10 Signs NaNo is Causing You Serious Pain

11 November, 2014 Musing Musers 9 comments

imagesNaNoWrimo is here, can’t you tell? It’s all I can think and post about. I don’t even have the energy to read any books. It’s just NaNo, NaNo, NaNo. Which made me think about all the ways NaNo is causing me irreparable pain. It’s a condition. Doctors need to get on this shit.

So here we go. Since nobody else is posting today, this is what I’ve got. 10 Signs NaNo is Causing you serious pain.

1. You don’t have time to read. The fuck is this?

2. You feel a little nauseous every time you think of writing.

3. 1666 words feels like a lot. A real fucking lot.

4. Seriously? 1666 words? Let’s do the math on that. Yep. 1666 words…

5. Your family has grave concerns for you.

6. Your pets want to know, will you feed them now?

7. The plants have died. You have no regrets.

8. It’s only week two? *Checks calendar* More like week 5 billion. Amiritie?

9. This violates the geneva convention on cruelty to prisoners.

10. Your soul is lost to the abyss. There is no hope for you now. Give in and repent to the great Lord Cthulhu. He will accept your prayers and annihilate you regardless.




Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

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9 Responses to “10 Signs NaNo is Causing You Serious Pain”

  1. Laura

    This made me laugh so much (which is good because it is starting to feel a little like my soul is lost to the abyss!)! 1666 words didn’t seem a lot for the first few days, but it definitely does now! In fact I’m supposed to be writing today’s 1666 words right now, but decided to procrastinate by reading blogs instead. I should probably get back to it…
    Laura recently posted…Review: The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. WellsMy Profile

  2. Johannah

    This made me giggle uncontrollably. I’ve actually never have done (nor plan too) do NaNo. I loved writing stuff as a kid. But that love got lost somewhere else. I tried once and the black word document and curser just scared the crap out of me and I left it blank and with good reason. My grammar and spelling are horrible. Spell check has denied checking my documents because it got sick of correcting me. lol. Good luck!
    Johannah recently posted…Creative Juice #3My Profile

  3. Katie

    I don’t have a difficult time hitting word count, so long as I write – but I relate to number one so much! I am trying so hard to make time for reading, but is it even possible to write daily AND read daily, too?
    Katie recently posted…Waiting on WednesdayMy Profile

  4. John Estrada

    This is really hilarious the way article has written. But the points listed are true enough. Writing is not an easy task.It makes you feel good and interested till weeks but when it goes as a routine your mind becomes blank.

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