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16 February, 2012 Review Wars 17 comments


The Players

Kat Kennedy Vs Stephanie Sinclair

The Battle

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

 Exiled from her home, the enclosed city of Reverie, Aria knows her chances of surviving in the outer wasteland – known as The Death Shop – are slim. If the cannibals don’t get her, the violent, electrified energy storms will. She’s been taught that the very air she breathes can kill her. Then Aria meets an Outsider named Perry. He’s wild – a savage – and her only hope of staying alive.

A hunter for his tribe in a merciless landscape, Perry views Aria as sheltered and fragile – everything he would expect from a Dweller. But he needs Aria’s help too; she alone holds the key to his redemption. Opposites in nearly every way, Aria and Perry must accept each other to survive. Their unlikely alliance forges a bond that will determine the fate of all who live under the never sky.

The Fight

Kat Kennedy: I should begin by stating that not only do I love the book, but I may or may not have a slight obsession with Veronica Rossi.

Stephanie Sinclair: I don’t know, Kennedy. “Kung Fu Master of Sweetness and Light”? That’s pretty heavy stuff. It’s almost like she’s your messiah. I thought the book was just “ok”. There was a lot of hype surrounding its release, but I was unimpressed.

Kat Kennedy: That’s because you’re an enemy to fun and creativity.

Also, you may still be angry about that time I got drunk and ran over your cat.

Under The Never Sky was well written, with great characters, a unique world and… and… it was just great.

Stephanie Sinclair: Hey! Sparkles’ eye still does that twitching thing! Scares the shit outta me. But, sure. The book is creative, but that beginning was VERY rough.

I was thrown head first into the world like I was supposed to know what the hell everything was.

Kat Kennedy:  Which is not unusual in a sci-fi world.

Take Burn Bright, for example.

And everything Ilona Andrews has ever written. It just doesn’t work for some people.  Other people enjoy it.

People who nut up and shut up!









Zombieland is awesome by the way.

Stephanie Sinclair: True. I haven’t read anything by Andrews or read Burn Bright, so I can’t comment on that. Usually I don’t have an issue if things are explained later on. I kept flipping pages…waiting…waiting…waiting…then the book ended and I’m like, “What’s an Aether?!”

Kat Kennedy:  It’s an Aether.

You know. Aether-y.

Stephanie Sinclair: Right…>_>

Kat Kennedy:  Sometimes things are RUINED by explaining them.

Stephanie Sinclair: Let me see if it makes more sense after I drink to that.

Kat Kennedy:  Drinking!

Stephanie Sinclair: *sips drink* Nope. Even in my tipsy state it doesn’t work.

Kat Kennedy:  It’s a legitimate concern! Let us not forget The Force, oh Star Wars fan.  How did you feel when all the sudden the mystic forces that guide the universe ended up being midi-chlorines?!

Stephanie Sinclair: What?! You can not compare the Force to the Aether.

Kat Kennedy:  Well, the Aether is this non-sentient antagonist in the same way the Force is an incorporeal divine-being metaphor.

Stephanie Sinclair: You must not question the mighty ways of George Lucus.

Kat Kennedy:  ….

Moving on!

I loved Aria and I loved Perry. I also loved their relationship.

Stephanie Sinclair: I did like Perry, but not Aria. The saying “a few French fries short of a Happy Meal” pops into my head.

Kat Kennedy:  I think you’re expecting too much from a girl who has literally never seen an organic plant in her life

Stephanie Sinclair: If you were told the Death Shop is a very dangerous place, would you: a) Stay where Perry told you to and let him find the food b) Insist on staying near your guide and protector because you are new to the land or c) run off alone in search of berries, knowing you don’t know your way and could possible be eaten by an animal or cannibal?

If you say “c”, I may just have to insist you give up the Gin.

Kat Kennedy:  If you were trying to adapt to a new way of existing would you a) Cling to a man to provide everything for you or b) use your wits to try and attempt to survive on your own or at least learn how?

She didn’t travel very far, she’d seen a berry bush and she at least had the balls to TRY something.

Unlike the myriad of female protagonists who sit around like useless sacs of oatmeal while a man does everything.

Stephanie Sinclair: Until I had an idea of the land, yeah I would stick with the person who knew it the best.

She don’t travel very far, but look how THAT turned out.

Kat Kennedy:  But you KNOW that there are poisonous berries and what kind of dangerous animals.

And it was really just bad luck that those cannibals showed up.  In fact, if she hadn’t wandered off – they probably would have pounced on her and killed her.  Then you’d be lamenting that Perry left her on her own and she got kidnapped.

Stephanie Sinclair: Let me break this down for you, it’s called The…Death…Shop.

Kat Kennedy:  Sounds like someone needs an attachable pair of sheballs! 😛

Stephanie Sinclair: Lol! My sheballs are just fine. Thank you very much.

My favorite character was Roar. Loved him.

Kat Kennedy:  Roar was a fantastic character! He was a crack up.

Stephanie Sinclair: So inappropriate.  He was perfect.

Kat Kennedy: Should we take bets on a possible spinoff involving him finding true love?

Stephanie Sinclair: It’s gotta be Perry’s sister.

Kat Kennedy:  Well, yeah, but there’s a story there waiting to be told!

Stephanie Sinclair: I want him to be happy. He’s a character you can’t help rooting for.

Kat Kennedy:  He was an incredible character.

Stephanie Sinclair: Yes, I would love to read a story in first person from his PoV.

Kat Kennedy: Are there any other complaints you have about the incredibleness that was UtNS? Or are you just going to complain about that Aether some more?

Stephanie Sinclair: Incredibleness! Ha! I think I need to start taking away your drinks while you’re reading.

You think that’s all I got?

Kat Kennedy:  I never read and drink!

Okay… almost never.

Stephanie Sinclair: Exactly.

Kat Kennedy:  But I’m not the only one! Under The Never Sky got four stars from Tatiana. Explain that shit away!

Stephanie Sinclair: Let me get my notes because I’m organized like that. Sike.

Kat KennedyThe plot moves well. It’s not a boring book – you can’t complain about that!

Stephanie Sinclair: Perry and his similarities to my dog. It was weird the way he sniffed her all the time.

Kat Kennedy:  …I honestly don’t know how to respond to that.  Is this you subtly telling me that I should stop sniffing you?

I mean, you said you were okay with that!

Stephanie Sinclair: Oh, c’mon! The part where he knew she was on her period. That was very awkward. O_O

Kat Kennedy:  But also very useful!  Think of the viable applications.

Stephanie Sinclair: As long as you don’t tell me I smell like violets, we’ll be okay.


Stephanie Sinclair: All’s fair in love and review wars.

Kat Kennedy:  Curse you! May your crotch be infested with a thousand itching louse!  Speaking of which – they weren’t exactly being very hygenic in the deathshop. I wonder if certain smells got a little too pungent for poor ol’ Perry.

Stephanie Sinclair: I do think it was cool he had that ability, but *sniff*…wait a sec, are you wear that Victoria’s Secret perfume I like again? That won’t get you bonus points with me, Kennedy!

Kat Kennedy:  Okay, well you spend your post-apocalyptic life with someone who isn’t a living form of birth control and see how you go.

I for one would appreciate the lack of surprise pregnancy.

Stephanie Sinclair: I know! When he went on and on about her smelling like violets, I thought, “give her a few days Perry and you’ll be singing a different tune.” lol.

Kat Kennedy*Cough* once again… moving on!

Stephanie Sinclair: Oh, god. I hope there won’t be a surprise pregnancy. I think Renesmee ruined that trope for everyone.

Kat Kennedy:  Renesmee probably violates the Geneva convention on multiple levels.  Facts are that it was a good book!

What else you got, pretty lady!? You can’t argue with the awesome.

You know what I think it is. I think you’re just jealous of the raging love affair that Rossi and I have going on.  You’re scared she’s going to steal me away from you.

Stephanie Sinclair: Wait, are you cheating on me, Kennedy? I realize Rossi can Falcon Punch, but I can learn! Who will defend you from the Sith Lords?!

Kat Kennedy:  I’m discovering just how much of a Star Wars nerd you are and it is disturbing me…

Stephanie Sinclair: The third person didn’t work for me. It felt choppy. I found it hard to keep up with what was going on.

Kat Kennedy:  Yeah… you would. *Snicker*

Stephanie Sinclair: I don’t know who you are any more.

Kat Kennedy:  Bitchy? Drunk? Semi-coherent?  I don’t think any of this is new for me.

Stephanie Sinclair: Where is my receipt? I need to return you.

Kat Kennedy: I think you took my tags off – they’ll never take me back now!  Mwhahahahahah!

Stephanie Sinclair: Two words: store credit.

Kat Kennedy: Shit…Okay, to sum up – I still think this was a great book, by a great author.  Also, if this affects the outcome at all – Stephanie’s opinion can’t be trusted. She’s been corrupted by the system.

Stephanie Sinclair: The system of Rightness!

Kat Kennedy: And I think that greatness of this book has been verified.

Stephanie Sinclair: By someone who doesn’t know much more about the Aether than I do.

Kat Kennedy:  You’re really hung up on the Aether thing aren’t you?

Stephanie Sinclair: It was kind of a big part of the book.

Kat Kennedy:  Just… go with it! (TWSS) You know what else was a big part of the book? Kick ass.

Stephanie Sinclair: You said the evil words!!! I’m melting!

Kat Kennedy:  I think that means I win, right?

*Stephanie tries to negate this but I’m already running around in victory with my shirt pulled over my head.*

Who is right and who is wrong?   

What do you think?

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