Faking Perfect

27 October, 2014 0 comments

Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips
K-Teen/June 2015
When seventeen-year-old Lexi Shaw seduced Tyler Flynn at the beginning of senior year, her rules were perfectly clear: keep the relationship a secret, avoid each other around school, and most importantly, never get attached. But Tyler, school burnout and all-around bad boy, has never been one to follow the rules.

For Lexi, keeping secrets is imperative. After changing her image in tenth grade, she joined Oakfield High’s brainiest and most admired clique, led by overachiever Emily and brilliant, perfect Ben, the object of Lexi’s unrequited crush. Her friends would never accept the real her, with the bad-girl ways she doesn’t always resist and an immature mother who’s too distracted with her creepy new boyfriend to remember to pay the bills. But her biggest source of shame is her father, a drug-addicted musician who abandoned her when she was four. The only person who knows the real Lexi is her neighbor and childhood friend, Nolan, and that’s the way she intends to keep it.

Inevitably, Lexi’s secrets begin to unravel, threatening the perfect image she worked so hard to build. Tyler starts getting attached, her friends are acting suspicious, and she suddenly finds herself reconnected with the father she hasn’t heard from in thirteen years. Growing up, she heard countless stories about the terrible things he’s done. But as Lexi gets to know him—along with Tyler and Ben too—she discovers there are two sides to every story, and people aren’t always what they seem. And maybe the gap between who she is and who she wants to be isn’t as wide as she thought.

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