Book Review: Honey Badger Don’t Care by Randall

10 February, 2012 Random Reads 0 comments

Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randall’s Guide To Crazy, Nastyass Animals by Randall
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pages: 64 (Hardcover)

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Sweet Jesus–a riotous wildlife book for adults! The mononymous Randall, narrator of the You Tube sensation (15 MILLION views) “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger,” is the wild new voice of nature. In Honey Badger Don’t Care(tm), Randall presents a dozen crazy, badass animals of the wild kingdom as only Randall could. Don’t be stupid–buy this book!


Randall seems to know his audience well and fans of Randall’s unique animal documentaries will enjoy this book. Unlike Stuff White People Like, Shit My Dad Says and I am America – he seems to realize that his shtick works well in a small format rather than a massive book that overdoes what the small, four minute Youtube videos are able to do so well.

This certainly is fun in that Randall’s personal style comes through very strongly. But don’t be fooled, folks. This book ain’t all about Honey Badgers – though their badassery can’t be denied – it contains a few other unique species. There are many, many photos as well as a run down on each unique little animal. And there are a few unique guys in here. Maybe because I’m all the way from Australia – but I was completely oblivious to this little bundle of cutosity:

Pink Fairy Armadillo says, “Take me home! But only in your hearts… because I’m endangered so you should totes protect my environment. Just sayin’.

Yet this book isn’t just about mocking animals and amusing ourselves with their weird-ass, crazy ways and looks. It’s a conservation effort. Every animal mentioned in this book is endangered – most of them critically. A few of them I’ve scarcely ever heard of.

My one critique of an otherwise funny gag book would be that there were a couple of factual errors that annoyed me. Only, I can’t be sure they were intentional for the use of humour, or earnest mistakes.

Otherwise, this is certainly an amusing read. Not that the Honey Badger cares whether I approve or not. Because, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that Honey Badger’s don’t give a shit.

Because I can’t help myself when it comes to teh cute!

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