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BWN-bee-graphicWelcome to Buzz Worthy News where the stories are awesome. Need your book industry news? Never fear, Kate Copeseeley is here to give it to you straight.

In this week’s Buzz Worthy News: #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy2 Trailer, #AWrinkleInTime Casting News , Another Disney Movie Battle, and #TrumpBookReport. All this and more!

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Wolverine Teaser Trailer

Man that dude is hot. Sorry, sorry. (not sorry) Enjoy!

Nocturnal Animals

Will this be called the next Gone Girl? It is really really intriguing.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer


Muppet Fifty Shades

hahahahahahaha is basically all I can say about this.

More A Wrinkle In Time Casting News

gugu_mbatha-raw_2013_tiffOMG, this movie is just getting better and better!! I’m loving every new addition. Like these two, for instance:

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has joined Disney’s movie adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time.”

Ava DuVernay is on board to direct with Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Storm Reid also attached to star in the film.

Jennifer Lee, who wrote and co-directed “Frozen” with Chris Buck, is penning the adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s book for Disney. The story follows children as they travel through time and visit strange worlds in order to find their missing scientist father.

DuVernay has since confirmed Variety’s report on Twitter:

“A Wrinkle in Time” is the first book in L’Engle’s “Time Quartet” series, which includes “A Wind in the Door,” “Many Waters,” and “A Swiftly Tilting Planet.”

Mbatha-Raw would play the role of Dr. Murry — Meg and Charles Wallace’s mother. She is a scientist who, with Meg’s father, comes up with the notion of the wrinkle in time. Mbatha-Raw was most recently seen in “Free State of Jones” and will star next in Bad Robot’s “God Particle.” She will follow that up with Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in the role of feather duster Plumette.

Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time has its patriarch, with Chris Pine joining the Ava DuVernay-directed tentpole.

The Star Trek alum will play Mr. Murray, husband to the Gugu Mbatha-Raw-portrayed Dr. Kate Murray, microbiologist and mother to main character Meg Murray played by Storm Reid, I’ve learned.

Pine is expected to get in front of the camera for DuVernay before the end of the year, with filming in Los Angeles.

This movie cannot be made fast enough!!

Sources HERE and HERE

CBC Has Cast Their Anne Girl


Oh, this girl is so cute! COULD I BE AN MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS??? (the answer is no)

For 14-year-old Amybeth McNulty, it’s the role of a lifetime. She beat more than 1,800 girls from Canada and abroad to land the starring turn as Anne in the new CBC adaptation of Anne of Green Gables.

“She’s riveting on screen, she’s translucent. You can see every thought and every emotion,” says writer and show-runner Moira Walley-Beckett of her show’s star, who initially auditioned online from her home in Donegal, Ireland (McNulty’s mother is Canadian).

McNulty, a self-described “bookworm” who read the Anne of Green Gables books when she was nine, says she shares many traits with Montgomery’s feisty heroine.

“She has so much love for the world, which I think I share with her. And her curiosity about everything, how she can be so fierce and so bold but so gentle and so loving.”

McNulty, a self-described “bookworm” who read the Anne of Green Gables books when she was nine, says she shares many traits with Montgomery’s feisty heroine.

“She has so much love for the world, which I think I share with her. And her curiosity about everything, how she can be so fierce and so bold but so gentle and so loving.”

“I feel that this Anne is entirely different,” says Walley-Beckett. “We’re off-book. We’re the essence of the book, we have the heart and soul of the book, we have our iconic moments that everyone can’t wait for, and we’re telling a new story. I think that is one reason why it’s entirely its own.”

The other, more aesthetic difference may have to do with Walley-Beckett’s own background, steeped in gritty cable drama (she was a writer on AMC’s Breaking Bad), not cutesy period pieces.

“This is a very grounded, real version of the story. Life in Prince Edward Island in the late 1800s was a hard, gritty, scrappy life. It was messy, it was covered in red mud,” says Walley-Beckett.

“The weather, the seasons, it’s all part of our story. It’s not doilies and teacups, it’s life.”


Not gonna lie, I’m a litttttttle nervous about this whole “We’re off book” conversation.

Go to the Source for a short featurette about the casting process.


Another Disney Movie Battle


First it was The Little Mermaid, and now it’s Hua Mulan! I would like to see a serious flick vs. a fun and happy musical version. Wouldn’t that be cool? I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. In the meantime, I’m loving all this!!!!

Alex Graves is in talks to direct Sony’s “Mulan,” the company’s live-action adaptation of the Chinese legend based on Hua Mulan, the young female warrior who takes her ailing father’s place in the Chinese Imperial Army, TheWrap has learned.

While no plot details were revealed about how Sony’s “Mulan” will differ from Disney’s planned live-action adaptation of its animated hit, studio’s version is a Chinese co-production and will feature a mostly Chinese cast and lead. The film will be made through Sony Pictures International Productions.

“Mulan” told the story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man so she can join the army and fight in a war. The character first appeared in an ancient Chinese poem, and it’s unknown whether Mulan is based on a real heroine or if the poem was merely an allegory.

Sony’s “Mulan” film is being written by Jason Keller (“Mirror Mirror”) and produced by Doug Belgrad, whose 2.0 Entertainment will co-finance and produce the film.

Meanwhile, Disney which made the 1998 animated “Mulan” film, is also fast tracking a live action “Mulan” film which is eyeing a November 2018 release date.




Okay, we are not about politics here, but this twitter tag is just irresistible. I mean, imagine if you will, Donald Trump giving mini twitter book reviews. Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t do better than some of these.

This was the tweet that started the whole thing.

Many hilarious examples soon followed:

hahahahaha more at the source link.


Author S.E. Hinton Corrects Character Misinformation

outsidersIt can be tough to interact on Twitter sometimes thanks to that character limit, as author S.E. Hinton of the The Outsiders found out for herself.

The flap started on Monday after Hinton responded to a tweet from a reader asking whether there were “any romantic feelings” between the characters Johnny and Dallas, two members of the Greasers gang.

“No. Where is the text backing this?” Hinton replied. Hinton, who wrote “The Outsiders” when she was in high school — it was published in 1967 — has continued to write novels for young adults and has more than 40,000 Twitter followers.

After the reader replied he thought a relationship between the two teenagers would be “cute,” Hinton tweeted, “ask someone in the ’60’s how ‘cute’ it was to be gay. I have many friends I love & do not want to sleep with.”

“The Outsiders” tells the story of two competing youth gangs in Tulsa, Okla.: the Greasers and the Socs, whose rivalry turns deadly. Penguin  recently released a special edition of the book in anticipation of its 50th anniversary next year.

On Twitter, Hinton doubled down on her assertion that the characters weren’t gay, writing, “I have no problem with anyone being gay. Long time supporter of LGBT rights. … No, they are not gay. I wrote them, I ought to know.”

Hinton spent much of Monday responding to readers who were upset with her tweets, reiterating that the characters were straight and denying that she harbored homophobic feelings. She told one Twitter user who had suggested she apologize, “I said I did not write the characters that way. I apologize for nothing.”



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