Introducing Our Newest Cuddlebuggery Member…

15 June, 2016 Announcement 9 comments

Hey there Cuddlebuggerers! Wow does that not sound right now that I see it in black and white. Sticking a pin in that to come up with something else another day.


I’m pretty sure Steph and Kat have sat y’all down and given you the birds and the bees speech before but to summarize, sometimes when the three of us love each other very much, things get a little weird and we bring a new Cuddlebuggery contributor into the world.


Today is your lucky day because shenanigans have ensued and we’re pleased to announce we have a shiny new face around here.

Please welcome Natalie Crown to Cuddlebuggery!



I’m a twenty something Brit that really loves stories. I generally seek out fantasy novels because I am a GLUTTON for magic mixed with history mixed with DRAGONS mixed with real world issues transported to new worlds. *happy sigh*

My adventures with YA started a few years back. As a kid I tended to raid my dad’s bookshelf and then re-read my dad’s bookshelf (hi adult high fantasy that was WAY too grown up for me). That said, a few YA series did find their way  into my heart forever. I’m talking His Dark Materials, Harry Potter and The Song of the Lioness Quartet.

My backward journey towards YA has made me more critical. I cannot abide YA that talks down to its readers. Kids, teens and young adults are SMART. They can handle complexity, they can handle depth, and they can handle layered narratives. All books should challenge readers, regardless of age, but I believe that books tailored for a younger audience have more of a responsibility to try.

In addition, here’s some other things you should know:

  • She’s a reader and an author and you should check her out on Goodreads.
  • She’s a total fangirl (particularly if you’re interested in The 100 which I’m sure I’ve relentlessly harassed you into being at this point, right????)
  • She’s a sweetheart and you should definitely stop by her twitter and tell her hello!

As you all know, we have a pretty awesome crew of contributors and Natalie’s going to fit right in as she is a fantastic human being with excellent thoughts she’s going to share with you. Stay tuned.

Meg Morley

Meg Morley

Co-bloggery at Cuddlebuggery
Meg is an all-around book nerd who just really wants to talk about books, preferably with other people but by herself will do. Find her on Goodreads.

9 Responses to “Introducing Our Newest Cuddlebuggery Member…”

    • Natalie Crown

      Oh Gillian, I can only imagine how my life would have been enhanced if you had been around for me to scream about LYRA BELACQUA and LYRA AND WILL and LYRA leaving PAN behind AND TEARING OUT MY WHOLE ENTIRE SOUL.

      And ALANNA OF TORTALL BEING A BADASS FEMINIST ICON. Although I was always more Jon than George which I think is a bit of an unpopular opinion so I’ll shout less about that?


  1. Maria

    And here I thought you seriously had a bird that had laid eggs and that they had hatched and that you had gotten yourselves a little mascot… No really, I initially thought that. But Natalie sounds AMAZING! She likes just the kind of books I like 😀

  2. Carina Olsen

    YAAAY 😀 Welcome to Natalie 😀 She seems awesome. <3 Yay for being more members on this awesome blog 🙂 But gosh, that bird image is killing me, lol. So ugly, haha :p And yesss. I got this one in my email too 😀 So it is fully working now. For me, finally. <3
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