Cuddlebuggery’s One Year Anniversary – A Year in Review

11 February, 2013 Giveaways 204 comments

One Year Already?Cuddlebuggery’s One Year Anniversary – A Year in Review

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been blogging forever.  Other times, the fact that it’s been a year completely blows us away.  One year ago Steph and I opened up shop.  We didn’t know what the hell we were doing. (Some days, we still don’t. Ha! -Steph)

We stumbled into the blogging world, blinded by the light.  Drowsy and blinking like newborn babes at all the wonder and possibilities.

Then we commenced with the dick jokes and I don’t think we ever stopped.

When Steph and I decided to blog together:

-Bookish Delight was a name we considered. (<== I don’t even remember that… -Steph)

-Steph was simply going to join me on my Blogger blog – but we quickly realized we wanted something more professional.

-It quickly became clear that Steph would be the “technical” person whilst I would be the “design and ideas” person (ie. She would do all the hard work while I bummed around eating chocolate).

-We marvelled at people who managed to post every day and agreed we probably wouldn’t be doing that.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  How times change…

After a couple of months together:

-Steph and I figured out that we were both complete workaholics and that we were unconsciously egging each other on to do more and more work.  We stopped unconsciously working harder and just turned into each other’s slave driver.

-We realized that I sucked at Networking and that Steph was the responsible one.

-We talked every day and became best friends. (*smooches Kat* -Steph)

Our Most Important Blogging Lessons Learned:

-Blog frequently.

-Don’t call your audience dickfaces.

-Focus on quality content.

-Share the blogging love.

-You can never make too many dickjokes. They always rise to the occasion.

-Always be nice to Steph.

Our Weirdest Blogging Moments:

-That time I tried to seduce Veronica Rossi.  Twice. Then Steph crashed her spaceship.

-That other time I tried to seduce every author we’ve ever interviewed.

-When Jay Kristoff did a live chat with us in spandex and ugg boots.

-That time people made a website to attack bloggers and strangely fixated on Kat while largely ignoring the devious Madam Stephanie. (Muahahahaha! -Steph)

The Best Thing About Blogging:

-You guys.

-You guys.

-You guys.

-Every single one of you.

 What We’re Doing to Show Our Love:

You guys are the reason we blog.  We love you guys, appreciate your continued love and support and want to give back for all the times you’ve commented, left thoughtful comments and contributed to making Cuddlebuggery great.

So to celebrate YOU guys, we’re giving away your choice of an ereader.  You can choose one of the following

Kobo Touch:

Kobo Touch

Kindle Paperwhite:Kindle Paperwhite

Nook Simple Touch:nook-simple-touch-1

Giveaway Rules

You can choose any of these three ereaders, but your choice is subject to availability in your country.  In the event that your chosen ereader isn’t available, we ask for your understanding in accepting one that is available.

  • To enter, please fill out the Raffelcopter form below.
  • We ask that all entrants be at least 13 years or older to enter.
  • The giveaway is international and open to anyone.
  • When the winners are chosen, it will be announced here and the winners will be emailed. Please check your email because we are only giving the winner 48 hours to respond. Otherwise another winner will have to be selected.
  • Please enter your email address in the Rafflecopter form and not the comments.
  • Also, please understand that we reserve the right to disqualify any entries we find gaming the system. Cheaters never prosper.

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Kat Kennedy

Kat Kennedy

Co-blogger at Cuddlebuggery
Kat Kennedy is a book reviewer and aspiring author in the Young Adult genre. She reviews critically but humorously and get super excited about great books. Find her on GoodReads.
Kat Kennedy

204 Responses to “Cuddlebuggery’s One Year Anniversary – A Year in Review”

  1. cynicalsapphire

    Bookish Delight! *snork*
    Ooh, burn on the blogger blogs. *is pained*
    Kat rocks at social networking and technical things. She is my hero. True story.
    BAHAHAHA. Dick jokes. I know I’m always happy to see you guys!
    Wow, you’re giving away an ereader. Y’all are some fancy bitches.

  2. kadburytweets

    New Design?  Um… not really much of a difference actually except for the fact that it’s a little disorienting the sidebar shift that is 😛 OH WAIT! Just saw the header… I LIKE !!

  3. aliciawbrewster

    I like it. I was rather fond of the old one . . . but this one is lovely too!
    At first, I thought I was on the wrong site. 😛

  4. Valerie

    Congratulations on the one-year anniversary! I like the new
    design. Feels like one of those rare layout changes where I’ll get used to the
    redesign quickly.

  5. sandrus52

    Happy 1 year…I love the new design…and I LOVE the new artwork as well. congrats guys!

  6. kuro_rin01

    Love it! Simple but gorgeous header. Though I’m a bit sad to see the old look go.
    Happy blogoversary you 2! Hope you ladies have tons of blogging years and dick jokes ahead. 😀

  7. BookishComforts

    Wow, congrats ladies! You two have accomplished SO much for just 1 year of blogging – it is incredible. Here’s to another great year ahead of you!!
    Also I love the design — very sleek, and creative. Beautiful graphic!

  8. BooksofAmber

    Happy blogoversary! It seems as though you’ve been around forever. Wait, does that sound like I’m calling Cuddlebuggery an old granny? I hope not. CONGRATULATIONS. I hardly ever comment because I suck, but I must make more effort to do so because I read a lot of your posts and they are AWESOME.

  9. NatasaLikes

    *gasp* I LOVE the new theme! I loved the old one as well but this one is so much better. Nice, clean lines and so much space to appreciate the content. Thank you for the international giveaway and congratulations on your blogoversary! ^-^

  10. Kate C.

    First of all, the new look is great!  Very clean and also cute at the same time.  Easy on the eyes.
    Second of all… I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR.  Holy Cow, guys!  Congrats!!!

  11. GizmosReviews

    I like the new look. It’s nice and wide open and free from clutter. Excellent job!

  12. JustALilLost

    Happy anniversary!! love the new design (and the lessons learned.. especially #5.. lol)

  13. Iffath

    Happy blogoversary, you guys! I am super glad you decided to blog together. Your posts are awesome and you are both lovely! Here’s to many more years! The new look is fab, too!

  14. _Ciska_

    Congratulations on your blogoversary. I hope you will seduce more authors in the upcoming years.

  15. Experiment BL626

    Congratulation on your blogoversary and your new layout! I’ve been waiting when you’re going to release the new layout. I think it looks much better than the previous layout. It loads faster, and it looks cleaner. My only criticism? The font is way too small for me to read; I have to zoom and now the layout looks stretchy and contain that horrid horizontal scrolling bar. Perhaps consider increasing the font size to increase accessibility for those who are visually impaired?
    Anyway. Great look overall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Experiment BL626

    Congratulation on your blogoversary and your new layout! I’ve been waiting when you’re going to release the new layout. I think it looks much better than the previous layout. It loads faster, and it looks cleaner. My only criticism? The font is way too small for me to read; I have to zoom and now the layout looks stretchy and contain that horrid horizontal scrolling bar. Perhaps consider increasing the font size to increase accessibility for those who are visually impaired?
    Anyway. Great look overall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Bookie565

    Congratulations! I hope you guys continue to blog well into the future. Interesting new layout – I quite like it.

  18. pals20

    Your site is hilarious (or rather howlarious hehe amirite!!) may you many more years of blogging!!!
    I’m liking the new look, might take a while to get used to though.

  19. ferdybookgeek

    Congrats on one year!! I love the new look.. although I also loved the old one too:)

  20. AH

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. The new look is really nice! By the way, I love your author interviews.

  21. LisaILJ

    I like the new blog look.  It is very clean and easy to read.  I like the graphic at the top.

  22. Harpe

    Happy Blogoversary! It’s been fun reading this blog over the past year. Your sense of humour and general wackiness is appreciated 🙂

  23. kaethefierce

    Congrats on one year! I like the new look, but am horrified that I can’t remember what the old look was.

  24. PrttyDdlyRvws

    I love the simplicity of the new layout, but I did really like the header on the old one.

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

  25. Mona6014

    Happy Birthday to Cuddlebuggery! This was by far my best year of reading. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!
    I miss the old look, but with a little exploring, I’m sure I’ll love this new one!

  26. Neyra

    *happy dance* YAY! CONGRATULATIONS CUDDLEBUGGERY! YOU LADIES ARE GREAT, can’t believe it’s been a year! the new look is great, but i got use to the old one. I thought i was in the wrong blog for a moment xD lol.

  27. livin_thru_arts

    CONGRATS LADIES! The new design is… different. But artistic and retro and which may show your ages haha!

  28. Joie

    Happy birthday to Cuddlebuggery! *throws confetti in the air*
    I can’t believe it’s already been a year! You ladies are absolutely amazing and I hope this is the first blogoversary of many more to come. 🙂
    I like the new look, though I’m more used to the old one. I’m sure I’ll grow to love it though.

  29. karakarina

    Gorgeous look! Not as in your face as the previous one, more subtle. I really really like it, gals! Happy blogoversary, you are uber awesome! 😉

  30. jaskaur11

    Wow it’s been a year already for Cuddlebuggery! Congratulations ladies! I adore reading your witty posts and being in the know how with your Buzz Worthy News! Here’s to many more great blogging years to come! Also your new blog design is so pretty! 🙂

  31. RadiantShadowss

    The re-design is beautiful ladies! I love the girl reading a book – it’s so cute! And the slidey-thing with the different genres? AWE-SOME idea!
    I still can’t believe you guys are only a year old – I think you were one of the first blogs I ever checked daily!

  32. readersai

    Its different–obviously!–though i kinda miss the old one… but that’s just nostalgia talking 😀 Can’t believe its been only a year! You guys are my go-to people for thoughts on any book… may you always happily do what you love. 😀

  33. AndreaRoche

    Wow good job on the new design guys!! loving it 🙂 I love getting my emails from you guys always comes at the right time, cant believe its being a year already congrats again

  34. missbonnie13

    I love the new look! Simplistic yet stylish. 1 year already?! Congratulations you guys, your blog is one of my favorites by far!

  35. TriggerKatt

    Wow! This is amazing, guys! One whole year and you’re not sick of each other. XD Just kidding! Congratulations!

    And the blog looks marvelous, my dears. Simply marvelous.

  36. athousand_lives

    Congrats on the anniversary guys! The new design looks fantabulous (yes, I said fantabulous).

  37. KtTurner

    The blog looks awesome, love the butterfly and flowers in the hair. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway.

  38. jessicamariesutton

    Congrats on the Blogversary! As for the new look – it’s cuts and simple and I think I like it!

  39. jessicamariesutton

    Congrats on the Blogversary! As for the new look – it’s cute and simple and I think I like it!

  40. Katy

    Happy Blogoversary !! I like the new design, the lines are soft and the colors sweet 🙂 Very simple and beautiful !

  41. LeliaTaylor

    I love the new look although I also think the font is a bit small (it is on mine, too, and I haven’t figured out how to fix it). Hard to believe it’s been a year but you’ve become a daily fix for me 😉

  42. lizzylessard

    I actually thought that I was visiting the wrong site.  I wasn’t expecting a design overhaul.  I like the design, but I agree that slightly larger font would be AMAZING.


  43. Megan K

    OH GUYS. I LOVE your new design! I thought the old one was pretty good, but this one is GORGEOUS. Also – happy blogoversary! You guys are so awesome, and I’m so happy for you. 🙂 Here’s to many more happy years to come! <3

  44. BadassBookie

    I LOVE THE NEW LOOK. IT’S SO SOPHISTICATED. Happy Blogoversary Guys! You guys rock <3 <3 <3 
    Lisa <3

  45. hikarinotenshi93

    Congrats on your first year anniversary! (It feels as though you two have been around here a lot longer though :p) ^^

  46. hikarinotenshi93

    Congrats on your first year anniversary! (It feels as though you two have been around here a lot longer though :p) ^^

  47. Fabienne

    Congratulations Cuddlebuggery! (Is it only me or does the blog feel older than one year?)
    Keep it going, you all do an amazing job – and the best giveaways!!!

  48. Nerdyeah

    Its your blogoversary (it sounds better with the music in my head)!! From following Steph on twitter and GR and reading all your hilarious reviews, I’m pretty stoked you guys are now one.  And you haven’t called us dickheads yet 🙂

  49. Jujnovic

    I like your new design. Cool picture of the girl with the book. 🙂  Thank ypu for this generous giveaway!

  50. Laurens Loquacious Lit

    Oh my god you kids are crazypants as well as being crazypants awesome! Congrats on a year of awesomeness. You guys have certainly managed to do a LOT in a year.

  51. Princess__Ash

    Congrats, my friends! You are goddesses but I will not abandon my e-reader; we’ve been through too much. Ohhh, you guys rock and I LOVE THE NEW LOOK! So snazzy.

  52. Gellie

    Love the new design! Simple but cute in a very badass way? =)) Congrats on the blogoversary you guys! More power! And more dick jokes please <3

  53. Bex

    I love your new design! It’s gorgeous. I seriously ooh:ed when first seeing it. 😉 Super pretty!!

    Congrats on the blogoversary!! 😀

  54. Veronika

    I’m in love with this new layout! It looks stunning! It’s so easy to find everything! 
    Congrats on the blogoversary!

  55. Guppy5700

    I like the blogs look – can’t compare it any any ‘old’ look as I’m a new reader 🙂

  56. MiltiadouK

    Happy blogoversary! I love it, but I loved the previous design as well. It’s really cute 😉
    Thank you for the amazing giveaway.

  57. AkamaiReader

    Happy Blogoversary! I love the new look. It’s very clean and polished. Love your blog. It’s always a bright spot in my day to read a post from you guys.

  58. MaijaSteinbrika

    I think it`s really artsy and beautiful, I like it very much 🙂
    Happy Blogaversary!

  59. erinf1

    Love the new look! Love the blog! Happy Blogoversary!!! Here’s wishing  you many, many more 🙂

  60. smiling_ina

    Congratulations, girls!!! Has it really been a year already?! I always love reading your Buzz Worthy News. I’m more the silent follower type, but I’ll try and be more active during your second year. 😉
    Oh, and I LOVE the new design, it’s gorgeous! 🙂

  61. artdem83

    Happy Blogoversary!!! 
    It is simle and I really love it. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  62. Anne C

    Happy blogoversary! I love the blog’s new look. It’s clean and easy on the eyes. More space for the posts that are always entertaining. Congrats Cuddlebuggery Book Blog!

  63. SnugRainbows

    Congrats guys! Its a great accomplishment and you guys should pat yourselves on your back (or get yourselves cake) for this AWESOME achievement!

  64. yashuu96

    Congrats guys, you guys rock and have given me many good book
    recommendations.I like the new look 🙂 Hope guys have many more

  65. Kamla L,

    HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!  *throws confetti*  1 year is a big milestone.  You guys have one of the most fun, entertaining, and informative book blog sites.   Wishing you many more years of success.  YOU ROCK!!!!

  66. circustoybox

    Happy Blogoversary! *throws edible rainbow confetti*…but seriously, it’s really only been a year??!!? O_O

    The layout took me by surprise…and I’m liking the new clean look. *appaluds*

  67. Tia

    I love the new look. It makes it very easy to read and see where everything is, which is a huge help, because many blogs make it hard to find what you are looking for

  68. kalabookblog

    Not going to enter because I already have two Kindles, but I did want to say Happy Blogoversary!  Good luck to everyone who did enter 😀

  69. desiree1612

    I like the new look! It’s kinda like with Stormdancer, where when I first saw the US cover I was all “dude, the Uk version is way better, but then the more I really looked at the US cover, the more I loved it! Eventually I was like “dude, the UK got the shit end of this deal, the US cover is amazing!” Now it’s one of my fave covers of all time! Anyways, my point is that at first I liked the old design better, but now I LOVE this one! Happy one year to the best book blog since the time of the dinosaurs!

  70. Dione Sage

    I like the new look, It’s simple and stylish. Love, love, love the graphic of the girl reading!

  71. Rashika Bahl

    I liked the old look but the new one is even better, it makes it easier to see the titles of several blog posts at one point so we can choose which one we’d like to read. 
    Oh and happy Blogger-versary!

  72. AlinaPopescu

    It’s great! Love how it looks now, not that I didn’t like it before…
    Happy blogoversary!

  73. Evie

    It looks great! I really like how simple and clean it is now.
    Congratulations and thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  74. Isa

    Happy One Year Anniversary! ! The new design is beautiful, I love it’s simplicity, the colour combination, organization and the font of the title. I just love everything about it. 🙂

  75. Cait

    This is outstanding. Congratulations on your success. With all your hard work, you undeniably deserve it. The website redesign is lovely as well.

  76. susimarcone

    i’m new on your blog so i can only say that i love design you have now! i love the simple layout e the white!

  77. jackiehammerfist

    I’m seriously loving the new design route bloggers are taking lately. Very clean, minimalist, not too busy. In short, the new layout looks fantastic. 🙂

  78. Istalkbooks

    Oh I love the new layout. It’s totally chic. I love that you guys kept it simple and cute. 😀

  79. sayitcharlie

    The girl with her nose on the book is cute. And the overall layout looks very neat and good with the eyes. I love it. 🙂

  80. jazchau

    Ermagherd congrats guys on your 1 year blogoversary. Also loving your new layout, got a pleasant surprise when I clicked on it.
    Looking forward for many more blog posts from you 2 and hopefully many more blogoverasries <3

  81. deniz y

    Congrats! to the blogoversary!
    a fun year it has been indeed! i really enjoy visiting and am looking for many more years of it

  82. DanyBouche

    I love it! the design is nice and lets spend much time reading without uncomfortable like other blogs. ^^

  83. bringonthe_ink

    Hi! Amazing giveaway! Congrats on the blogoversary! And yeah, I do like the new look – minimalist, clean and orderly! 🙂

  84. TheBookRat

    …I may have chortled at the “dick jokes always rise to the occasion” bit…
    (And  I love the new look, especially the font!)

  85. desapd

    Congrats on the One Year Anniversary o/
    Love the look of the blog!! Simple and beautiful =)

  86. Flannery

    I love the new look. It is very streamlined and clean. And this commenting mechanism, though you guys have had it for a while, is fast and easy. Congratulations on one year together, Kat and Steph! Here’s to many, many more<3

  87. curlysueshi

    I lurves the new design, though I don’t get to see it much since I usually read the posts in email or google reader. But you guys are one of my very favorite blogs- dick jokes, sarcasm and all. Keep doing what you do. You’re both awesome!

  88. rida

    I usually read all the posts on facebook or email so i don’t come to the site much. But still it looks really neat and organized! 🙂 plus i love the light color scheme <3

  89. Archer

    Wowza… I’ve been absent for a little while (damn Telstra) and am currently covertly checking at work… bwahahhaha. The redesign of the blog looks great.
    I love working with Kat and Steph. This has been and interesting year… it’s included international shenanigans, book launches, failed drunken vlogs and much much more. I look forward to having more reviews and being able to be more involved in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

  90. Angelya

    Hello! I’m not entering the comp but I just wanted to say a big congrats to you both for an amazing first year! May there be many more 🙂

  91. Blue Sky Shelf

    […] well. Two books in the same series in the same giveaway? Win.9. Cuddlebuggery’s One Year Blogoversary. To celebrate their one year anniversary, Kat and Steph from Cuddlebuggery are giving away multiple […]

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