Twitter Round-up June 13 – 19, 2015

19 June, 2015 Twitterary Round-Up 6 comments

Twitter Round-up June 13 – 19, 2015

Hello, Friends!  Welcome to Cuddlebuggery’s Twitter Round-up, a feature showcasing our favorite literary (authors, bloggers, readers, general bookish community) tweets of the week.  Hope you enjoy all the funny, insightful and interesting tweets we found lurking around the internet!


It’s Always Great When Authors Reach Out On The Internet:


#booknerd Problems:

#fangirling Is For Everyone:

#amwriting Or Am I?

Discussions In The Community:




Tweetpic Of The Week:


Tweet Of The Week:

Yeah, seriously, people, what?

Kate Copeseeley

Kate Copeseeley

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  1. Dahlia Adler

    Despite proof in this post that I was, I feel like I was not really on the internet this week if I missed that autocorrect erotica tweet the first time around. I am currently dead. Cause: laughter.

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