So I Didn’t Have a Post for Today…

30 July, 2013 Random, Uncategorized 17 comments

I spent hours agonizing over a review.  Once I finished it, I set about formatting and adding in the details.  Then I saw that the book wouldn’t be out until October.

So, the night was late and I was exhausted and annoyed.  I wrote a really awesome post anyway because I am, by definition, fucking amazeballs. Then, just as I finished it, it got deleted.

But I had so much fun writing it, that here it is again now.

Some of you may know that I’ve been on a blogging streak lately, trying my hardest to find and visit blogs, trying to comment semi-regularly.  I still suck at it compared to a normal person, but I’m pulling out a personal best record here guys.  I asked people, on twitter, to recommend their blogs to me.  The response was amazing.  I made up a huge list of my favourites that I’ve discovered, so I’m going to present a few of them to you every now and again – because caring is sharing.

Gypsy Reviews

Gypsy reviews is currently on hiatus, which sucks major balls.  One of my favourite things about this blogs is all the awesome discussion posts they have.  It’s really refreshing to see and gives great and valuable insight into the blogging community.  See, I like to look at you all like a scientist through a magnifying glass so that I can pretend to fit in like a regular human being.  That as opposed to the horrible villain that I am.  Gypsy Reviews helps me to do that better.  Without this blog, I’d just be posting articles about how weird genitalia looks.

Gizmo's Reviews

Gizmo’s Reviews gets extra points for having a Magic Rises review up today.  For some reason I’m just always intensely interested in the reviews that she writes.  They’re fun to read.  I mean, I know they’re not technically YA – so sue me.  Okay, technically mostly Urban Fantasy, but-but the FUN!

A Bookish Heart

Asti’s reviews are super cute and so is the site.  Besides, she’s recently discovered the Grisha series so that is all-around sweet!  Her Elsewhere in the Blogging World thing is incredibly handy if you want to keep up with the blogging world business and it really is a fantastic breakout blog!  Also, have I mentioned how cute the site is?  Yes?  BUT IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

So there you go, those are the first, randomly selected three out of my growing list of favourite blogs.  Hope that helped you discover someone new, and now I’ve officially posted today.  I feel like a freakin’ hero or something!


Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

Co-blogger at Cuddlebuggery
Kat Kennedy is a book reviewer and aspiring author in the Young Adult genre. She reviews critically but humorously and get super excited about great books. Find her on GoodReads.
Kat Kennedy

17 Responses to “So I Didn’t Have a Post for Today…”

  1. ABookishHeart

    Wait, what?!  That’s ME up there!  Thank you SO much for linking my blog!  When I saw you asking on Twitter for blogs to follow, I thought it’d be awkward to say mine, but at the last minute decided why the heck not?!  I guess that was a good choice?  haha.  I’m glad you think my blog is SO CUTE!!  And yay for the Grisha series!  I’m about one-third of the way through Siege and Storm and am definitely enjoying it! 🙂

  2. Christina @ Christina Reads YA

    Aw, I totally missed out whenever you were asking for blog recommendations, but anyway: Asti at A Bookish Heart is a sweetheart and great blogger (agreed about the excitement over the Grisha Trilogy, woot woot!), and her layout is awesome, and actually right now she’s hosting the “Bookish Games,” which are quite amusing to follow. Bloggers v. bloggers — who will be voted off next? dun dun dun.

  3. Janita

    I love Asti 😀 I had no idea how short of a time she’s been blogging, but her content is fantastic and she has such fun features.

  4. Shannelle C. (The Tracery of Ink)

    Asti’s certainly so popular recently, and she deserves it! I want to be as active as she is, although I can’t. I’m just like you., commenting sporadically. I need to be better at commenting.  I need to be like Asti who comments everywhwere.

    How about we go take lessons from Asti together, Kat?

  5. anothernovelread

    Yay, I love posts like this because I get to find out about more great blogs! Of course, I already know about Gypsy Reviews and I adore Asti over at A Bookish Heart. But Gizmo’s Reviews sounds like another good site to check out — I’m on it!

  6. gypsyreviews

    Okay wow, I honestly did not expect to see my blog up there! Thank you so much Kat! I’m glad you like my discussion posts 😀 HA! Well I’m glad they’re steering you away from doing some very odd googling. So excited to see Asti here too! Your use of gifs in this post is impeccable as well, I approve *thumbs up) Cats and Pitch Perfect? YES.

  7. cynicalsapphire

    I’m usually just like WHATEVER posting the review anyway. Honeybadger don’t caaaaaaare.
    OH NO. I’ve accidentally deleted posts before and it is the WORST thing that ever happened (to my blog).
    Huh, I’ll have to check out this A Bookish Heart person. I’ve been behind, so I’ve not been looking for new blogs to follow, but it sounds awesome.

  8. disquietus

    I hate when I delete posts. It happens way too often too because I fail at life. Excellent usage of gifs though. I will need to check these blogs out.

  9. Fangs4Fantasy

    I blame these terrible events on your lack of booze! Clearly more is needed!

  10. Abria

    I hate when that happens — get close to the finish line, and WordPress hamstrings you. It’s made me so paranoid that I write my content in Pages now and paste it in later, and I use Shortcode UI for graphics so nothing is ever really “lost” when it comes to formatting.

  11. xbooksmartie

    Some really nice picks! You should do a post like this more often! I’m always looking for people to follow, but there are so many out there, I never know where to start 😀

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