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I honestly don’t know what to do with myself, I am so many different emotions all at once right now. That was an incredible hour of television, I was on the edge of my seat basically the whole time with the exception of the bits where I was under it and crying because it was also THE WORST. BUT IT ALSO WENT FULL CREEPY ASS HORROR MOVIE AND IT WAS THE BEST? ALSO THE SET UP FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE?????? I’M SO HAPPY? LIKE SO HAPPY I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST WATCHED THE 100?????

I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s recap!

The episode opens with the delinquents and their new dad sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows and telling stories and braiding their hair and generally hugging it out. Octavia is very sad that Lincoln has gone on vacation without her but Bellamy’s there to comfort her. It’s all very touching and lovely and absolutely 100% how it went down.


Alright, alright so the episode opens with a terrible thing we’ve known was coming ever since the season 3 trailer dropped and in a weird sort of way I am grateful that they spoiled it in the trailer and then got it over with more or less immediately because the situation in context was every bit as painful as I thought it was going to be.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.56.40 AM

If you’ve ever wondered what regretting your entire life looks like, this is it.

The remaining (*wails*) members of the rebellion make their way back to the cave in a beautifully shot, slow motion for maximum torment, entrance scene. Let me continue to stall for a minute and appreciate how well they visually represented Bellamy’s terror. One by one the the members of the rebellion enter the cave, the sound of their footsteps echoing, their faces hard and oh thank god there’s Octavia but then an empty shot where the missing member of the group does not enter, the sound drops out as Bellamy asks ‘where’s Lincoln?’ The volume up on Octavia’s shaky breath and she says ‘they put a bullet in his brain.’ Cue sad piano chords. A++++ direction and editing. We’re a minute in and the emotional agony is already off the charts.

Octavia proceeds to work some of her feelings out with her fists in Bellamy’s face. Oh god this scene was so fucking hard to watch. I’ve seen a lot of people describe this scene as abuse and they are not wrong. However, in my view, writing it off as simply abuse strips the scene of a lot of its complexity and nuance and if that’s how you’re taking it, you do you, I respect that, it was horrible, you may want to skip the next paragraph because I’m going to talk about some of the nuance.

I do not think for a moment the show was condoning Octavia’s actions. The tragedy piano and the focus on every other person in the cave either looking away or trying to step in clearly indicates that this is not okay. I also think it’s important to note that Bellamy tells everyone to stay out of it. He not only accepts his complicity in how everything got to this point and Octavia’s anger, I think he’s doing what he’s always done, taking Octavia’s pain on to himself. He knows that she needs this, he knows that this is at least partially his fault, he is willing to accept the consequences and hopefully absorb some of her pain to make her burden a little bit lighter. Is this healthy and good? No, not at all, but their relationship has always leaned toward the codependent side of fucked up due to the circumstances of their upbringing and I think Octavia losing it and turning it on Bellamy and Bellamy unflinchingly taking it is in line with their dynamic. The fact that the show made it so explicitly clear that Bellamy is completely on board with her meltdown both kills me and makes the scene a little easier to deal with.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.59.52 AM

Murphy: The apocalypse was 97 years ago, seriously, how are y’all like this?

Back in Polis, Murphy is chained to a wall and Ontari is having a bit of a panic attack as she grapples with the monumental task ahead of her, convincing the other clans she is the ascended Heda. I loooooooove the depth they added to Ontari’s character by showing her fears and insecurities. I love that through Murphy we get to see the two sides of her: the public badass and the private teenage girl who’s in over her head. It goes without saying that I also love Murphy’s one liners and the way he steps in and saves Ontari’s ass when she runs out of answers. I’m so into them you guys. I feel like they’re really similar people and they get each other in a way no one else does. I have boarded this garbage barge of a ship, I know it’s fucked up, leave me alone.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.03.34 AM

The moral of this story is if Jaha has an idea, just assume it’s bad.

Back in Arkadia, Raven is losing her mind. Lindsey Morgan gave one hell of a performance this episode and her mania as she tries to solve the ALIE problem and keep her out of her head via sensory overload is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m also weirdly tickled by Alie setting up shop as president of the Raven fanclub. Girl has got a massive lady boner for Raven (don’t we all). Abby swings by to clear the cult gathering away from Raven’s door and puts herself squarely back in Jaha’s crosshairs.

Monty and his mom have a really fucking emotional moment where Hannah comes and tells Monty that Pike knows he helped the rebellion pull of the prison break and he needs to run. Monty asking his mom if he could hug her and her broken ‘this can’t look like goodbye’ hurt my heart A LOT. Gosh I hope Hannah isn’t actually the spawn of satan and this isn’t a trap.

In the cave, Team Rebellion discuss their dwindling options. They need to kill Pike and deliver his head to the Grounders and lift the blockade and rejoin the coalition (sidebar, Bellamy rolling his eyes at the 13th clan business made me lol). BUT HOW? A timely radio call from Monty diverts their attention, he’s out of Arkadia and needs a pick up. Team Rebellion is reasonably concerned about a potential trap in the making. Octavia decides to take Bellamy along as a hostage and Kane signs off with the amendment that he should be chained and gagged as Bellamy ‘is the enemy.’ *weeps*

Back in cult land, Alie holds the first meeting of the Raven Is The Best club and explains to everyone how Raven is a magical and unique snowflake, too strong for this world and how can she ever hope to subdue such a beautiful unicorn? Jaha reaffirms his the worstness by suggesting that free will is a problem and they should just get rid of it and force her back into the fold. The nuke-happy AI gives him some heavy side eye but in the end her boner for Raven wins out and she agrees that taking her choices away is the best call. Way to out evil the cause of the apocalypse, Jaha.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.08.37 AM

Raven: even at my worst I am still smarter than everyone in this room.

Meanwhile, Raven has cracked the key to breaking Alie’s hold, all they need is one of the wristbands the delinquents were originally sent down with. WHERE EVER WILL THEY FIND ONE OF THOSE? Suddenly the weirdly significant shots of Niylah’s wrists back in 3×01 make sense. Alie shows her displeasure and gives Raven all of her pain and memories back at once cuing up another incredibly hard to watch sequence of Raven in total agony. Abby and Jasper rush her to medical where Jackson immediately betrays them (NOOOOOOOO).

What happens next was AMAZING (before you get too excited, it’s still awful). The 100 goes full on creep af horror movie and Alie takes over Raven’s brain completely. Bye bye Raven, hello Alie in a Raven suit. Lindsey Morgan fucking KILLS IT with a dead on recreation of Alie’s creepy, blank stare, she even changed up her voice. CHILLS ALL OVER MY BODY GUYS WE ARE GOING TOTAL INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS AND I LOVE IT.

Back in Polis, Ontari continues to panic and Murphy continues to help. She names him her flame keeper. I’m still not all that into Polis.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.11.32 AM

Hey look! There’s Finn!

CUT TO THE DROPSHIP. Even though this scene was horrible and (naturally) a trap (FUCK YOU HANNAH) I am always so happy to see the dropship again. CAMP DELINQUENT 5EVA. The rebellion is outmatched and Bellamy appears to turn on them to get back in Pike’s favor. While I did not believe that he was actually rejoining (I know Bellamy’s made some hideously bad choices this season but, guys, come on), I did very much worry his plan was something along the lines of stall and hope for the best (I love the dude but his strategic thinking skills come and go as the plot demands).

We go back to Arkadia where the cult is trying to convince Abby to join up. It turns out Alie’s love of Raven is still second to her need for brains and she slits Raven’s wrists and threatens to let her bleed out if Abby doesn’t take the cookie. Fortunately, Abby’s love of Raven is pure and true and she takes it. NOOOOOOOOO. All I will say is they better get Abby out of the City of Light before shutting it down because I am deeply not prepared for the prospect of Clarke having to kill her mom.

Sigh. Back to Polis. More Ontari freaking out (though her practicing her lines was super endearing). She puts on her badass pants and shuts down the haters by putting smushing dude’s eyes out with her thumbs (Murphy’s little I’m proud of you girl smile was so cute what is wrong with me). Have the writers mentioned they like Game of Thrones? Guys, I think the writers really like Game of Thrones. I know they’re really subtle about it but you can see the homage if you squint.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.13.38 AM

Sometimes the show DOES give us nice things.

In the woods, it turns out the plot demanded Bellamy use his brain. Yay! I love when Bellamy gets to use his brain! He leads Pike straight across the Grounder barricade. There is an incredibly satisfying moment where Pike gets shot in the chest. I’m so happy you guys.

Kane saddles up to take his giftwrapped housewarming present to his bff Indra and pauses to drop some angsty ‘I’m not mad, I’m disappointed’ fatherly wisdom on Bellamy’s shoulders. He asks him if he did this for Octavia or if it was because it was the right thing to do and tells him if he can’t tell the difference, he’s still lost. SO MANY EMOTIONS.

Back to Polis again (sigh). Ontari takes Murphy to her rooms and orders him to be chained up and then takes off her clothes. Murphy and I are both caught off guard, this abruptly got unexpectedly kinky. Murphy’s all yes I do have a thing for crafty girls, but alas I already have a lady. Ontari’s like yeah but is she here and will she kill you if you don’t bone her? I am…conflicted. I love them, but this is not consent by any stretch of the imagination and I don’t fully understand why the show felt the need to go there. The 100 is all about nothing being black and white, from the characters to the decisions they make to the situations they’re in (in terms of power dynamics, Ontari’s got the literal upper hand, Murphy does hold a lot of power over her by keeping her secrets, not saying this makes anything okay, just saying there’s nuance), but Ontari’s coy smiles, the sexy music, and Murphy’s dry smile and ‘the things I do to survive’ makes me think we’re supposed to be more on board with this scene than I’m personally comfortable with. At the same time, I……still……..ship it? Brb, adding this to the pile of things I’m into that I probably shouldn’t be.


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.17.15 AM


Aaaaaand we’re back to Arkadia. I’ve neglected to mention that Jasper’s been backing up Abby in the quest to save Raven and now he’s the only hope and it’s….awesome? Like, holy shit, I love Jasper again? Like a lot? I didn’t expect this. He grabs Raven and steals a Rover, busts the fuck out of Arkadia and LO! A WILD CLARKE APPEARS. CLARKE’S BACK CLARKE’S BACK CLARKE’S BAAAAAAAAAACK. She tries to take charge of the situation and in a scene that’s been a long time coming, Jasper stands in for all of us and points out that she has no idea what the fuck is going on here and she needs to shut the fuck up and roll with it for a minute (I love the girl and get where she’s coming from but godamn Clarke, you shut yourself out of all of this, you don’t get to make the calls right now). Because Clarke is smart and awesome, she recognizes this is maybe a good time to fall in line, hops in the Rover, DROP KICKS A DUDE OUT THE BACK AND ONWARD INTO THE GREATEST BOTTLE EP OF ALL TIME.

Assorted thoughts:

  • how much do I love Miller, guys? SO MUCH. He’s currently the only member of the rebellion willing to cut Bellamy and Monty any slack and bless him for that. Heart you Miller, please don’t die.
  • Did the ambassador dude remind anyone else of the squirrely sidekick from The Mummy but in eyeliner?
  • Um, so, hold up, is Pike a Nightblood or was the lighting in that scene just weird and his blood looked black?
  • I see Octavia has really embraced the Blood Must Have Blood philosophy, surely this will not cause massive amounts of friction between her and everyone else going forward.
  • *cries*
  • Lmao @ Clarke’s hair already looking so much more like her actual hair. 
  • Oh god, Clarke’s horrified ‘Mom?’ Crying about it. I get that Clarke had to take care of herself and that’s cool and good and fair but also she missed a lot and she is not going to love the recap.
  • Is anyone else as creeped out as I am about stage 2? WHAT’S STAGE 2? PLEASE BE SOME EVEN CREEPIER HORROR MOVIE SHIT.
  • Now go read Natalie Crown’s post about the ep and freak out with us please and thank you.


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20 Responses to “TV Recap: The 100, Fallen”

  1. Bells

    I loved the episode so much as well. Bellamy turning in Pike was my highlight. Lindsey absolutely killed it, her acting was amazingggggggg. Can’t wait for next week. All of them together again trying to save one of their own. \o/

    • Meg Morley


      Lindsey Morgan is a goddess and I think I actually worship her. Nay, I know it.

  2. Meleika

    YOU HAVE SAID EVERYTHING I HAVE THOUGHT/ HAD TO SAY ABOUT THIS EP !! Clarke’s ‘mum’ got me right in the feels. Hannah and Monty’s “goodbye” GOT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS. RAVEN KILLED AND SLAYED HER SCENES… but also scary, and haunty and just so terrifyingly good.

    • Meg Morley

      SO MANY THINGS RIGHT IN THE FEELS. Why can’t Monty have better family? Why why why why why? I am sooooooo creeped out and really excited about where they could go with this body snatchers stuff.

  3. Kate Copeseeley

    This was my fave ep of the season besides 302. I mean, soooo much goodness here. I loved all of it, except for that weird sex scene because yeah…. that was definitely not consent and I felt really really squidgy about it (and I don’t even like Murphy). I mean, reverse the genders and people would be up in arms!
    I think Abby is not a pod person. I think she is so damn smart enough to remember that ALIE can see what she sees and hear what she hears. I think she is gonna play this part to the hilt until it comes time to kick ALIE’s ass. But that is just my take.
    And since I’m still unclear about what exactly ALIE is able to get from people’s minds… I don’t know if she reads thoughts or not. She doesn’t seem to, but again, I’m not clear on the business.
    But yeah, agreed with everything you said, basically. Because GOD THIS EPISODE WAS SO AWESOME!!!!
    Kate Copeseeley recently posted…Hello From The Other Side (Of Christmas)My Profile

    • Meg Morley

      I’ve decided my s3 ranking so far is:
      1. 3×02
      2. 3×05
      3. 3×10

      I definitely feel getting really squidgy about the Murphy/Ontari scene. As far as I’m concerned, that was not consent. That said, it’s not like this is the first time I’ve been into a super fucked up ship (*stares at the Fever series*) so ugh, whatever, fuck it. Your fav is problematic: me edition.

      I agree that Abby’s not a pod person, I think you have to be way more checked out for that. I do think she’s a brainwashed person (ala Raven pre-breaking point) and we shall see how far that goes and what it’ll take to snap her out of it BECAUSE SOMETHING HAS TO SNAP HER OUT OF IT OKAY THE ALTERNATIVE IS TOO AWFUL TO CONTEMPLATE.

      My take is that once you take the chip, Alie is is basically locked in. She can see what you see, she can hear what you hear. Until you snap and she takes over completely, you still have free will, she just kind of stacks the deck so you’re inclined to freely choose to do the things she wants you to do. I don’t think she can read your mind unless she completely takes over, but she definitely seems to pick up any and all sensory input.


      • Kate Copeseeley

        I see what you mean about 3×05, because that was also amazing. But for me it was Bellarke amazing, while this ep was group amazing. 😀
        And I was totally misleading in my language about Abby. I didn’t mean pod person. I meant more like (as you said) she is like Raven when she was fighting, except that she is too smart to fight right now because she knows (because Raven told her) that ALIE sees and hears everything. I also think she is very strong and she will be another personality not totally taken over by ALIE. She doesn’t really have the same torturous pain that some of the others do, which is not to say she has none, but one of the reasons Raven got taken in is because she didn’t know how ALIE works. And when Raven’s pain was suddenly eliminated, it overwhelmed her. Abby knows EXACTLY how ALIE works, so I don’t think ALIE will be able to be as effective. know what I mean?

  4. Fogh

    All aboaaaaard the Johntari sex traaain!!

    I for one loved their kinky BDSM sex scene. With how their interactions has been this episode, I never thought Murphy feared for his life. He has proven useful and it’s obvious she learns on him. While there wasn’t verbal consent – Murphy does say he has a girlfriend – the smirk at the end was enough for me.

    Also the way Ontari threatened him sounded more like foreplay than threats. She had a glint in her eye and she bit her lip while saying them.

    I’m saying it’s in the grey area and I thought it was freaking hot.

    Other favorite moments:

    – Bellamy disarming Octavia (to protect her) proving how easy he can take her out in h2h which I’ve been debating with some people online
    – Angel of Death and Jasper’s attitude towards Clarke was amazing. If Clarke wasn’t already off her horse (where is it btw?), Jasper brought her down from it.
    – Bellamy’s eyeroll at Kane’s speech about the 13 th clan. Man I want Kane to speak of peace etc in Polis only for Ontari to kick his naive ass and put him in jail.
    – Everything Raven!
    – I got more emotional during Momty’s conversation than anything else this season.

    The original term for a bottle episode was “Ship-in-a-Bottle” – which is appropriate considering Bellarke being in the bottle together.

    • Jess

      That’s not BDSM. BDSM involves sexual activity between two consenting adults. There is no coercion in BDSM. Murphy did not consent to being put in chains. And there clearly was coercive sex/dubious consent after Ontari literally threatened to kill him.

      • Fogh

        That’s not how I interpreted the scene and I’ll leave it at that because I’m tired of arguing about it.

    • Meg Morley

      I am definitely feeling their dynamic. Not totally sold on the sex scene, I don’t really consider coersion consent and for all the cute flirty-ness on Ontari’s end, there was definitely some underlying threatening going on. That said, Murphy’s got his own ace up his sleeve and he could expose her whenever he wants, so it’s not like the power’s entirely in her hands. Oh The 100, will you ever give your audience a clear cut situation? No, no you will not. And I wouldn’t want you to.

      BELLAMY DISARMING OCTAVIA WAS HUGE. OBVIOUS INDICATION THAT HE WAS TOTALLY WILLINGLY GOING ALONG WITH IT THE WHOLE TIME AND I LOVE IT. If you think about it, this entire episode was all about consent and characters consenting to situations not entirely in their best interests/what they want for various reasons. Neat. I love themes.

      In that moment, Jasper was all of us (or at least very much me) “I HAVE AN IMPORTANT MISSION FROM POLIS’ “CLARKE NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT POLIS”

      Honestly, Kane’s insistent belief in the protection of their status as the 13th clan is making me majorly sad because oh Kane, you idealistic fool, being the 13th clan means fuck all and I have a hunch you’re about to very painfully discover that in 3×12.

      OMG SHIP IN A BOTTLE I LOVE IT. I still can’t believe the bottle ep will include both Bellamy and Clarke AND BE ENTIRELY DELINQUENTS. IT IS LITERALLY ALL I HAVE WANTED FOR SOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOONG. Also, if Alie is has access to Raven’s brain and is driving the Raven mobile, how many horrifyingly painful truthbombs are about to be dropped? Can you smell the catharsis in the air? I can.

      • Danni

        On the whole consent thing.

        I think what is important for me is that, in the previous episode, Murphy was very clearly depicted as showing interest in Ontari… and she was *very* clearly depicted as noticing this. Had they *not* shown this, then yes… that scene would have been SUPER ooky and I’d not be okay with it, because it would have been a rape scene shot like a sex scene, and that is never ok. That whole bathing scene in the previous episode was shot PURELY for the reason of showing Murphy and Ontari’s attraction to each other and making it VERY CLEAR. There was little other point for them including it otherwise.

        Because they CLEARLY showed this in the previous episode, I think they are then entitled to go to the ‘slightly kinky-coercive’ place without it being called rape-y vibe-y. Ontari’s words and mannerisms were in complete juxtaposition, and Murphy was shown *reacting* to this. It was a bit of kink sexual play based on the fact that she *already had* knowledge of his interest. Yes, it strayed close to a line, perhaps purposefully so, perhaps unthinkingly… but I don’t believe it ever crossed it.

        The thing is, while it would be a very nice, positive message if every time two characters had a kinky power-play sex scene they stopped beforehand to say “Just to be clear, we’re both a-go with this, right?” it would pretty much *kill* the drama, lol.

        The tone they struck was right, in my opinion, but only because they clearly showed a prior attraction that both characters were aware of and in many ways acknowledged to each other through their looks in the previous episode. That is what that whole bathing scene was about… because the writers are not *complete* idiots. It’s still quick effed up, it’s meant to be… but that is what stops it crossing the line for me. If anything I was more pissed that Murphy cheated on Emori. I never forgave Finn for that, and I now think Emori deserves better. Lol.

        What interests me is that, had Murphy *not* raised the issue of Emori… we’d probably feel quite differently about it.

        But in a lot of the debate surrounding this issue and people not sure whether to feel comfortable with it or not, they’re forgetting that the writers have purposely included a scene in the previous episode where the characters are depicted as visually acknowledging that they are attracted to each other and that they *both* know it.

      • Danni

        Having said ALL of that… “All human behaviour revolves around the avoidance of pain.”

        BOTH Murphy and Bellamy were shown in chains in this episode as their relationships took a dark turn with another character. I believe *both* were meant to be purposefully troublesome to us, because this episode was called “Fallen” and it was actively plumbing the depths of what it means to consent to another’s pain and vulnerability, to your own pain and vulnerability. There were some pretty powerful ideas/themes coming out of this episode, and it deserves a close reading. I don’t think we were ever meant to read that Ontari/Murphy scene as ‘just a sex scene’ and I think it strayed close to the line on purpose, to make us notice and think about it. I don’t think our discomfort about this scene is an accident, in the same way as our discomfort over the Bellamy/Octavia beat down is not an accident either.

  5. Danni


    Just sob, yes, sob… all the feels, sob, it was… sob. Yes, sob. \*happy tears\*

    (I know I usually try harder than this but I just can’t even today. I’m just going to go watch this episode all over again and luxuriate in it’s glory.)

  6. Jessica

    Wonderful review and wonderful episode! Like you i was wondering why the hell i’ve enjoyed so much an episode with Octavia beating Bellamy, Raven and Abby being tortured in every possible way and Murphy being forced to sleep with Ontari. And i’ve found the answer: because there was hope at the end (or at least hope for the 100 standard). The last episodes were so heavy and unhopeful (expecially 3×09) that having at the end of this one Bellamy saving the day, Pike in the hands of the Grounders, Jasper taking Raven out of that place and CLARKE BACK was like Christmas morning lol That doesn’t mean that things are getting better because it’s still the 100 so they will find new ways to fuck us up but AT LEAST i can begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel (and also it’s the first time in weeks that i look forward to an episode: next week will be s1 over again but with more tension to overcome because all these characters have history now).

    I have also have to add that it’s the first time since 3×03, that i’ve really enjoyed Bellamy’s character. I’ve always loved him, and i’ve always understood where he was coming from (and now that messy storyline they put him through in 3A is beginning to make sense, thanks also to his dialogue with Kane) but this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t pure torture seeing him aligning with Pike, making shitty decisions etc. I’ve finally seen my Bellamy back in this episode. The scene with Octavia was NO fun, and i’m not excusing it at all, but i’ve fell in love with Bellamy all over again when he didn’t let the others stop her. It wasn’t just because he thought he deserved it (because, yeah, he did), but also because it was his fucked up way to love Octavia. In episode 3 he told her that she would always fit with him, no matter what, and he demonstrated it in this episode. He will always be there for her, he will always take care of her, and if that means taking her punches and her anger, so be it. Then the episode only got ‘better’: his eye-rolling at Kane’s comment about the 13th clan was pure Bellamy (and it was also MY reaction because no matter how much i admire Kane’s desire for peace, it’s also an utopy at the moment…the only one who wanted them in the coalition was Lexa and she wanted that just because she had a boner for Clarke, let’s be honest here..NOBODY ELSE wants them to be the 13th clan, even the majority of the Arkadia’s people don’t want that – helloooo, Pike was elected for a reason – so yeah, politically speaking that’s like suicide at the moment, also KANE STAY AWAY FROM ONTARI, PLEASE), and his plan to take Pike down was pure genius (i love when the writers recognize that yes, Bellamy is the heart on this show, but he has also a very functional brain). His final dialogue with Kane is the sum of Bellamy’s hit and miss storyline this season: what it means to be a GOOD leader? The show usually justifies maybe too much the fact that if you do something for your people, no matter how bad it is, then you are forgiven because you had their best interest in mind. But is it true? Does making every shitty possible decison just because you want to protect your own the RIGHT thing to do? Does it make you a good leader? I personally don’t think so. Be a good leader means also recognizing what is wrong and right and acting accordingly. And i love that both Kane and the writers are asking Bellamy to do this, to learn from 3A and be better, to recognize that you aren’t justified just because you wanted to protect your people, to see the bigger picture and see the difference between doing something because it’s right and doing something just because you want to protect your people. And i think Bellamy will learn from this, he will be able to recognize the difference and be a better man and leader in the future because of it.

    Ugh i’ve talked so much about Bellamy, sorry lol, but there were so many other things to appreciate in this episode like JASPER MY SON WHO SUFFERED A LOT THIS SEASON BUT HE WAS THE HERO OF THE EPISODE, AND LINDSAY MORGAN ACTING THAT WAS FLAWLESS ALL AROUND. I’m so worried for Raven and Abby, but even for Octavia. She’s losing it badly, she’s grieving hard, and i think she needs someone to help her through this because her new blood must have blood philosophy will definitly take her in a very dark place.


  7. Gillian

    “I was on the edge of my seat basically the whole time with the exception of the bits where I was under it”

    you just summed up the whole episode



    “The episode opens with the delinquents and their new dad sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows and telling stories….”

    yes this is exactly what happens, well done


    that punching scene was fucking AGONY but it was also beautiful and raw and real and Bellamy accepting those punches and Octavia losing it and it was so

    it was so


    “I love that through Murphy we get to see the two sides of her: the public badass and the private teenage girl who’s in over her head. ” yesyesyesyesyeseyseysesyesyes


    “as Bellamy ‘is the enemy.’ ”

    this makes me want to throw up and lie in my tears and rock back and forth

    “lie holds the first meeting of the Raven Is The Best club and explains to everyone how Raven is a magical and unique snowflake, too strong for this world and how can she ever hope to subdue such a beautiful unicorn? ”

    im crying it’s so accurate Alie is going to start carving A + R all over the Ark

    “Way to out evil the cause of the apocalypse, Jaha.”

    the actual worst

    “Suddenly the weirdly significant shots of Niylah’s wrists back in 3×01 make sense.” OHHHHHH MY GOD.

    oh god that “raven in pure agony” scene and jackson betrayal and frantic abby and jasper and WHSHWOSIHGS

    Lindsey Morgan deserves a fucking Emmy for this episode HOW DID SHE FUCKING TO THAT she held her body like her, modulated her voice like her, tipped her head like her, FUCKING GENIUS


    i’m so glad i don’t have to like Hannah, I almost did for a bit


    ” I did very much worry his plan was something along the lines of stall and hope for the best (I love the dude but his strategic thinking skills come and go as the plot demands).”

    super true

    this is “EVERYBODY LOVES RAVEN” week and it turns out absolutely catastrophically for Raven

    Ontari practicing her lines WAS super endearing DAMN IT WHY DO I LIKE HER SO MUCH SHE MURDERED CHILDREN god i love her

    “Murphy’s little I’m proud of you girl smile was so cute what is wrong with me”


    yeah i was DEF thinking traumatic GoT things with the eyes and the scene that NEVER HAPPENED

    “Sometimes the show DOES give us nice things.”

    *frames still* *places on wall*

    “Yay! I love when Bellamy gets to use his brain!”



    i can’t even think too hard about the Murphtari scene tbh because i’m so into it and I HATE MYSELF



    “LO! A WILD CLARKE APPEARS” we’re honestly becoming the same person


    MILLLLLLERRRRRRRRRRRRR <3333333333333333


    "surely this will not cause massive amounts of friction between her and everyone else going forward."

    forever sobbing



  8. Vinny

    Bellamy makes mistakes but always sticks around to face the consequences, whether its culling, after what happened at mt weather, even when he turned in the guard jacket he was helping lincoln. And his sister, it scares me as to how much is ready to take it or sacrifice himself for his sister( i am not downplaying octavia here but bellamy will cross all the lines for her even take her burden of pain) he is the one guy who will stick around after everything thats happened. And Clarke will probably learn how important that is. I dont know what Bellamy might learn from her but he does make a great team with her. They dont depend on each other but value each others decisions and support them(even if they r the wrong ones and even call each other out on them) What more do you need in a good partnership. The partnership that i am now looking forward to rest of the season with of course the delinquents. I missed that so much about all of them. #Teamwork

  9. natalia h

    Hi. I just find you, so yay, one more place to gush about my favorite show! Thanks for the recap.

    I’m so happy the team is back together, at least physically in the same place, next week. It’s been so long, and it’s going to be harsh for them to find that rhythym again but I have hope, loads of it.

    Don’t feel so bad, you’re not the only one feeling conflited about Ontari and Murphy. I feel bad because I do like Emori a lot, but there’s always been more tension/chemistry between Ontari and Murphy than Emori and Murphy. I think. To me, anyway.

    Miller is awesome.

  10. Carina Olsen

    Lovely episode review, as always, sweetest girl. <3 I love love love reading your thoughts about this amazing tvshow 😀 YAY! Thank you for always writing so much, lol. You are the best 🙂 Not commenting a lot just now, but wanted to comment a little bit 🙂 I also loved this episode a lot. Mostly 🙂

    Ohh, Octavia said that Pike put that bullet in his head, not they, hih. <3 (Please don't hate me for correcting. Ack.) I just noticed it, hih, as I heard her say Pike in the preview I saw, and then in the episode 🙂 Well, I'm pretty sure I did. Now you are making me doubt myself a little bit, lol. But I'm pretty sure. Either way, though, heartbreaking.

    I.. I am not okay with Octavia beating on Bellamy. NOT AT ALL. Though I do understand how you saw it, and I do agree with it, but even so, I am not okay with it at all :p Just, it makes me angry that she did that to her brother; he has taken care of her her whole life, he gave up SO MUCH, and she just.. says that to him. And hits him. And I am not okay with it. Sigh.

    Raven. I love Raven so, so much. And my heart is breaking a lot. So amazingly written 😀

    I am not okay with the whole Murphy thing. I felt like he was raped. And I don't approve. It was a shitty scene. It was just.. not good. Not good at all. I sort of shipped them, but I don't like this one bit. So not happy. Sigh.

    I love Miller too 😀 And Jasper as well, lately. He's pretty awesome. And YAY for Clarke at the end of the episode 😀 I need more of her and Bellamy in the same room. NEXT EPISODE. Yes yes yes. Cannot wait for the next one. <3

    You are awesome.
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