10 Ways to Tell You’re in a Reading Slump

20 December, 2014 Musing Musers, Random 24 comments

bored_baby Everyone goes through it at one stage or another. That maudlin feeling. Something isn’t quite right with the world and that something is your relationship with books. You can’t seem to find a good book you want to read. Nothing excites you and then… then you start to wonder. Could you be going through a reading slump? Is that it? Here’s 10 ways to tell if you’re in a reading slump.

1. You reread the same old favourites over and over again.

2. You just can’t get into new books.

3. ARCs check in, they don’t check out.

4. You keep looking for a book but you never seem to find it.

5. Your cat is worried about you.

6. You aimlessly waste your time when you could be reading.

7. You constantly look at your growing stack of books and just can’t commit to anything.

8. Everyone is excited about new releases and you’re like, “Meh.”

9. You didn’t even set a reading challenge for yourself.

10. Your soul is withering and dying from lack of books.

Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

Co-blogger at Cuddlebuggery
Kat Kennedy is a book reviewer and aspiring author in the Young Adult genre. She reviews critically but humorously and get super excited about great books. Find her on GoodReads.
Kat Kennedy

24 Responses to “10 Ways to Tell You’re in a Reading Slump”

  1. Kate Copeseeley


    Btw- it really is too cruel of you to post that adorable baby pic and make my uterus want an adorable baby of its own. (bad uterus, bad!)

  2. Kyra

    Ugh I hate reading slumps, I was in one last week for a couple of days but then I went to the library (seriously, go to the bookshop/library, it always helps) and now I’m out of it! I had to read a classic for school and I kept putting it off and I got into a reading slump, I then went to the library and it snapped me out of it. I’m now reading the classic and really enjoying it! Reading slumps are horrible, but luckily they always wear off! 🙂
    Kyra recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #72 – Otherwise known as the edition where I broke my library/requesting/buying ban.My Profile

  3. Monica M

    I tend to go through this after I’ve finished a particularly great series, and I get this “nothing will ever be as good!” feeling that I can’t shake. During such times I have been known to start up to 10 books within a few days in a desperate attempt to try to find something that is engaging enough to get me out of the slump. Of course, when I go back and re-read books that I have rejected during my slump, I often find that I love them! But my cat actually gets angry at me during these times because I start digging through the piles of books that he is sleeping on.
    Monica M recently posted…Review + Giveaway: The Letting by Cathrine GoldSteinMy Profile

  4. Fangs for the Fantasy

    I find an old favourite is a great way to overcome a book slump – and not a bad thing. I think as reviewers it’s easy for reading to become a job, you read because you think you have to – and if you get a string of “meh” books it can become a rather tiresome one as well.

    I say find something awesome and revel in it – or find something truly dreadful and snark away – both are very revitalising
    Fangs for the Fantasy recently posted…The 100, Season Two, Episode Eight: SpacewalkerMy Profile

  5. Kezia

    #6 and #8 are definitely true to me! I’ve fallen to reading slumps a lot this year so I’m sooo behind a lot of new releases. Heck, I don’t even know a majority of them!! And even though I was anxious that I cannot tackle my TBR pile for some reason, I just didn’t care because I ended up watching a lot of anime. Good thing that school break starts and now I can read more than I used to 🙂

  6. Morgan @ Gone with the Words

    Yesssss I feel like I’ve been in a slump since Thanksgiving 🙁 I’m reading two books I really like but…. I’ve been reading them for weeks. I sleep or watch tv or go on twitter instead of read… and I just stare at my bookshelves constantly. Sigh. Hoping to break out of it in the new year.

  7. Madiha @ Symphony of Words

    AAA no. Book slump = horror story. I hate the feeling. I had it after City of Heavely Fire (yes, yes, I’m aware of your evil thoughts on Clare books, BUT GIVE ME A BREAK ITS FANTASY AND JACE) and thus have read only 41 books out of my intended 75. I am a bad person.

    Madiha @ Symphony of Words recently posted…2015 TBR + 2014 FavoritesMy Profile

  8. Christina @ Christina Reads YA

    I’m sorry that I’ve just commented on your post about not being able to finish books lately, and then noticing that this reading slump post is from December 20 :(. I hope that the slump will end soon! I’m still facing the remnants of #3. This month I’m posting reviews of titles from July/September/etc. Couldn’t be bothered then — and sometimes I do just reread the old favorites (did that and #6 just this weekend and last night actually – I hope I don’t meet the other signs soon too :O). #9 I’d say is no great loss :P. Reading challenges are so hard to follow!

    Anywho, I love that baby picture and Kate’s comment at the very top. Good luck with getting out of the slump!
    Christina @ Christina Reads YA recently posted…Review: In a Handful of Dust – Mindy McGinnisMy Profile

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