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Kin (Tales of Beauty & Madness #3) by Lili St. Crow
Penguin Teen/Razorbill Books/March 2015
New York Times bestseller Lili St. Crow stuns once again with this enchantingly dark retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

Ruby deVarre is Rootkin, and the granddaughter of the most revered clanmother in all of New Haven.

In the kin world, girls Ruby’s age are expected to settle down and start a family. But settling down is the farthest thing from wild-child Ruby’s mind–all she wants to do is drive fast with her friends and run free through the woods.

Then Conrad, a handsome boy from a clan across the Waste, comes to New Haven to stay with Ruby, and the sparks fly immediately. Conrad is smart, charming, and downright gorgeous. Ruby gets to know him more, she begins to realize something’s…off. Like most kin boys, Conrad’s temper can be a bit…short. But does he have to be so rough with Ruby–to the point of leaving bruises? On top of all that, Conrad seems to be isolating Ruby, until he all but forbids her from seeing her best friends Cami and Ellie.

And then the murders start. Someone is terrorizing Ruby’s small woodland community, and now she is more alone than ever. Just when she starts to suspect her Prince Charming is anything but, she becomes his next target. Ruby’s about to find out that Conrad’s secrets run deeper than she could have ever imagined…

Get ready to surrender to Ruby’s charm in this mesmerizing third and final installment of Lili St. Crow’s Tales of Beauty and Madness series.

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