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  • Buzz Worthy News: The Drunkening 18.07.2014

    Buzz Worthy News

    Welcome back to Buzz Worthy News where the stories are awesome and not at all well-written. Need your YA industry news? Never fear, Kat and Kate are here to give it all to you. Just, ya know, not in any kinda sophisticated sense or nothing.

    In this week’s Buzz Worthy News, Kat is drunk but stuff happened so come and read please.

    Buzz Worthy News is Cuddlebuggery’s weekly news post bringing you all the best information about the book and blogging world, particularly for the venn diagram of people who overlap between the two. For new releases and cover reveals of all the best Young Adult fiction, check out our Tuesday post: Hot New Titles.



    Awesome Book Store Gives Away Banned Book

    Have you read The Miseducation of Cameron Post? Good. Neither have I. Maybe we should read it together on a moonlit night under the cover of clouds while angels sing?

Latest Hot New Titles

  • Hot New Titles: July 15th 2014 Lies We Tell Ourselves (UK)

    Welcome to Hot New Titles, the weekly feature that possesses the super power to make your wallet cry and your shelves burst into song and dance! There aren’t many new releases or cover reveals this week, but that’s never stopped us from making our TBRs scream, “MERCY!!”

    New releases include Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally, Illusive by Emily Llyod-Jones and Dirty Wings by Sarah McCarry.

    Book Deals to put on your radar: Nemesis by Anna Banks, Toya by Randi Park and The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich.

    Cover reveals include All Broke Down by Cara Carmack, the redesign for The Walled City by Ryan Graudin and the UK cover for Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley, our fav of the week! 

    Did we miss a cover? Want your cover featured on HNT? Email us!

    Hot New Titles is Cuddlebuggery’s weekly post for YA releases and cover reveals. Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook for all the cover reveals throughout the week and more fun.

Latest Musings

  • 5 Reasons Why Twilight Isn’t Completely Awful Twilight-Meme

    Twilight is the punch line to all YA-hate jokes most days. Hell, even I have shit on the series quite a bit (with good reason, I might add!), but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a series that we all love to hate. It’s our go-to example of what’s wrong with YA. It’s the poster child of How Not To Write A Romance. I get it and I’m not saying the criticism isn’t justified.

    There’s a lot wrong with it, but have you ever stopped to consider any of its good points? The other day, I was thinking about Twilight randomly and challenged myself to think about positive things about YA’s redheaded stepchild. Unfortunately, I came up blank and found one half of my brain mocking the other. So I thought on it a while and decided that there are some things that aren’t Completely Awful. Thus, the idea of this post was born.

Defy by Sara B. Larson

Ignoring the love triangle advertised in the blurb (first mistake: never ignore a blatantly touted love triangle), Defy should have been a good book. In theory it has some great stuff going for it (adventure! badass girl warrior! gender-bending! sorcery!) but in actuality, all of these things fell apart or flat out failed to show up in the first place.

Come along gentle readers as I break down the good, the bad and the OH MY GOD I WILL SLAUGHTER SOMEONE AND THEN BURN THEIR VILLAGE TO THE GROUND- I mean, ugly.


The Good:

I…I finished it? I can’t really count that as a point in the book’s favor because it’s not like I continued due to any positive feelings, it was more the horrified fascination brought on by something spectacularly awful.

The Bad:

This book was a rousing game of Pick A Trope. Tropes themselves aren’t inherently bad, it’s how they’re used that makes the difference and in Defy’s case they were used in the most clumsily over the top way possible.

Minolta DSC
Image by Somavenus at http://www.deviantart.com/art/book-clutch-5704982

Ever looked around at your massive abundance of quality literature and thought it would look great all hacked up and it’s skinned hide used for visual effect? Ever looked at that mass of pages, the result of many hours of an author’s loving labour, and had the desire to rip them out and discard them? Well, I have good news for you, I’m here to show you how to murder any book and turn it into a shell of it’s former self.

Etsy is full of decorations made out of books and their pages and how-to sites are filling up with cheap and easy ways to destroy the original purpose of books in order to get copy a popular fad.

Watch my video below for tips on how to make a book purse, a book clock and a sneaky cover for your router, all with only a few easy steps!

Veronica Rossi

Welcome to the first leg of the Under The Never Sky Farewell Tour! We here at Cuddlebuggery are proud to kick this party off and pay homage to the end of an era. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Veronica Rossi for this post today, you can see the video down below. Our friendship has been long and not without event. Under the Never Sky is one of my favourite books and the series holds a place dear in my heart.

I am so sad to be saying goodbye to Aria, Perry and Roar. Also, a huge thanks to Fahima from I Read, Ergo I Write for coming up with this great idea and putting in so much hard work. You rock!

If you haven’t already checked it out then I implore you to do so before I lick your faces.  Without further ado!

About Veronica Rossi

Veronica Rossi is the author of post-apocalyptic fiction for young adults.

Read More »
A Night Without Stars (Death Day #1) by Jillian Eaton

Welcome to Hot New Titles of 2014! New releases include Hollow CityVitro and Stormbringer. This week’s cover reveals include Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga, Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn, Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour and A Night Without Stars by Jillian Eaton, our fav of the week!

Did we miss a cover? Want your cover featured on HNT? Email us!

Hot New Titles is Cuddlebuggery’s weekly post for YA releases and cover reveals. Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook for all the cover reveals throughout the week and more fun. Clicking the covers takes you to the book’s GoodReads page. As always, we thank Stories and Sweeties, who compiles great lists of new releases and hosts monthly New Releases Giveaways! And thank you to Christina from Reader of Fictions, for keeping us in the know for the newest cover reveals!


1. When you have the much awaited sequel readily handy.

2. When everyone else fucks off and keeps fucking off.

3. When you’re supposed to be spending quality time with your family.

4. When your cat is curled up next to you.

5. On a rainy day when you have no plans.

6. When you have the author hostage in easy whacking distance for emotionally tense scenes.

7.When there is house work to be done.

8. When it’s time to go to work.

9. When someone wants you to do something for just one sec. No, really, can you just hold this? Hello? Hello?



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