Books I Wish I Could Stop Reading

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Do any of you have a series/author that you can’t stop reading even though you really, really want to? There’s nothing wrong with it (sort of)(I think)(I’m sure it’s fine). The heart wants what the heart wants even when the heart is clearly on drugs and needs to STFU and let the brain take over. I have several of these authors, but let’s take it slow and start with one:

(Please excuse the video quality, it turns out my built in camera is awful)

What about you guys? What are some of the books you’re addicted to in spite of yourself?

Meg Morley

Meg Morley

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52 Responses to “Books I Wish I Could Stop Reading”

  1. Tina

    Great video! I laughed out loud massively when you started crying! I love TMI but for me it was Vampire Academy. I bought them as a set and should have stopped reading halfway through the first book, but I didn’t. Read them all. I’m not good with dnf-ing. I just found whatsherface (not Lissa, Lissa’s the vampire isn’t she?) too bloody annoying, BUT, like you, I couldn’t help myself, I bought Bloodlines and Indigo Spell (not read them yet) because I liked that guy (is it Christian?!) that liked the one whose name I can’t recall (must google).
    It’s like looking at the scene of a car wreck, you just can’t help yourself!!

    • Meg Morley

      Hahahaha, thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

      OMG VA. I actually own all of those but have only read the first one. I can definitely see how that could be one of those series. Total car wreck you can’t look away from.

  2. Clara

    I couldn’t believe it when I watch your video, because THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! And with THE SAME SERIES! I have only read the first two of them, years ago when I was a teenager, and I moderately liked them, but not as much to be eager to keep going with the rest of the books. But anyway, I bought the books three and four even knowing that I would probably not read them, or if I did, I would probably not liked them. Aaaaaaaand… I bought Clockwork Angel too. Why? Because I’m addict to buying books and I keep waiting for the day I suddenly have the urge to read all the Cassandra Clare books I own and haven’t read yet (and I probably never will). BTW, I reaaaally love your blog, you never fail to make me laugh and I rely a lot on your reviews. Kisses from Spain!
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    • Meg Morley

      HOW DOES CASSANDRA CLARE DO IT?! I will say, I liked the prequel series (Infernal dagnabits? I can’t keep the individual groups straight) a lot more than the original series. The overwriting that bothered me about City of Bones, etc seemed to work a lot more in the Clockwork ones.

      You are so sweet! I’m glad you love the blog! *hugs from America*

  3. Amanda

    Omgosh this I’d priceless!! I understand completely that feeling. I’m that way with a tv show. The Vampire Diaries. In the beginning loved it, now it gets on my nerves yet I still constantly tune in. It’s mind boggling!

    Thanks for the laugh! Can’t wait to see your next video!
    -Amanda @ Escaping Reality Within Pages

    • Meg Morley

      THE VAMPIRE DIARIES DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED I CANNOT. I managed to quit TVD early in the most recent season. Around when [spoiler] got amnesia I was like nope, done. Obvs I will binge watch the season shortly because sticking with drastic, sweeping declarations is not my strong suit.

  4. Ilex

    I’m the opposite! I often find it a real struggle to continue with a series, even if I liked the first book. I haven’t even finished the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trio, and I really admired that one. So instead of wondering “why do I have this compulsion?”, I’m more likely to wonder, “why don’t I have greater motivation to read more by authors I really do like?” It makes me really hesitant to start series, especially if they aren’t all out yet.

    I did just finish the Sookie Stackhouse series, so maybe I’m turning over a new leaf. 😉

    • Meg Morley

      I wish I had that problem, it’d save me an awful lot of time, money and headache medication. Also waiting for series to complete is the worst! I always tell myself I’ll wait but alas, I am impatient and have poor impulse control.

      Ahhh the Sookie Stackhouse books. I’ve read all of those except the last one. I own it but haven’t gotten around to it yet (though I have been spoiled on the key question it will answer). Have you read her Harper Connelly books? I actually liked those a lot more though it has been awhile since I read them and now I can’t remember why.

  5. Cayce

    Lol, you’re hilarious! I tried both series (borrowed them from the library! ~.~) but they weren’t my thing so I never bought them. 😉 I have a bunch of bad/weird bookish habits, but buying books I know I won’t like/read is not one of them. In fact, I actually hate seeing books I don’t like on my shelves. If I end up not enjoying a book, I HAVE to get rid off it/give it away ASAP.
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    • Meg Morley

      See, why can’t I be smart like that and utilize the library? I have such an opposite problem. I like collecting books, I’m kind of like a dragon with a hoard (I go home at night and lounge around on them as though they were a pile of pure gold). I have a bunch of books that I TOTALLY WILL READ ONE OF THESE DAYS and don’t even get me started on unread ebooks (it makes my palms sweat when I think about it, curse you kindle daily deal, CURSE YOOOOU).

  6. Kara @ Great Imaginations

    I know how you feel with the Lost comparison. I mean, I’ve never watched more than a couple episodes of Lost, but I felt the exact same way with The Vampire Diaries for the longest. I finally was able to quit at the end of Season 3, and it feels so awesome to have extra time to read. Haha.

    I read the first three books of CC’s first series and I also get the appeal. Her writing feels really flat to me though and never made me feel things. So I guess that’s why I quit after City of Glass and had no problems not continuing. I can’t say I have an author I that I am addicted to like you are, but it seems like a problem I would like to have! 😛
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    • Meg Morley

      Don’t watch Lost. Never watch Lost. It is an evil succubus that will steal your life away.

      I have the same thing with TVD. I quit early season 5 but I also know that I’m going to end up binging it because I am weak.

      Agree agree agree to flat writing. I should’ve stopped after the initial purchase. Why didn’t I stop? (see about confession of weakness and apply here) *weeps*

  7. Paula Stokes


    What amazes me about those books is how can one author write 10 Bible-sized novels set in one world??? I probably get, on average, about 40 new ideas with 40 new worlds and 40 new sets of characters a year. Of those ideas, maybe 7 of them aren’t crap. Of those 7, I can maybe work on 3 or 4, which means carrying forward 3 or 4 ideas I reeeeeeeeally want to write every year. Which means yeah, I have like 15 or so stories set in 15 different worlds I’m currently crying about having to back-burner. And yes, I’m carrying around 15 different main character voices in my head. (You should probably steer clear of me if you see me out and about mumbling to myself).

    No matter how much money I got, I would seriously lose my shit if I had to write 6000 pages set in one fictional universe. And yeah, I know some of them are historical or whatever, but they’re still all the same idea, right? (I quit after the first 3 because Reader Me needs variety as much as Writer Me.
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    • Meg Morley

      Hahahaha, thank you! I am also made of too-lazy-to-do-something-with-my-hair-come-on-it’s-saturday-what-do-you-want-from-me?

      Psssh, I seek out people who mumble to themselves. It makes me feel less weird. I don’t even have writing books as an excuse, I just flat out talk to myself. Often in public. We should form a club, you in?

      Yes, CC had one idea and ran with it. She ran all around the track and then through the parking lot and down the street and then across the country. She’s like Forrest Gump, she won’t stop. (And why should she? Apparently she can write the same thing over and over (and over and over (and over and over)) again and there are people that will buy it. As one of those people (*weeps*) I say that with some semblance of authority). That said, PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING NEW CC, I BEG YOU.

      Are they seriously only 6,000 pages (lol, only)? They feel infinite. Not in a good way. More in an ‘I’m Gendry and I’ve been set out to see and omg there is so much water out here, seriously where is the land?’ kind of way.

      • Paula Stokes

        They might be more than 6000 pages. IDK. I wrote 1000 pages for one trilogy and people were like “Aren’t you saaaaaaaaad that it’s over?” And I was like “Hell to the no. I just want these characters to go away and leave me alone ;-)” There’s something to be said for steadfast dedication to one story world, I guess. I can’t hang out on an almost daily basis with anyone–real or fictional–without wanting to strangle them.

        And quit lying. That hair is obviously “I spent 2.5 hours mussing and redoing this bun so that it would look like I just woke up and twisted it on top of my head without even using a mirror” hair. I was like “Oooh, I like her hair. And her shirt.” Yeah, just put me in the creepy club with Ellis 😀

    • Emma Michaels

      Ditto to Sara. With me it is House of Night. Even when I started reading them I wasn’t all that into it and I still managed to binge read the entire series up to that point… you can guess what continued to happen as new releases came out. My book self control is… well, even the word control doesn’t really fit into the description.

  8. Tina

    I ended up selling the VA set because I’m not a spinebreaker, they were still as new. Selling kind of shocked me because I hate to get rid of books but with those it was bye-bye!! Haha

    • Meg Morley

      Lol, I have all of those in ebook form. I’ve only read the first one and idk if I’ll ever get back to the series. (Who am I kidding, if I have them, eventually I’ll read them)

  9. Ellis

    MEEEEEEGGGGGGG I HAVE FINALLY SEEN YOUR FAAAAAACEEEE. You know, MOVING and stuff. Oh man. Okay, if any of the other CB contributors see this, Meg and I sort of know each other, so this really isn’t as creepy as it looks. Or maybe it is. I don’t know. Who decides these things anyway?




    I should probably calm down but oh well.


    (Seriously people, Meg expects this from me. We’re good.)

    Hahahaha Cassandra Clare hahahaha. Hahahahaha Lost hahahahah. From what I’ve heard, I’m pretty glad I didn’t even know about her before I discovered the most awesome corner of the internet. BUT. I completely get the whole “I know I’m going to hate it but I just can’t quit it” thing. That’s me and Beautiful Creatures, and now also Dangerous Creatures, I guess.

    Seriously, I was at the bookstore last week and saw Dangerous Creatures lying there and I was SO TEMPTED, even though I threw the last BC book across the room because even the bizillion painkillers I was on at the time didn’t make the story any better. Then I saw it was only 300 pages and was like “no way I’m going to pay 12 euros for only 300 pages”, even though that’s seriously sketchy logic and also I should be glad it isn’t another 500+ pages of nothing happens. But yeah whatever I should be more responsible about these things.

    I also feel a little bad about the CC thing because I wanted someone to read it for me and spoil me on everything so I feel responsible in a way? Sorrysnorry.


    OMG the laugh-dissolving-into-cry face. PERFECTION. EVERYTHING PERFECTION. You know I’m going to bug you non-stop about doing these biweekly or something 😀
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    • Meg Morley

      ELLIIIIIIIISSSSSS CREEP ON ME ANYTIME I LOVE IT. I’m glad my face/voice/hair/shirt (Buffy shirt, btw) was (were? grammar? words?) not a let down.

      Hahahahahahaha Dangerous Creatures. I’m glad I dodged that one. It seems to me that DC is another one of those series that will go on forever (or do I only think that bc everything I turn around a new one is coming out?)

      I completely understand and support your cost per page stance. I maaaaaay have slightly justified CoHF like ‘well, it’s 700+ pages so I’m getting my money’s worth) (see if you can spot the faulty logic there. Hint, it has to do with the word worth)

      You should not feel bad about me reading CoHF. I was going to read it either way and at least I was able to spare others having to slog through it. Also there were genuinely hilarious parts. Granted, I was probably not supposed to find those parts hilarious, but what can you do?

      Bug away, I am resolved to do more video. Now, if only linear time would cooperate.

  10. Kristie

    I am pretty sure we’re all in the same boat. I like Cassandra’s book, but I really don’t see the need for more shadowhunter series. However, I think it’s safe to say that i’ll likely read them all . I would like her to write a standalone of how the circle came to be. Can she get onto that? Also, what are some of your other authors that fall under this category?
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    • Meg Morley

      There is no need for more Shadowhunters. The Shadowhunters have been shadowhunted to death and then brought back as zombies and hunted and murdered some more. And yet.

      Stay tuned for more authors, I don’t want to spoil the videos 🙂 (if I flake I promise I’ll come back and re-comment with a list)

  11. Sarah J.

    I have the same problem with P.C. Cast’s HoN series. I like the well-enough, but I think they are a bit ridiculous. I just can’t stop buying them. After meeting them though, I’m pretty sure I won’t be. They were jerks so they don’t deserve my mula.
    Sarah J. recently posted…Stacking the Shelves: Kindle EditionMy Profile

    • Ilex

      PC and Kristin Cast were jerks to their fans? I haven’t read any of their books, but that’s still pretty disappointing to hear.

      • Sarah J.

        Yep. They were very rude. If you try to say anything to them they would just brush it off. No thank you if a compliment or even try to start conversation. I met JLA at the same event and the line for her was 15 minute wait max, way longer than their line and JLA started conversations with everyone. P.C and her daughter were rude and it felt like the were condescending. I wasn’t happy with meeting them.

        • Meg Morley

          Ugghhh, that’s the worst! I’m sorry it was such an unhappy experience. (Although yay for JLA! She’s the best, isn’t she?)

          I actually met Cassandra Clare at BEA this year and she was super nice. It was funny, I was able to honestly say I’d read all of her books which made her smile (I kept the ‘now please stop writing them because I don’t have the strength to stop on my own’ part to myself)

          • Sarah J.

            YES! I loved JLA. I froze up meeting her up though. The first author I met that day, Lisa Kleypas, thought I was adorable because I was literally shaking and freaking out. It was a great day!

            That’s great that she’s nice! Haha I don’t think she will anytime soon. I saw a post that a friend on GR pointed me to about how her father is a money guru type guy and without his advice she wouldn’t keep making money. Basically her writing is just stacks of cash in her eyes, but I’m sure a lot of writers that are big in the industry see it the same way.

  12. Lisa (Fic Talk)

    Girrrrrrl, been there and done THAT… With exactly the same author. *headdesk*

    It cannot be helped. I blame that first book’s cover too! That shiny torso on the cover would always be glaring down at me from the top of the bookshelf every single time I went into the bookstore… Until I relented and bought it. Then the second. And the third. And the fourth. Annnnnd Clockwork Angel. And the fucking Prince one too. Jeez.

    Ask me how many I’ve actually read?

    Oh… Just City of Bones. Andddd that was like 4 year ago? Sigh.

    I have heard good thing about the infernal devices series from Wendy but have yet to actually dive into the books myself. Ah well. I just know I will continue to buy her books. I will just not be able to help mah self.

    Loved this video! Also loved the crazy hair. Heheh. 😛
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  13. AM Gray

    yep – TMI and all of Clare’s works are on my ugh list… I should have trusted my teen daughter when she threw clocckwork prince into the wall.
    For me it is Laurrel K Hamilton. I keep buying the anita blake series in the vain hope that it will get back to where it started and it doesn’t… sigh
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  14. Danielle

    I have SO MANY GOOODKIND BOOKS. I only liked the first one! How does this keep happening? And then, after 8 books, I finally broke his grip on me, and what does my mother-in-law send for Christmas? Book 9. I still wake up in the night to the siren call of books 10-14. Buuuuuy ussssssss. Finish the serieeeeeeees.

    Same with Charlaine Harris. I finally got Sookie out of my life and then I went and bought the first Aurora Teagarden at a library sale. We can have no self control together.
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  15. Alex / AnimeGirl

    That happens to me all the time, mostly with romance authors, like Kristan Higgins? Everyone I know loves her books I think she just likes putting her somewhat likable characters in very cringe worthy humiliating situations and each time I hear a new book from hers is coming out I tell myself I’m not going to read it… and then I read it and I hate it and I wonder WHY I do this to myself? but I ask again, why?

    So, I totally get you! *gives cupcake*
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  16. fakesteph

    YES! This. I keep buying Cassandra Clare even when I’m not reading them. I literally have every single one of her books even though I stopped reading them. I think that might be worse than buying them and reading them against your will. 🙂 Looking forward to your next video!
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  17. Misty @ The Book Rat

    I read the 2nd book because of that f*cking cliffhanger, but I felt no need to go beyond that. I mean, I felt maybe a little need, because it was back when I was a little more forgiving and a lot more compelled to finish things I’d started, but I tamped that down REAL quick, and said NO.
    …and yet somehow still have a hardcover of Clockwork Angel AND the graphic novelization… o_O
    (To be fair: the hardcover was 40 cents when Borders was closing, and my book addict’s brain won’t let me pass that up, no matter what, and the graphic novel was an unsolicited review copy. BUT STILL.)

  18. Fangs 4 the Fantasy (@Fangs4Fantasy)

    If I start reading a series I feel the need to finish it. It takes a lot to break me of it. It just nags at me – even if it becomes WORK, even work I HATE I will KEEP READING in some kind of masochistic penance. I’m more likely to DNF a single book than a full series

    Example – Cassandra Clare
    ALL 21 ANITA BLAKE BOOKS (oh gods stop, please make it stop!)
    The Black Dagger Dudebros (whyyyyyy)

    I suffer from this compulsion, I truly suffer
    Fangs 4 the Fantasy (@Fangs4Fantasy) recently posted…Dominion, Season 1, Episode 1: PilotMy Profile

  19. Kanika Kalra

    Ughhh, I knowww, right?! For me, it’s like, I KNOW that I don’t like the book I’m reading, but I just can’t stop reading, especially if I’ve already read the first one or two books in the series. It’s like you said; my brain tells me that I don’t like the series, but my heart just looks at me with those big puppy eyes, and goes, ‘But you’ve come so far! You can’t just drop it now!’ And just… ugh.
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  20. Jaz

    I left a comment on the vid BUT OMG THIS IS ME EXACTLY WITH CASSIE CLARE BOOKS. The last 3 books of TMI were TERRIBLE. I was so shocked to hear about book 4 because it was only meant to be a trilogy. COFA killed the series for me so when ppl said read TID I was like NOPE NOPE NOPE. But then I went out and bought the trilogy… And I really enjoyed TID O_O but oh god COLS was horrible and COHF was… tolerable.
    NO MORE though. JUST NO.
    Jaz recently posted…Review: Antigoddess (Goddess War #1) by Kendare BlakeMy Profile

  21. April Books & Wine

    I feel like I could have made this video myself, FOR THE EXACT SAME AUTHOR and I am so ashamed of myself. AND GET THIS, I even bought double copies because I went to signing and was like, oh I’ll be into this because it’s shiny. But no, I disliked City of Bones. I liked Clockwork Angel well enough, but never read beyond that. And I can’t even get rid of the books because I paid full list price for the signed ones and I feel like if I get rid of them it will be like admitting that I flushed my money down the toilet and I can’t do that.
    April Books & Wine recently posted…Stacking The Shelves (64) | Book HaulMy Profile

  22. Lyn Kaye

    You have such a distinctive personality. You were made for the camera.

    Here is my big problems, I just keep buying books. Who knows if I will ever read them or if I will even like it. “Oh, that cover is pretty.” “Oh, so-and-so said this was amazing.” “Oh, I like the blurb.” “Oh, I am slightly sad so I need to spend money.” “Oh, who needs food when you have books?”

    All the damn time.

    Love this video. Please do more!

  23. Lynn M

    I was totally that way with JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books (not YA, but still…gah!). I actually did love the first four books in the series, and then things completely came off the rails. But I still kept buying the next book that came out. I’d read and spend so much time rolling my eyes I’d get eye strain. The stuff that originally hooked me started to annoying the heck out of me. Maybe I was hoping that she’d regain that magic, like I’d fall in love all over again. Never happened. I managed to refrain from buying the last two books that have come out, so I’m hoping my addiction has been cured.

  24. Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews

    HAHAHAHAHA oh I’m sorry, but this is exactly how I feel too! When I first saw the video title, I thought, “Those stupid Cassie Clare books. Those are my problem,” then you held of City of Bones and I almost died.

    Why do they have this power? (And you’re right, it’s EXACTLY like watching Lost!!) I don’t ENJOY them while I read them, but the stupid cliffhangers happen and then the book is released and I need to know what’s happening and … it’s a vicious cycle. I haven’t read book 6 in TMI yet, and I’m honestly dreading it because I am NOT going back to reread the thousands of pages of angst before it, and Recaptains reviews can only do so much. I just need to be done with them!
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  25. Paola Carolina

    MEG! You and Cassandra Clare = Me and Cassandra Clare! I want to quit her. I do. I just can’t stop myself from reading her books! I even enjoyed The Infernal Devices. I need help.

  26. Elizabeth

    Oh my god I am SO GLAD I’m not the only one!!! I seriously have a problem. And funnily enough, I have that problem specifically with Cassandra Clare. I mean that 5th book even pissed me off. Like. A lot. WHY DO I KEEP READING THEM?! The mysteries of life. And god I hate Lost. That many cliffhangers just makes me angry! It’s stupid! And unnecessary! Luckily the people I was watching it with got ahead of me so things started making even less sense (does anything ever make sense in Lost?) so I was able to quit. YAY ME! (…I’d like to take credit for the self-control it takes to quit Lost…but…someone else took it out of my hands. I am a miserable excuse for a human being with discipline lol)
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  27. Miri

    I too have read all of them and am currently reading Lady MIdnight (Although I’m paused somewhere in the middle because a romance scene got to me and I’m waiting for the motivation to read again). Even though I know pretty much all the big twists in the book and some of them are obvious from the beginning, I still have to read it for some reason. I liked the clockwork series a lot better for some reason and CoHF was probably the best in the original series for me even though it was so freaking long.

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