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Dare You To

Pushing the Limits, excuse my profanity, is a bastard to follow up on.  It was such an emotional, powerful book, so neat and well-constructed, that I was wary to pick up the next one.  I needn’t have been entirely terrified, Dare You To is still a pretty good book with enjoyable things to reccomend it.  I simply didn’t love it as much as I wanted to.  I didn’t even cry once.  It made me question, for a moment, if McGarry had lost her touch to regularly make me bawl like a little baby who got pricked by their first vaccination.

A big, angry, devastated baby

To me, it’s construction and execution didn’t seem as tight and effortlessly fluid as Pushing the Limits.  In Pushing The Limits, it really felt like the the characters and their relationships with each other, with the world, with their flawed perceptions were all part of an intricate dance in a wonderful universe where everything made sense. 


Stephanie Sinclair
Kat Kennedy and I are here with the amazing Leigh Bardugo, author of Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm for an interview. Possible shenanigans ahead, folks.

Kat Kennedy
The good kind.

Stephanie Sinclair
Is there a such thing as bad shenanigans?

Leigh Bardugo
And what would be the point of good shenanigans?

Kat Kennedy
I meant the ENJOYABLE kind. Clearly you guys have never been out drinking with me.

A Darkling Ever After

It’s no secret that Kat and I both loved Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm. Since we adore the fantasy world and characters Leigh created so much, we decided to write our very own Grisha fan fiction complete with smoochies, suspense and plot twists. And, psst, if you stop by the blog tomorrow you’ll get a chance to see Leigh critique it for our Siege and Storm tour stop in a hilarious chat style interview!

So without further ado, we present…

A dark figure dropped from the castle wall. It crept through the blackest parts of the night toward the shadow of the tree Mal hid under while he anxiously waited for his lover.

Mal’s heart beat in time with the light footsteps as the impossible shadow neared. The news he had now weighed heavily on his mind with each approaching thump. The black figure appeared and Mal’s chest expanded impossibly in anticipation.

The Beginning of Everything

I have never condoned person and book relationships due to the many detriments they bring with them. I’m talking a bunch of tiny paper cuts, all over your face. However, I believe the day has come for me to change my tune.

One of my absolute favourite things about this book was the attention to detail, all the little ornamental bits that made every paragraph delicious. It should be noted that this book contains:

  1. A dog that has the soul of Jay Gatsby
  2. A debate tournament dress code violation in the form of a Gryffindor sweater
  3. Numerous Doctor Who and other nerd culture references

It’s clear even from the small glimpse of Ezra’s life pre-accident that  he doesn’t exactly belong with his group of popular-jock friends. Even though Ezra spends the rest of the book attempting to discover who he is, his voice remains distinct throughout. He was reflective and cerebral, and his dry humour decorated the narration, making even the darkest parts of the book catch light just a little bit.


Today, I’m really excited to help reveal the first chapter of Altered, the sequel to Gennifer Albin’s Crewel. I really enjoyed Crewel when I had the opportunity to read it last year and I’m eagerly awaiting Altered. And if you’ve read Crewel, you’ll understand when I say, “Guys, that ending! GAAHHH!” Thankfully, one lucky reader has the chance of winning an ARC at the end of this post to temporarily appease their suffering.

This is the second part of chapter one, so be sure to check out Bewitched Bookworms for the prologue and first section.

Part Two of Chapter One

Jost yanks me along as he runs toward the metro that lies miles away, farther under the hood of the strange raw weave of Arras. The other direction would take us toward the ocean and there will be nowhere to hide there. I stumble behind him, tripping against rocks in our path.

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