently posted…How I Choose A Book – Then and NowMy Profile

  12. Jennifer

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂
    1. Socks
    2. Water
    3. AK-47
    4. Friend #1 (to use as food.)
    5. Friend #2 (bait.)

  13. Sallie M.

    This is like what to bring if you were stranded on an island!! Ahhh. Ok, let’s see. Is this 5 things I can carry on my person at all times or just these things in general? Hopefully in general, but who am I kidding, it’s gotta be portable.

    1. First Aid Kit – one of those seriously industrial ones
    2. Water Purifying kit (if they exist – I know they had them in The Testing by Charbonneau)
    3. Clothing/Outfit/boots – tough, lasts a long time, not easy to destroy
    4. Freeze dried fruits/meats (lasts a long time and also tastes really good – beef jerky, amiright?!)
    5. Machete type weapon – no reloading necessary!

  14. Stephanie Quinn

    I would need the following:
    1. Toothbrush and paste–There is a direct correlation between the health of teeth and general health.
    2. Water purification tablets
    3.Chuck Norris–for protection and stimulating conversation
    4. Library card–The end of the world just begs for reading time.
    5. Diet Pepsi–without caffeine I will perish.

  15. Nadine


    1. Water bottle
    2. cozy jacket
    3. notebook & pencil
    4. paper map
    5. huge case of Snickers

  16. Aeicha @ Word Spelunking

    Hmm, JUST 5?! Let’s see…

    1. Toilet paper- I’d like to protect my sweet ass for as long as possible
    2. Sonic Screwdriver- because duh
    3. Weapons and someone who actually knows how to use them- this totally counts as one thing or else I’m screwed
    4. Something to write with and write on- to document my adventures and acts of heroics, of course
    5. My Don’t-Fuck-With-My attitude- seriously, don’t!

  17. Misti

    1.) SteriPen (it’s a water purifier)
    2.) Knife
    3.) Lighter
    4.) Astronaut Food
    5.) Toilet Paper

    I know toilet paper doesn’t seem all that important but I’m gonna need it. Thanks for the giveaway. I loved The 5th Wave and excited for the sequel.

  18. Ashley P.

    1: Some of those water purifying tablets.
    2: Granola bars
    3: A super sharp knife because no one’s touching my granola bars.
    4: Tom Hiddleston
    5: Condoms. Because that’s just rude bringing a baby into the apocalypse I don’t care how dreamy Tom Hiddleston is.
    Ashley P. recently posted…What They’re Reading NowMy Profile

  19. Kait

    1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt because I don’t want to be lonely. I don’t even care if he has no skills other than snuggling.

    2. A serious first aid kit. Including endless supplies of tampons(running out is my big fear for the apocalypse, crazy I know)

    3. A flint to start fires.

    4. A pot, to boil water and cook.

    5. One of those mummy sleeping bags(that fits two, can’t forget JGL, of course).
    Kait recently posted…[Release Event] On The RecordMy Profile

  20. Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

    Oooh I love this!

    I’d bring:

    1. Water purification kit (with water!) and beef jerky/power bars/dried fruit
    2. All-purpose, all-weather outfit that reflects the sun to keep warm or cool depending on the weather
    3. flint and other tools needed to make a fire (and maybe a laminated guide to making a fire)
    4. A pillow, towel, and sleeping bag
    5. A kindle that is solar powered so I can read any of my books. And if an EMP goes off and kills all electronic devices (i.e. Jericho), and I can only take one book it would be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    Also, I really hope I never have to test these things, because I don’t know that I’d survive long.
    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea recently posted…Feuds by Avery Hastings — Blog Tour ReviewMy Profile

  21. Danielle B

    1. Food and Agua
    2. Hot Survival Expert… or two… even better, three 😉
    3. WEAPONS!!!
    4. Survival Kit
    5. Feminine care products… preferably birth control, so I’ll only have a period, like, four times a year 😀

  22. Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

    People are things, yes? In that case:
    1. The Avengers
    2. Peeta Mellark
    3. Celaena Sardothian
    4. Stiles Stilinski
    5. Dean Winchester
    I’m pretty sure between all of them, I’d be 1) entertained, and 2) well protected.

    If I’m being serious (which is oh so boring, and I know I’d die first in the event of an apocalypse anyway):
    1. A tarp (for tent needs)
    2. A very large knife
    3. A fire-making kit thing
    4. Water purification stuff
    5. A pillow
    The very basics, since like I said I’d die anyway. So I might as well be comfy when I starve to death!
    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted…Saturated Reads: Anna and the French Kiss SeriesMy Profile

  23. Andye

    Listen, I just gotta be honest, if there’s an apocalypse, I have absolutely no intention of surviving it. I’ve seen how it all plays out (The Walking Dead), and I don’t want any part of it. So what will I bring? My last meal.

    #1 (and most important) French Fries, these I’ll eat first just in case I die before I get to #5.

    #2 Pizza. Yes, I know most people would say steak or something, but I’m a simple girl, I just want a good slice of pepperoni.

    #3 Diet Coke. Obvs

    #4 Sprinkles Cinnamon & Sugar Cupcake w/ a shot of vanilla buttercream icing.

    #5 Mashed Potatoes. Yes, I already have a potato on this list, but IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!
    Andye recently posted…ANATOMY OF A MISFIT by Andrea PortesMy Profile

  24. Emily Anne

    1. A dragon
    2. My best friend
    3. Lots and lots of fruit snacks. A girl has to eat.
    4. A really cool, silver dagger. Preferably intricately decorated with jewels.
    5. A cave to hide in (with no spiders whatsoever and lots of torches)

    I am rocking at this “surviving apocalypses with style” thing! And if you disagree, my dragon will burn you to a crisp. In all seriousness, thanks for the hilarious post and giveaway 🙂 The 5th wave is so amazing and I love all your reactions to it.

  25. Brie

    1. A sword of some kind.
    2. canteen to hold water
    3. some seriously sturdy boots
    4. a book to read (hey there will be some downtime between needing to survive)
    5. someone to talk to because it will get lonely out there.

  26. Tess

    id take
    1. survival kit (the one with all the goods like parachord, flint, water proof matches and such)
    2. a weapon. probably my bow cuz i have it here already
    3. 2ndary weapon like a hatchet
    4. flashlight (the one that doesnt use batts)
    5. one of those water purifying tubey things

  27. erinf1

    1) indestructible glasses
    2) a survival kit (I’m cheating here 🙂 )
    3) survival guide
    4) camping clothes and shoes
    5) my kindle!!! (also cheating that I can find electricity)

    thanks for sharing!

  28. Annie

    1. Hermione Granger’s bottomless purse. Because it’s so much easier to carry around than several bags of weapons/supplies.
    2. A compact yet deadly machine gun (does such a thing exist?). I’d like to be able to shoot down some zombies, but I’m barely over five feet tall and can’t lug around a huge weapon.
    3. First aid kid. A no-brainer.
    4. The Avengers. Yes, the whole team. You said five “items”, but you never specified what, exactly, constitutes an “item”, so as far as I’m concerned, the Avengers are fair game.
    5. The TARDIS. For obvious reasons. Maybe this is cheating a little, but I’m just making this up as I go.
    Annie recently posted…Novel #2 Status: Complete!My Profile

  29. Amanda

    first aid kit, a way to purify water, weapon for hunting, warm clothing, and my husband 🙂

  30. Mimi Zane

    1. Unlimited supply of clean underwear (there’s no time for laundry)
    2. Unlimited supply of Coke Zero
    3. Unlimited supply of Skyline Cincinnati Chili
    4. A boyfriend
    5. gun with unlimited bullets
    Mimi Zane recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #1My Profile

  31. Ashley D.

    1. filtration canteen
    2. non-perishable food
    3. first aid kit
    4. outerwear
    5. weapon of some sort (depending on the type of apocalypse)

  32. Riley

    Five things I’d want to have in case if apocalypse:
    1. A tough sidekick
    2. First-aid supplies
    3. A water purification system
    4. Weapons

  33. Rose

    1. A shovel. Because, hey you might need to dig a hole, and it’s also great for knocking zombies in the face.
    2. My smartphone. Assuming there’s wi-fi and cell phone service in the apocalypse.
    3. A fire-starting kit. Because fires can be used for: cooking, signal making, burning things/people, warming yourself, boiling water, etc.
    4. A large pot. I feel like this would just make life easier in a lot of ways
    5. A copy of War and Peace, because, hey, I’ve been planning to read it at some point…

  34. Holly

    The 5 things I would want are:
    1- first aid kit
    2 – tinned food
    3- large Swiss army knife for opening tins and silent self protection
    4 – a duvet, to keep me warm and snuggle in on bad days
    5 – a family photo to remind me of who I am

  35. Mona

    1. Flute
    2. Music
    (Have to practice, even in the apocalypse)
    3.Ice Cream
    4. A library
    5. My phone, to play songs

    I wouldn’t last a week in an apocalypse, so might as well have some last minute fun!

  36. Molly Mortensen

    1. A friend (To help defend and get food, or to slow the bad things down)
    2. Weapons (Preferably guns and plenty of ammo, for defense and food)
    3. Books (What plants to eat, how to build a shelter.)
    4. A First Aid Kit (Just in case)
    5. Flint and Steel or a lighter (to start a fire)
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Red Rising NetgalleyMy Profile

  37. Darith L.

    1. How to Survive the End of the World Guide
    2. Water purifier bottle
    3. Food
    4. Flashlight
    5. A weapon for self-defense!

  38. Lauren Webb

    5 items I would like to have with me???

    1. A swiss army knife. (Those suckers can do anything!)
    2. A large knife. (This won’t run out of bullets like a gun, it can also be used for many reasons.)
    3. A survival pack. ( This will have several much needed supplies.)
    4. water purifier. ( Getting water can be a means of life and death, better make sure you can drink it, right!)
    5. A companion. (Gotta have company. Need someone to make you keep your sanity, help gather food and supplies, think up ideas..and if all come down to it, Someone to trip as you run away. (kinda kidding about that last one, but you never know.) )
    I know these are kinda repetitive compared to what other say, but seems like a good top 5 to me! I know more, but I’ll list them later 😉

  39. Victoria T

    I would need:
    clean water
    dried food
    warm clothes
    medical supplies
    weapons (depending on the situation it’d either be a machete or hand gun)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  40. Maddie

    1. A water purifier
    2. Food
    3. Medical supplies
    4. A weapon? Probably some kind of knife.
    5. Matches

    I hope these are sensible choices? I’d like to think that after reading so many post-apocalyptic books I’d have gained some useful knowledge.
    Maddie recently posted…HiatusMy Profile

  41. Kaitlin Michelle

    I can’t wait to read this book!! 5 things I would want for the apocalypse would be those survivalist food kits, a water purifier, waterproof matches, a machete (for a weapon, and a tool), and a survival guide book.
    I read the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, even though it is satirical, I feel like I learned some stuffs. LOL
    Kaitlin Michelle recently posted…SEPTEMBER MOVIESMy Profile

  42. rana

    first aid kit – phone with charger – food and water- suitcase- my passport . if there a 6th one it will be a ticket to space

  43. Arlene

    I’ve thought about this way to much over the years. I’d take:

    1) A Machete – for defense, killing food, etc.
    2) A lighter – for heat, and cooking, boiling water.
    3) First aid kit – just incase.
    4) My Kindle – because I need my books and its small, and portable in case I have to run or something.
    5) Solar powered charger – because I’m sure it will come in handy and I’ll need it to keep my kindle powered if nothing else.

  44. YvonneJ

    I’m not planning to make it much past round one so I want to be comfortable.
    Food, wine, books, comfortable clothing and a generator w/fuel.

  45. Amber D.

    1. Water purifying kit/canteen
    2. Food
    3. Knife
    4. Lighter
    5. Stocked first aid kit w/ antibiotics

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